Energy Forecast – Your Mars Retrograde Horoscope…

The combative impulsive planet of will and heady motivation, warrior-like Mars moves into air sign Gemini on August 20th 2022, for a long tour of this zodiac sign.

This includes a spell retrograde.

Read more about this astrological transit – with key dates for the diary here.

In fact, Mars will stay in Aries throughout the remainder of 2022 and into March 2023! How might it play out for you?

Your Mars Retrograde Horoscope By Sign…


Your ruling planet Mars appears in Gemini and your third house.

Harness the months ahead to work on a particular skillset or your relationship to those around you in close quarters.

Teach, learn, improve on writing, social media, body language or driving – motor skills! Be bold as you talk your truth, brave, fearless and dynamic among best friends or colleagues… Be daring getting a handle on a new methodology!

Discover more words to excite your vocabulary, connect and communicate with your inner circle, finding terms you and they understand and are used to, or brush up on new lingo, slang and terminology.

Get behind a local cause, fight for your cousins or co-workers; get to know your surrounding area, or develop your relationship to a social hangout, familiar with the path to and from, and those you meet along the way…

Turn to news, gossip, puzzles, wordplay and rapport among siblings, close friends or those you meet on your commute. What are you all passionate about? What can you all agree on with enthusiasm?

Circulate, navigating and make your way among ‘your people’, expecting to come to blows with a couple!

Relationships… As your ruling planet Mars appears in Gemini your communication zone is activated – your closest relationships may get heated!

Socialize with people who share your point of view, your perspective and speak the same language as you do, and be ready to pick up on hot topics!

Show interest and curiosity among neighbors, your circle of close peers (that are like siblings), a brotherhood or sisterhood;

Growth Opportunity… Note the compulsion to relate at a more primary level, as Mars adds emphasis to learning, teaching, writing, journaling, telephone calls, messaging, neighbourhood dealings, and your close compatriots.

Your role as an informant, journalist, reporter, or good friend is amped up, and you may have to ruffle a few feathers in the coming months, to really get your point across. Expect a back & forth in any arguments, debates or battles!


Mars appears in Gemini and your second house.

Harness the months ahead to get a handle on your role, sense your personal value, priorities, and what you’re inclined to build, develop, make or do.

Turn your attention and efforts to what’s most lucrative or worthwhile – what’s worth your time or what constitutes a worthy endeavour, no matter the rewards are attached to the action taken (or energy expelled).

There may be some other payoff that makes it worth doing

For example, you may spend Saturday’s volunteering at your local library for no pay, yet it could be this simple contribution that connects you to the practice of giving back, in touch with people who are important.

Maybe a sibling needs financial assistance, a job or handout, or you’re rewarded doing bookkeeping for a cousin or school friend (& they pay you back another way).

Money matters may be key from here on out, important negotiations, with a potential battle between you and others, as you push ahead for what’s yours…

Example? We’ll see Taurus Ana de Armas play Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, and Taurus Adele will prep for Weekends with Adele, which is set to take place from November 18, 2022 through March 25, 2023 (literally the day Mars moves into Cancer!)

Relationships… Mars now moves through your house of self-sufficiency, earnings, profit and personal gains, suggesting you’re awakening to your own potential, what you do that contributes, or investments made (or on the table).

Others may be looking to you to take charge of ‘the finances’, so be prepared to act as the practical one. From purchasing the necessary goods for the house or getting rid of certain belongings, it may be down to you (rather than your partner, spouse or best friend) to address what’s in hand. Learn about the stuff in your possession, what’s valuable (and what can be donated or sold off cheap); you’re likely looked to as the capable one now!

Growth Opportunity… As Mars appears in Gemini, your drive to attain material security is palpable, with gumption and enthusiasm to make more and add strings to your bow… It may be time to develop skills that increase your income, or perhaps you’re fighting yourself and others over what you can really afford…

Devote energy to personal security, with courage to possess what’s yours!


Mars appears in your own sign, Gemini, and your first house.

Harness the months ahead to work on your look, character, persona and body – note how you show up physically, present yourself full of enthusiasm, flexing your muscles!

