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Venus In Virgo Celebrities And Their Style…

The beauty of those born with Venus in virtuous Virgo…

Those with Venus in Virgo can be incredibly flexible with their friends and family yet they’re usually selective and discerning when falling in love.

With a Venusian earth sign, these people can be realistic, practical and analytical, they’re also very feminine.

People with this planetary placement are helpful to their friends and lover, wanting to be useful or of service. The Virgo constellation is represented by the Maiden carrying a sheaf of wheat, pure of heart she could be likened to the Empress of the Tarot.

The influence of this sign in the birth chart will ground the watery Cancerian Sun sign and fiery Leo person’s personality. It will lighten the Scorpio’s intensity and offer the Libra more logic. For those with a Virgoan Sun and Venus the aspects and qualities of the sign will be even more apparent…

Venus In Virgo Fashion Style…

With the planet of flirting and fashion transiting this feminine, earth sign, the style of this sign can afford to be soft and natural.

Cornfield colours are particularly suited, creams, tans and light greens, plus caramels and pale brown earthy tones. Read more about the best colours for this sign in Virgo, Totally Tawny Tones.

The approach to beauty of this goddess will be that of the perfectionist. They enjoy being neatly groomed and tidy, with everything ‘just so’. They’ll usually have neat features and a good approach to health and nutrition…

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Virgo, Cancer through to Scorpio. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

Celebrities With Venus In Virgo…

Venus In Virgo With A Cancer Sun


☆ Anjelica Huston ☆ Diana Rigg ☆ Lil’ Kim ☆ Linda Ronstadt ☆ Natalie Wood ☆ Michelle Rodriguez ☆ Mélissa Theuriau ☆ Martha Stewart ☆

Venus In Virgo With A Leo Sun


☆ Kylie JennerMeghan Markle ☆ Audrey Tautou ☆ Lucille Ball ☆ Mila Kunis ☆ Cara Delevingne ☆ Kate Beckinsale ☆ Charlize Theron ☆ Gillian Anderson ☆ Demi Lovato ☆ J. K. Rowling ☆ Rosanna Arquette ☆ Debra Messing ☆ Alicia Witt ☆ Charlotte Casiraghi ☆ Sylvie Vartan ☆ Melanie Griffith ☆ Sarah Brightman ☆ Lynda Carter ☆

Venus In Virgo With A Virgo Sun – Double Virgo!


ingrid-bergman  blake-lively  stella  zoe  billie-piper

☆ Pixie Geldof ☆ Sophia Loren ☆ Victoria Silvstedt ☆ Evan Rachel Wood ☆ Blake Lively ☆ Ingrid Bergman ☆ Amy Poehler ☆ Luana Piovani ☆ Pink ☆ Rachael Ray ☆ Stella McCartney ☆

Venus In Virgo With A Libra Sun


catherine-zeta-jones  kim-k  kate-winslet  brigitte-Bardot  gwen

☆ Brigitte Bardot ☆ Kim Kardashian ☆ Michelle Trachtenberg ☆ Carrie Fisher ☆ Sarah Ferguson ☆ Catherine Deneuve ☆ Kay Parker ☆ Lourdes Ciccone-Leon ☆ Heather Locklear ☆ Gwen Stefani ☆ Kate Winslet ☆ Michelle Trachtenberg ☆ Julie Andrews ☆ Catherine Zeta-Jones ☆ Nolwenn Leroy ☆ Toni Braxton ☆

Venus In Virgo With A Scorpio Sun



☆ Joni Mitchell ☆ Gabrielle Union ☆ Alexa Chung ☆ Tara Reid ☆ Tina Arena ☆ Julia Roberts ☆ Sylvia Plath ☆ Lisa Scott-Lee ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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