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Energy Forecast – Your Mars Retrograde Horoscope…

The comabative impulsive planet of will and heady motivation, warrior-like Mars moves into fire sign Aries on June 27th 2020, for a long tour of this particular zodiac sign, which includes a spell retrograde. Read more about this astrological transit – with key dates for the diary – here.

In fact, Mars will stay in Aries throughout the remainder of 2020! How might it play out for you?

Your Mars Retrograde Horoscope By Sign…


An impassioned, heady stance – or red mist – can descend over you, as the red-hot planet tours your house of self and autonomy, Aries. A willingness to get into heated arguments – or start a war – are possibilities. Similarly, your natural initiating spirit could feel unstoppable! Particularly among community at first…

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius (in your house of friendship) means there’s a tone of ‘working with your fellow man’, as June draws to a close, as these two purposeful planets exchange glances and share an agenda.

Examine what you feel compelled to tackle, or the general sense of energy and vitality that’s now coursing through your veins! Appreciate the kick-start, heading into the gym, or planning what you might accomplish as a team or in your friendship circle.

Welcome veracious momentum and purpose behind group projects, with your physical expression activated… Get in to your warrior pose Ram!!

Move forward with your personal agenda, pressing ahead with efforts around what you want to do; check in with yourself and your body. Direct attention towards your personal appearance and image – and your physical incarnation – bringing about a focus on number one. Tackle physical concerns on your plate…


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to tackle skeletons in the closet, to examine or exhume hidden issues usually stuffed down out of sight, as Mars enters your sector of solitude, secrets and surrender.

Energy can now be directed towards surreptitious matters, with a willingness to rouse past hurts – or face unconscious patterns that aren’t serving you (i.e. lying about a scandal, avoiding sexual dalliances or rows).

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius (in your house of visibility) means there’s the chance that dealing with issues in private is the responsible thing to do, Taurus, particularly in service of your reputation, as these two purposeful planets exchange glances and share an agenda.

Consider how you might gain closure, exhale, and release unconscious drives and run with inner impulses, guiding your interests towards healing; go offline, tending to projects and your public or outwards image from your lair; actively prep & gestate from the sidelines. Time to look at what you’ve avoided looking at.


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to tackle community and company interests, spurring on social activities and driving ahead your approach to group endeavours & common causes you care about – and are willing to fight for!

Energy can now be directed towards friendship circles, with the planet of vitality motivated among peers, keen to race towards a network – wherever the action’s at! Perhaps you’ll rally a team of cheerleaders, friends or a support system, with an industry or humanitarian objective dominating the remainder of the year…

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means there’s potentially an educational or global feel at first, or the potential to take what you broadcast and share with the world seriously. Perhaps you’ll be a mature spokesperson among friends or your circle of loose acquaintances, as things get heated!

Seize your chance to feel part of the broader conversation, thoroughly engaged with supportive allies, those in wider circles, or the masses online.


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to address the way you’re seen, Cancer, with the action-oriented force stepping up in your house of reputation and public image for the long haul – note that you could get into arguments with folk at the top, or battle a parent or authority figure along the way!

Mars burns bright in your ambitious sector of career, notoriety, success and praise, inspiring you to fight for your position, or drive ahead with stamina in your professional life, making moves along your path towards your goals.

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means a financial or romantic alliance could have an impact on your image, too – working with another in a marriage or business partnership, shifting the way you reach the top or how you appear – supported or in cahoots, indebted or wedded publicly.

Seize your chance to be thoroughly engaged in your outer life – your worldly role or status, gaining recognition or notoriety for what you accomplish; sights may be set on advancing, with a positive reputation – or appearance – to affirm in the public eye.

Be noticed in a leadership role, receiving an accolade, title or acknowledged with an honourable mention…


With Mars in fellow fire sign Aries you’re presented with opportunities to let your risk-adverse side out to shine, Leo, with momentum in your adventurous sector of knowledge, truth seeking, travel, education and alternative outlooks, spurring on your inclination to stride out, broadcast thoughts, examining perspectives that are foreign.

You might find you’ve the drive and stamina to learn, publish, share or teach, with the inclination to sign up to a course, or be actively engaged in discovering something new in unfamiliar climbs. This is an opportunity to embrace the visionary realms of personal development, wanderlust and cultural differences. Be broadminded as you follow the call – don’t get into a slanging match over viewpoints (religious, moral, or specialist interests)!

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means there’s the potential to involve a partner in your process, at first – notice a teacher that appears or a situation with a spouse or partner that pushes you to grow.

Examine what you’re keen to pursue, learn and explore, actively connecting further afield. Personal expansion is favoured; seize your chance to push ahead, contemplating your personal philosophy and how you stay true to (and challenge) your beliefs.


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to deepen bonds and take steps in your private life to merge assets and consider vested interests, and actively commit, Virgo.

Mars enters the intimate sector of your horoscope that allows you to sustain relationships – i.e. though contracts, trust and vulnerability, sharing secrets or space, inheriting, continuing a legacy, and generally unifying so that partnerships burn bright with devotion, trust and mutual understanding.