Get actively involved in human issues, your friendship circle and team sports –– Mars is the motivated aggressor and planet of drive that rules your eleventh house of group work.

You might find yourself with firepower and momentum, eager to participate in car racing, as a spectator – or getting behind the wheel yourself, maybe you’ll see yourself heading into engineering, working with knives or metals, leader of a gang, showing up with peers and people following your call!

Sign up to a (boxing) gym or marital arts studio, burning off excess energy, or buy a BBQ, playing with fire and friends as you cook!

Heady pursuits and getting stronger (more muscular and masculine) are worth considering, just be extra mindful of accidents, going fast, and taking extra (unnecessary risks) …

Example? We may see Gemini Johnny Depp getting back to his old self, or Kanye making appearances on social media!

Relationships… Turn your attention and efforts to ways you might add vitality and energy to solo plans, and rather than looking to others, strike out with independence.

You’re now bestowed with motivation and momentum for number one, so allow others to pay attention to you! You could seem sexy, ardent, with confidence in your own capabilities, jumping head first into opportunities.

Try to see where courage and zealous enthusiasm might be tempered, as you could come on strong with folk now! Aim for a slow, steady passion…

Growth Opportunity… The red planet boosts your energy and resolve for solo interests – amping up your lust for life! As the motivated warrior god of heady pursuits appears in your sign you could be full of testosterone, though you don’t have to show it – simply refute arguments with your body language (when you’re that strong there’s no need to show off muscle, you know you can win the arm wrestle!)

Work out any tension in the gym or turn your efforts towards your day job!


Mars appears in Gemini and your twelfth house of gestation.

Harness the months ahead to work on your inner life, all that goes unseen and unsaid – from private issues with people in your memory bank that requires closure and acceptance, to the concerns that activate your nervous system (think mental health issues, bad habits, secret worries & undisclosed matters that get swept aside – anything you’ve silenced or that silences you).

Discover an authentic spiritual practice, and work on life behind closed doors.

Efforts or energies may be repressed, or if expelled may be directed inwards in frustration, nevertheless, there may be positive repercussions around the way you’re seen, for example conquering an addiction or tendency to escape, leading to a positive impact on your reputation and image in the public eye.

However, the primary purpose for setting to work ahead won’t be a drive towards success but rather your own peace of mind…

Relationships… As Mars appears in Gemini, your low-key zone of secret whispers and hushed, clandestine activity is stimulated, signalling a time to exhume any ghosts or tackle any issues that have been buried – or indeed that you’re still hiding from, a furtive confrontation with someone, a misunderstanding.

Set to work on matters with no fixed outcome, pull back & tackle indefinable circumstances that require faith, and even a little isolation or solitude… You might also be required to show up for a partner or individual being utterly selfless, tending to another without reservation …

Growth Opportunity… Your intangible, elusive healing-and-intuition sector is activated – you could be inclined to start your engine, so that it’s quietly humming; note a huge pull inwards, reason to seek out alternatives – from people who are different, spiritual or sacred, to folk who encourage you to lean into escapism, or a process of personal surrender (letting go of control and the reigns)…

Fantasies, dreams and devotion is high, read between the lines of a mystery, tapping into your deepest truth, accepting where you’re overthinking it…


Mars appears in Gemini and your eleventh house.

Harness the months ahead to work on your interaction with community, dealings with clubs, around get-togethers, crowd sourcing or general social activity, which could be amped up (and even complicated), with extra firepower and enthusiasm.

Note the trajectory of team spirit, how you get on with members of your social scene or fight beside your fellow man!

The collective consensus, status quo among your people, and motivation and momentum in networking spaces (online or in real life) have the propensity to host plenty of action and even an education among your allies…

Turn your attention and efforts to fostering a sense of togetherness, rapport and kinship through a shared philosophy, belief or interest (perhaps this looks like a religious organisation or fellowship, or an intellectual specialism brings you together with a peer group or niche circuit).

Perhaps you’re fighting to get a vote on a board of writers, journalists, cyclists, maybe your industry is PR and you want to drive ahead contact in a new part of town!

