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Mars Retrograde In Aries – Key Dates For 2020…

Signatures Of The Upcoming Cycle And What You Need To Know!

Mars will appear to go backward in the skies in 2020, passing through the zodiac sign Aries…

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From my own observations, Venus, the Sun & Moon, Saturn, and Lilith are all interesting during this time, too. I’ve mapped out a diagram with 5 rings corresponding to the important moments during this cycle.

Mars Retrograde In Aries 2020 – Key Dates To Note…

  • (5) Mars enters Aries, June 27th, 2020, 9.46 pm EDT (00º00′ Aries) sextile Venus in Gemini
    Lilith at 28º57 Aries, Moon 3º35′ Libra (trine Venus in Gemini 5º29′ and Saturn in Aquarius 00º15′).
  • (4) Mars enters its shadow, July 25th, 2020, 9.20 am EDT (15º13′ Aries) sextile Venus in Gemini
    Lilith at 2º01′ Aries, Moon 6º50′ Libra (Venus in Gemini 18º56′)
  • (Chart Below) New Moon in Leo, August 18th, 2020, 10.42 pm EDT
    Sun and Moon at 26º35′, Mercury in Leo at 28º07′, trine Mars at 24º54′
  • (3) Mars appears retrograde, September 9th, 2020, 6.23 pm EDT (28º08′ Aries) square Venus in Leo
    Lilith at 00º15′ Taurus, Moon 12º31′ Gemini (Venus 3º57′ Leo, Mercury 6º28′ Libra)
  • (2) Mars stations direct, November 13th, 2020, 7.36 pm EST (15º13′ Aries) opposite Venus in Libra
    Lilith at 13º08′ Taurus, pre-Scorpio New Moon, Venus 20º42′ Libra.
  • (1) Mars clears its shadow… January 2nd 2021, 1.43 pm EST (28º08′ Aries) trine Venus in Sagittarius
    Lilith 16º23′ Taurus, Moon 26º21′ Leo (trines Venus in Sagittarius 22º38′).

It’s no surprise that during this Mars Retrograde cycle in Aries there’s lots to the story. Low and behold, that story includes many references to the opposite sign, ‘Libra’, and to Venus – Mars’ counterpart of all the planets shall we say.

Note: Venus & Libra…

As Mars enters Aries at the end of June (5) and as it enters its ‘shadow phase’ (4) the Moon is in Libra (3º and 6º), then when Mars appars retrograde Mercury is at the same 6º mark. When Mars appears direct (2) Venus will be opposite (Mars 15º / Venus 20º).

This suggests that we can work out relationship issues during this dynamic time – Mars is known as the planet of hot pursuit, and in Aries he’s particularly heady, ardent, and impulsive. With the Moon, Mercury and Venus showing up at key times we can assume there are influences to cool the flames – a voice of reason amidst all this pyromania!

Note: The Fire Trine…

There’s a nice fire signature, to bolster the cycle, too.

Notice the Sun and Venus at the 3º point of Leo as Mars enters its shadow (2), and at the point of retrograde (3) both sextile to Moon and Mercury in Libra.

As Mars clears its shadow (1) on January 2nd (2021) we see a grand fire trine made up of Mars (28º Aries), the Moon (26º Leo), and Venus (22º Sagittarius) – what a way to ring in the New Year!!!

The 2020 New Moon in Leo (at 26º35′) on August 18th 10.42 pm EDT is trine to Mars in Aries, at 24º54′, with Mercury in Leo at 28º07′ Leo… See chart below.

Note: Saturn In Aquarius…

As Mars enters Aries, he will sextile [voice of reason & LOGIC Saturn in Aquarius, and as Mars clears its shadow Saturn will arrive at 1º49′ Aquarius, enjoying a dip back [retrograde] into Capricorn terrain in the meantime.

Mars in the arrms of Saturn – now in Aquarius…

With the first flushes of enthusiasm – Mars at 00º Aries – injected into Saturn’s ether (sextile to Saturn), it would be nice to think that the motivated planet of drive, will and enthusiasm will somehow play into Saturn’s tour of Aquarius.

If we take action at the end of June (for our fellow man, and Aquarian principles) then perhaps we will put a rocket or positive plan in place.

However, by the time the retrograde has been and gone (with Saturn hiding out in Capricorn, throughout the remainder of 2020), Saturn will be ready to re-enter – but this time with a square to Mars, who will then be ready to move ahead into Taurean pastures.

Note: Lilith…

It’s worth noting the path of Lilith during this retrograde cycle, too, as she’s positioned at 28º as Mars enters Aries, then paves her way back to the start before heading into Taurus.

As Mars appears Direct she will be opposite the Moon to 1º – a tight oppositiion, which is readying itself for the New Moon in Scorpio.

I might say then, that this is reason to believe this retrograde will be even more exciting, thanks to the weaving in and out of Lilith, and the signficant build up to the Scorpio New Moon… Don’t forget that Scorpio’s traditional ruler is Mars, and thankfully, at this lunation Mars wil at last be direct! Phew!

We can consider this a moment to breathe a sigh of relief…

New Moon in Leo August 18th, 2020…

Here’s the chart for the Leo New Moon before Mars appears retrograde, Venus is sextile Uranus, and there’s a strong fire trine too.

Mars square Pluto-Saturn (and conjunct Eris) makes for a foreboding forecast!

How Will This Mars Retrograde Play Out For You?

Of course, this cycle of Mars Retrograde will affect different people in different ways. It’s worth noting if you have planets at 15º or 28º Aries, or any of the Cardial Signs, or just being familiar with your chart and referencing the points above may be interesting.

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