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Mars Retrograde In Gemini 2022 – Key Dates For This Transit…

Signatures Of The Upcoming Cycle And What You Need To Know!

In 2022 Mars begins its tour of Gemini, and spends a whopping 31 weeks in this sign.

Mars will appear to go backward in the skies in 2022, passing through the zodiac sign Gemini…

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Here are the dates you need to know…

Mars Retrograde In Gemini – Key Dates To Note…

  • Mars enters Gemini: August 20th 2022 4.03 am EDT 00º00′
  • Mars enters its shadow: at 8º07′
  • Mars Stations Retrograde: October 30th 2022 9.25 am EDT 25º36′
  • Full Moon in Gemini: December 7th 2022 11.06 pm EST
  • Mars Stations Direct: January 12th 2023 3.56 pm EST 8º07′
  • Mars clears its Retrograde zone: March 15th 2023 11.13 pm EDT 25º36′
  • Mars enters Cancer: March 25 2023 7.46 am EDT 00º00′

It’s no surprise that during this Mars Retrograde cycle in Gemini there’s lots to the story.

Full Moon in Gemini 2022…

This is a key moment of illumination, 

How Will This Mars Retrograde Play Out For You?

Of course, this cycle of Mars Retrograde will affect different people in different ways.

It’s worth noting if you have planets in Gemini, in the Air Signs, the Mutable Signs, or just being familiar with your chart and referencing the points above may be interesting.

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