Relationships… As Mars appears in Gemini – your neighborly zone of friends and allies, cheerleaders and comrades – be bold and risk adverse meeting people in broader circles or the wider world. Look to group activities for inspiration, say yes to audience participation or respond to your audience…

Your supporters may be anonymous faces that clap on your progress from the sidelines as you race ahead, writing 5-star reviews on a venture, or getting behind the same end goal as you. Meet your match in large crowd!

Growth Opportunity… Sense where you might take action or become actively engaged in your network of peers or a broader circle of associates, as Mars adds emphasis to the hopes and dreams you hold dear for everyman.

Collective and communal welfare may be increasingly prominent, your organization or group effort may be ramping up with excitement! Show up to witness life ‘for one and for all’, paying attention if others are passionate about a cause!


Mars appears in Gemini and your tenth house.

Harness the months ahead to drive ahead your personal and professional life: your reputation, awards and accolades – or your higher calling, showing up as ‘wife’, ‘mother’, ‘father of the bride’ if not ‘CEO’ or sports star! Put your energy into self-promotion or business activities, climbing the ladder…

Look to supercharge your aspirations (and fly close to them, challenging yourself to take the role of ‘leading lady’); fight for the chance to be seen and recognized in your vocational post or on screen!

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If you connect the dots, who is it you’re looking to impress, and are you doing just that? There may be a need to take the long way around in assessing how you genuinely come off, getting to where you want to be…

Relationships… With your zone of vocational calling stimulated for some time yet buckle up for a ride that sees you engaged with your goals and end-game; you may be connected to the drive to become a parent, or seen as a success.

Battles, arguments or conflict with authority figures, a parent, boss or superior at work are possible now – you might be eager to push someone who can help you advance, yet be a little diplomatic! No need to bother, harass or call folk 20 times a day! Let things play out as they’re wont to.

Growth Opportunity… As Mars appears in Gemini – and the top of your chart – your aims at large may be sparkling with a veracious appeal, your public image. Stimulate your ambition! There could be untapped motivation to strive for greatness, fame – a will to claim a tiara, title or badge of honour: proof of a job well done…

Whether it’s professional or personal, you’re likely keen others notice you now, and what you’re capable of. Be bold, brave and go it alone if necessary, taking what you’ve learnt and allowing your knowledge to propel you towards a business or path you’re ready to explore.


Mars appears in Gemini and your ninth house.

Harness the months ahead to work on your education, personal development, international relations, research or global projects – connecting to those long-distance for your own betterment (professionally).

Note a specialist subject, area of expertise you can work on, or ways to understand and experience the world by broaching those further afield (from getting together with a foreign boyfriend, signing up to a philosophical course of study, joining a church or temple, studying something metaphysical – Tarot!)

Perhaps you’ll challenge your moral code upon meeting a special guide or guru, maybe you’re interviewing a series of fascinating folk, publishing your findings online, or you’ll turn attention to gaining considerable knowledge!

Lend energy and efforts to embark on the feat glittering with attraction, set out on a journey that reminds you just how multifaceted the world’s neighborhoods are! Be sure to spread your wings – though it will take time!

Example? We may see more of Libra Rising Britney Spears on social media, or Libra Kim Kardashian may set to work on legal cases (with Kanye or other projects).

Relationships… As Mars appears in Gemini you could be hotly pursuing a partner, people or relationships with those that expose you to someplace different, or to an alternative belief system, Faith, philosophy or outlook on the world. You could be eager to align with this individual, or find yourself at odds with their perspective, which is challenging you to see life through a different lens.

Note when you’re presented with folk who come from an alternative side of the street, train tracks – or another corner of the globe!

Growth Opportunity… It’s a time for travel, truth seeking, cultural exploration and a broadening of your horizons, a quest, pilgrimage or personal development through the pages of a book, dissertation, project or worldly plan…

Certain collaborations or opportunities may now open you up to a religious dogma, political agenda, or another country, long-distance endeavour, or risk that goads you from your comfort zone and into unfamiliar spaces! Take a leap of faith if you can gain a bird’s eye view!


Mars now appears at the initial degree of Gemini and your eighth house.

