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Classic Capricorn Model Kate Moss, Looks Good At Every Angle…

Capricorn models achieve bags of respect and notoriety within the fashion industry because they’re super, super hardworking. They build longstanding careers because they’re the most ambitious signs, and will either continue with education or throw themselves into business opportunities they’ve created.

Take Lily Cole, who in addition to her modelling and acting work was awarded a Double First in History of Art at Cambridge University. She also supports a variety of humanitarian and environmental causes.

Likewise Christy Turlington was an investor in Fashion Cafes and has gone on to many successful business ventures, she also graduated from New York University with a degree in philosophy and literature. High achievers or what?

One of the most distinctive things about Capricorn models can be their teeth.

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Capricorn rules the skeletal structure including the gnashers, which can often be an unusual feature of this zodiac sign, perhaps because of a gap or distinctive incisors.


Sun In Capricorn Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moss, Monika Jagaciak And Georgia Jagger

Advice for gap toothed lovelies is to embrace your pearly whites, or if you’ve a fine pair of fangs make them your friends and embrace your Capricorn beauty!

Classic Capricorn Models…

vanessa-paradis  helena-c  Zoe Aggeliki  kate-moss-capricorn

☆ Vanessa Paradis 22nd December 1972 ☆ Daphne Groeneveld 24th December 1994 ☆ Helena Christensen 25th December 1968 ☆ Lily Cole 27th December 1987  ☆ Edita Vilkeviciute 1st January 1989 ☆ Cato van Ee 1st January 1990 ☆ Christie Turlington 2nd January 1969 ☆ Liya Kebede 3rd January 1978 ☆ Zoe Aggeliki 4th January 1994 ☆ Maggie Rizer 9th January 1978 ☆ Georgia May Jagger 12th January 1992 ☆ Karen Elson 14th January 1979 ☆ Nimuë Smit 14th January 1992 ☆ Monika “Jac” Jagaciak 15th January 1994 ☆ Kate Moss 16th January 1974 ☆ Hye-rim Park 17th January 1985 ☆


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