Notice where you’re beginning to examine loyalties to a boss, husband, family member, or housemate – showing your true colours, perhaps – consolidating what you have, or investing time, energy, resources and sharing what you have for common gain.

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means your wellbeing, routine, lifestyle or job may be pertinent, with formal alliances fuelling this process.

There may be the impulse to resist, as you pledge yourself, or uphold a promise or vow; insecurity, power dynamics and facing your fears may be wrestled with, as you move beyond the superficial and withdraw to get honest about your position…


Mars in your opposite sign Ariespresents opportunities to turn up the volume – and the attention – on relationships. Expect heady dynamics ahead as encounters become heated with enthusiasm – you may be presented with reason to argue the toss, battle with a partner, ex, or challenge a significant other.

You may need to pay attention to a partner, forced to balance, negotiate, and examine ways you might see eye-to-eye; momentum can built within unions, heightened to a positively spirited (potentially lusty) affair!

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means there could be romantic, creative, or passionate undertones at the start of this process; perhaps you’ll come up against an artistic collaborator or your baby-daddy, fighting over who gets to have time with the kids – or who has creative license.

Seize your chance to engage, own your part, and practice the diplomatic skills you’re known for, Libra. It’ll be a long, drawn out process – a marathon, rather than a sprint, yet anticipate any ‘opponent’ has relentless enthusiasm (and a penchant for war and unrelenting sexual drive…)


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to get to work, Scorpio, as Mars enters your sector of health, and efficiency, turning up the heat and momentum to optimize your wellness and wellbeing. Notice where you’re implementing productive habits, rituals and healthy lifestyle choices, motivated to improve and up-level daily life with little changes.

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius (in your zone of home) means there could be a domesticated or nutritional slant to what’s prompting your choices. Perhaps you’ll quit smoking, motivated to be a good parent, or perhaps you’ll be inclined to change jobs to move location.

Show how consistent, busy and effective you can be, engaged, taking on the tasks, streamlining in the practical realms of your day-to-day (staying fit and on top of things). Thrive and notice how useful, helpful and service-oriented you can be – don’t get hot under the collar with an employer, or employee who doesn’t follow the same schedule as you…


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to drive ahead creatively, artistically or romantically, with playful enthusiasm, conceiving something fun to lend your energy towards – a hobby, party, pregnancy, your love life or dating,

Mars now lingers in your passionate sector of pleasure seeking & indulgence!

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means there’s perhaps relations pertinent to siblings, local ties, navigation or communication skills – some facet of your connection or local environment may have prompted this drive to express yourself…

Notice a keenly amorous, sexual streak, the drive to satiate desires – and engaging your affections but anticipate the project that prompts you to show off your talents, indulge or entertain could easily become fraught with heightened zeal! Relishing and experiencing life’s joyful moments is favoured – yet it might not be free from Drama!


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to double down your efforts at home, turning up the heat in domestic settings, or around your inclination to parent, nest, or deal with family and emotional issues.

Notice where you’re becoming bossy, extra fierce or (dangerously) keen to DIY renovation projects! Careful with that saw or kitchen knife!

With the driven planet of stamina touring your zone of nurture and comfort you could be impassioned around emotional issues, or like a dog with a bone around the past – roots, ancestry, and lineage.

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means there’s potential a financial component spurring you on initially, perhaps you’re keen to contribute and show your worth.

Energize house hold matters, assert your motherly instinct in the right way; tackle property, spending more time within your four walls and improving your surroundings, injecting warmth and comfort, introducing safety measures, self-care and nurture. Seize your chance to tackle settle down!


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to energize ways you make yourself heard, passionately activated or enthusiastically involved among siblings, amidst neighbourhood drives, taking the initiative to come together with those around you. Notice where you’re keen to discuss matters that affect those in your local environment, willing to verbally spar or fight for the underdog.

Mars inspires you to connect veraciously – but potentially presents arguments, too. Perhaps you’ll be chasing news or information, or navigating a hot topic among those closest to you.

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius means there’s a element of personal responsibility or even hardship in the mix at first – show maturity, Aquarius!

Examine ways you’re keen to be a part of the conversation and energize your communication skills; notice ways you feel motivated to express yourself, facilitate dialogue and discussions, or encounter verbal challenges or trysts.

Seize your chance to speak up! Don’t get too hot under the collar…


Mars in Aries presents opportunities to inject enthusiasm into your contribution, value, self-worth and earnings, Pisces. Now alight in your finance zone, you can expect an increasing drive towards self-sufficiency and the inclination to make a living and bring home the bacon!

Mars in Aries activates your lucrative zone of earnings, income, job role, material assets and gains – what you make and how you make it! If you’re in sales or a fitness role you could feel like a hot rocket, powering ahead full steam – be aware of your zeal and go gently on unsuspecting clients!

Immediate ties to Saturn in Aquarius (and your house of secret, hidden matters) means there’s potentially something deeper that’s prompting this issue of salary, spending or sustenance to be raised; don’t shy away from the unconscious factors now motivating you.

There’s potentially unrivalled energy to perform in your position, and extra focus on money, material possessions, or simply the inclination to get it done.

Examine what you’re keen to build, develop, accomplish or buy! Take positive actions that impact your confidence – affirm your value, show you’re capable!

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