Gemini Kanye West Birth Chart…

Kanye West At Øyafestivalen, 2011

Kanye’s Astrology…

Just like Meghan Markle, Kanye is a sensitive Cancer Rising – who loves his mum!

He also had to deal with an intense family situation, just like Meghan.

While she faced up to ‘The Firm’ and Royals, he dealt with the Kardashian’s, another powerful institution, while planets assembled in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – and the South Node).

Adele is also a Cancer Rising, another singer with prominent Taurus energy. Adele is a Sun-Jupiter in Taurus star with Mercury in Gemini, Kanye a Sun-Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus the sign of the Bull.

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This brings perseverance, and steady sensuality to both artists, who see their eleventh house of social causes, audiences and cheerleaders lit up. The whole world has sat up and paid attention to Adele’s latest performance, and similarly everyone will be looking at West in 2022.

His Pisces Moon will receive a transit from Jupiter, so songs that are spiritual or bring a generous god-like sentiment will blow up (Adele is also to release “Oh My God” with Jupiter in Pisces).

I like to sing Jesus Walks loud, College Dropout is one of my absolute favourites! 

I’m a big fan of his chart ruler, the Moon, as it activates his ninth house of higher education, and higher thought

Interestingly Kim Kardashian also has a Pisces Moon…

Love You Big Time Kanye x

{Also, NB. to Cancer Rising – Gemini are not always your friends, since Gemini is your twelfth house of enemies – Donald Trump is a liar Gemini Kanye!!! Don’t be his friend!!!}


Kanye West, Born Wednesday June 8th 1977, At 8.45 am In Atlanta, Georgia…

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