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The Maiden On The Ascendant – See Virgo Rising Celebrities…


People with Virgo Rising meet the world with an earthy practical approach.

Perfectionists, they’re discerning and understated, reserved and cool, depending on the position of the Sun and Mercury too…

Somewhat shy, those born with Virgo rising tend to analyse their surroundings, detail orientated they will pick up on things others brush over or miss altogether. They can come off as cool or stand-offish, and might sound a little critical, depending on their Mercury sign, which will be the ruler of the chart.

A service oriented sign, those born with Virgo rising might feel the need to approach things from a standpoint of how they might help and what they can offer a situation, which will be a lot. They may worry, or be anxious in new situations.

Those with Virgo on the ascendant will take an interest in health and physical wellness – they are very body aware, tuned in, and will most likely be interested in exercise. They could be picky and particular about food, too.

Virgo Rising Appearance


With Virgo on the ascendant at birth you’ll probably have a clean look about you.

Renée Zellweger, Virgo Rising With Sun Mercury In Taurus…

Because you pay attention to your health you could radiate a sense of wellness, and you’ll like to be neat and tidy – hair pulled away from your face, not too much make-up, you keep it simple, pure – pristine, and discerning.


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Virgo Rising Nicole Scherzinger…

Virgo Rising Fashion Style – Pure And Simple?

Christina Ricci, Gemini Rising, Mercury In Pisces, Venus In Aries, Sun In Aquarius…

In terms of fashion, people with Virgo rising will come off as professional, organised and collected – the type that’s ‘got it together’ (though it might not necessarily be the case!)


Good times out on the #pureandsimpletour!

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Whether or not they dress modestly there will be something sweet or twee about the way they put themselves together, and could find that they suit earthy colours, especially those found at harvest time, so creams, browns and caramel tones.

Clothes with plenty of pattern flatters the Virgo rising. For this sign, it’s all in the tiny details…

Virgo Rising Celebrities

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☆ Leo Audrey Tautou ☆ Barbara Stanwyck ☆ Gemini Brooke Shields ☆ Christina Ricci ☆ Gemini Carmen Dell’Orefice ☆ Capricorn Dolly Parton ☆ Doris Day ☆ Elizabeth Banks ☆ Scorpio Elke Sommer ☆ Scorpio Kris Jenner ☆ Aries Emma Watson ☆ Gemini Helen Hunt ☆ Marlene Dietrich ☆ Taurus Renee Zellweger ☆ Cancer Nicole Scherzinger ☆ Virgo Nicole Ritchie ☆ Olivia Newton John ☆ Shirley MacLaine ☆ Pisces Sharon Stone ☆ Sissy Spacek ☆ Taurus Uma Thurman ☆ Libra Donna Karan ☆ Capricorn Marlene Dietrich ☆

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