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Mercury in Libra – Celebrities And Style…


Listen To The Lovely Lilt Of Libra…

Mercury in Libra people are pleasing to the ear and incredibly charming.

Diplomatic communicators, they strive towards fairness and are kind and tactful. Sharon Osbourne is a great example of someone who is gentle with people, treating them with compassion always – apart from those that she fancies putting in their place!

Mercury in Libra will tend to compromise, they can always see the other side and don’t like extreme opinions.

As an air sign they can be objective and intellectual with refined tastes, although as a Venus ruled constellation they can be a little lazy in their thinking.

Because Mercury travels with the Sun, there are only three possible Sun signs for those with Mercury in Libra, Virgo through to Scorpio.

See which celebrities share your Sun and Mercury sign…

Celebrities with Mercury in Libra…

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Beyonce KnowlesCatherine Zeta-Jones ☆ Marion Cotillard ☆ Brigitte Bardot ☆ Gwen StefaniKate Winslet ☆ Gwyneth Paltrow ☆ Sophia Loren ☆ Kendall Kardashian ☆ Sigourney Weaver ☆ Rita Hayworth ☆ Victoria Silvstedt ☆ Nicole Richie ☆ Dita von Teese ☆ Naomi Watts ☆ Elsa Schiaparelli ☆ Mariacarla Boscono ☆ Jacquetta Wheeler ☆ Julia Sawalha ☆ Carine Roitfeld ☆ Arizona Muse ☆ Poppy Delevingne ☆ Ricki Lake ☆ Mira Sorvino ☆ Dawn French ☆ Jennifer Coolidge ☆ Emma Stone ☆ Heather Locklear ☆ Anastacia ☆ Susan Sarandon ☆ LeAnn Rimes ☆ Evan Rachel Wood ☆ Olivia Newton-John ☆ Ashlee Simpson ☆ Linda McCartney ☆ Ivanka Trump ☆ Sharon Osbourne ☆ Kris Kardashian ☆ Twiggy ☆ Faith Hill ☆ Gemma Ward ☆ Rachel Hunter ☆ Jennifer Hudson ☆ Cat Deeley ☆ Clémence Poésy ☆ Billie Piper ☆ Coco Rocha ☆ Annie Leibovitz ☆ Alesha Dixon ☆ Rachael Leigh Cook ☆ Jean Shrimpton ☆ Anna Wintour ☆ Cass Elliot ☆ Heidi Montag ☆ Gabriella Cilmi ☆ Cherie Blair ☆ Lulu (singer) ☆ Julie London ☆

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