Harness the months ahead to work on your fears, anxieties, paranoia around your own attachments or investments, addressing where you’re vulnerable (and reliant on others), in some way counting on ‘them’ to play a part – look at ways you’re utterly beholden – fully obligated, contracted or tied to others.

Where must you show up, financially, energetically, with resources or time to share, aware of give and take? Where must you input something of value or be present to get what’s yours? Trust issues & opening up may be a hot button!

You may be discovering more about your approach to certain investments or inheritances, touching on bonds, legacies, joint endeavors and commitments, with efforts made to explore permanence within all kinds of pacts, promises and agreements signed up to. Where might you change your mind?

Remember, the primary purpose for a binding tie is to enhance security, rather than diminishing your peace of mind…

Relationships… As Mars appears in Gemini, the sector of death, taxes, and “other people’s money” is activated, the zone of intimacy, sexuality and the Taboo!

It’s a transit that invites you to work with others, deepening your union, melding their resources and yours, chipping away together (i.e. at shared bills, shared space, a mortgage, working out one partners healthcare that stretches for two, or a salary while one is on maternity, even dividing up childcare or being there for a parent, with or without a payout or reward.)

It’s possible you’ll fight (or show passion) on these topics, take it slow!

Growth Opportunity… There may be someone you trust who can help you process a major transformation; be open to talking to a coach that touches your career, direction, goals, aims and ambitions, or a therapist or friend…

Drive ahead passive income or the way you sustain yourself through others, collaborate, willing to be supported, or wrestle over what’s combined.


Mars appears in Gemini and your seventh house.

Harness the months ahead to work on your personal relationships – not just the romantic entanglements you have but business partnerships, too, or how you deal with any key people. You may have worked on communications and set up firm boundaries around the way you express yourself or put pen to paper, message or relate information, now it’s time to put it into practice any impressive skills with a sparring partner!

Team up with others (your Twin Flame!) as your zone of one-to-ones sees you participate in dynamic experiences with a significant other. You may be engaging in combat or a battle of wits, pushing ahead with your own side or perspective but getting tangled up in someone else’s fighting spirit…

Turn to those people who represent something significant to you, wrestling with your own approach to human experiences…

Relationships… As Mars appears in Gemini you could be twinning with a best friend – or getting into a spat with a frenemy or opponent…

Your zone of one-on-one unions is activated and therefore your relationships may get heated! Get together with significant people or actively search for the yin to your yang; you might be looking to get out of a partnership, or find you’re eager to manage and master togetherness… Invite a romantic liaison, a professional collaboration, or a committed dynamic with a client, therapist, coach or family member to become even more vital to you…

Growth Opportunity… You may be motivated to have fun, get creative or enjoy life in tandem with another, as Mars activates a cycle of enthusiasm around partnership.

Note how you’re keen to share the load, avoiding going it alone personally or professionally, or, how you’re forced into a pair to move forwards, acutely aware of another… There may be a changeable quality to the person you’re dealing with, hot and heady at one time, then evasive or disappearing the next… Try to focus on what you’re learning from your encounter with them.


Mars appears in Gemini and your sixth house.

Harness the months ahead to work on healthy living, your overall wellbeing, diet and fitness rituals, getting back to your best or striving towards your optimum, dealing with your general routine, juggling appointments, a busy schedule, your constitution or lifestyle practices that work for you.

Set to work! Get into stretching before a run, drink water or read the news on your commute to prep for the day… You may be eager to speed up yet be mindful! Accidents are possible during this transit so go easy.

Address the positive habits, techniques and tools that make up your day-to-day, with self-maintenance key (this might look like meal prep, carpooling with others to get to your job on time, or hitting the gym before office hours).

Multitask and set about your chores, duties and channel any excess energy constructively; look to make swift improvements in your surroundings.

Relationships… You may be motivated to get your life in order, and could be keen for others to take a leap in your direction too! Be mindful of being bossy; just because you’re ready to breathe life into dusty corners, tidying up, doesn’t mean others are feeling so sprightly! Calm your restless side with people you know are naturally light on their feet, agile and adept at organized chaos.

