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Wow – Julia Garner has confirmed she’s got a strong stellium in Aquarius!

Born on the 1st of February, 1994, the Ozark star was asked…

“What’s your horoscope (and do you believe in it)?”

She replied:

“Absolutely I believe in it. 100%. I’m an Aquarius, my moon’s in Libra, and my rise is in Sagittarius. My mom got my chart done as soon as I was born. I grew up with it. This was before astrology was even popular. I was like a baby, and my mom got my chart done”

NYLON Magazine Interview by Erika Harwood, Sep 11th 2020…

A birth time of 3.30 am is speculative, as the interviewer didn’t probe for her exact birth time, however we can tell Garner’s chart ruler (Jupiter) is in Scorpio, and the 12th house. I wonder if this has informed her choice of characters played?

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See the birth chart of the actress, who has a strong stellium in Aquarius!

In the latest ‘Inventing Anna’, there’s a hugely scandalous, secretive quality to the character, hiding her real identity, a fraudster and con artist.

Jupiter (at 13º31′) is square the conjunction of Sun and Venus (at 12º15′ and 15º55′) suggesting this clandestine quality is at odds with her life-force and ego.

We see this reflected in the portrayal of Anna Delvey, who it’s suggested wanted to be a friend, to be popular, liked and respected in her social life.

Interestingly, Anna is also an Aquarius!

It’s also worth mentioning that with Mercury in Aquarius – at the 29th degree – Garner has a unique sounding voice.

As Ruth, it’s a shrill sounding tone, and in Inventing Anna we hear a strange accent, a differentness to her inflection, modulation or cadence.

Aquarius is of course the weird and wonderful water bearer, cool, detached and able to stand back with an observational capability like no other. It’s awesome to know Julia has this strong signature in her chart, and I’ll enjoy watching her all the more!

Julia Garner Birth Chart

Born Tuesday, February 1, 1994, 3:30 am in New York, via AstroTheme

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