It might be hard to get along with co-workers or people you see regularly, now, with potential frustrations, spats or disagreements over the ‘best’ way to do things… Dial it back, and assume you may have to re-organize!

Growth Opportunity… As Mars appears in Gemini your health and wellness sector is activated, so that you might be feeling especially task-oriented, ready to super charge ways you handle your daily activities.

Ascertain what’s necessary for you, learn when to hand off assignments or tasks to another, delegating, managing. Take charge of your body, and avoiding getting sick; connect to the right people who can help and assist you,


Mars appears in Gemini and your fifth house.

Harness the months ahead to work on self-expression, creativity, and plans you’re able to put your heart into. Look to those people that make your heart race and flutter too!

The ardent, driven energizer Mars activates your sector of happiness, children, playdates and hobbies, turning you on to all sorts of interests and characters that can teach you what makes you laugh, smile and sing in merriment.

Get together with those that will challenge you to a game, shuffling cards, tossing dice or going back and forth with the crossword – or a debate! It could be easy to argue and relish a spat, too, with banter, to and fro.

Turn your attention and efforts to procreation, recreation, pleasure seeking and parties – from a joyful celebration or wedding, to a vacation you’re keen to plan and enjoy, or a performance with a troop of fellow thespians!

Example? Aquarius Rising Khloe Kardashian has a surrogate giving birth; perhaps Aquarius Julia Garner is working on a promising project – the Madonna biopic!

Relationships… As Mars appears in flirty Gemini your personal interests are activated.

This is your amorous zone of dating, mating, baby making (and love making), the sector of sexuality & heartfelt notions. Be honest about what turns you on!

Discover what’s sexy to you, what you lust after or are inclined to cherish and adore! Double date or partake in romantic activities that help excite your libido, put energy toward your own pleasure, let your desires move you into action… If you’ve decided you want kids now might be the time to consider pregnancy, or to meet the One who can move with you towards your aims…

It’s possible you’ll get caught up in a romantic liaison that goes back and forth now, too, even having two competing matches, perhaps a ménage à trois!

Growth Opportunity… As Mars moves into Gemini note your artistic capabilities and expressive tendencies are on fire! Get fired up as life could be about to get exciting!! It’s a time to revisit and reintroduce key hobbies, pastimes, passion projects or fun!

Light up your own inspiration, creative process and joy, perform, get involved in music, the arts, dance, drama or radio! Sign up for sports or pick up a racquet. Be consciously and intentionally playful, with games, activities and puzzles: sign up to quiz night or gamble with a flutter at the races!


Mars appears in Gemini and your fourth house.

Harness the months ahead to work on household matters, family life and all that transpires within your four walls – from renovating your home (and kitchen appliances), to ramping up the experience of parenting, to fighting for land or property, or the ‘right to abode’ – even ensuring your bed is secure!

Or maybe you’ll find you’re getting heated over an issue with your landlord, cleaner or a parent, battling over the right way to do something, or figuring out a seamless way to move… Your surroundings may prove costly, or there could be reason to get excited in broaching the familiar – perhaps you’ll discover something about your homeland or the past, with a journey to your roots that brings you exceptional information about how and where you live!

Devoting your energy and attention to security, safety, and settling down with care could be key, getting organized in the running of life at home…

Relationships… If you live with other people, expect life, your foundations and feelings to be a little heated (even dramatic) in the months ahead; Mars will eventually retrograde in your fourth house, so certain issues could now be introduced that will take time to fully form and make sense. Expect excitement!

Perhaps people connected to your home address will crop up ¬– from a property manager, parent, or people you welcome into your space to improve or help (a handy man or decorator, a nanny or dog-walker) will be topical. See who adds comfort and brings assurance, and who is unnerving…

Growth Opportunity… As Mars appears in Gemini, add warmth and vitality to your dwellings and base – your domain of domesticity is now activated for a long time, see this as an opportunity and a learning experience to broach ancient history, and what vital lessons it can teach you, to put to good use today.

Where you’re coming from, where you hail from (and your people, ancestors, those who have gone before you), or where you set-up show today may count – your starting block in life, and also eating properly, getting enough rest and prioritising nurture, a safe haven or sanctuary to retreat to…

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