All About The Sprightly Moon in Gemini + Celebrities And Style…

Malika Favre Gemini

All About Moon In Gemini, Image By Malika Favre…

Our Moon sign is an indicator of what we need – what we need to feel nurtured or secure, it’s what comforts us. It’s our emotional nature within the safe folds of family and trusted friends, it’s the personality that comes out when we’re relaxed at home.

Our moon sign shows how we feed ourselves – literally and emotionally! It’s how we nurture and feed others.

People born when the Moon was in Gemini are lively, adaptable, and communicative.

They need to be in touch with people and adore ‘getting together’, and will be the one to arrange a meet-up. Their minds are agile and alert, and they appear to always be on the go.

Moon In Gemini Home Style…

We decorate according to a number of factors, including our rising sign, yet as the moon governs home it can reveal a lot about how we make ourselves feel at home through our personal style.

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The homes of people with Moon in Gemini are interesting, with clues to their many interests apparent throughout the house – look at their books, artifacts, projects and hobbies that they have on the go, perhaps temporarily set down but not neglected.

These people love a constant stream of new ideas and have to be ‘plugged in’, contactable by devices to hand around the home.

Moon in Gemini can be restless, so should set aside space for calm and tranquility.

Most born when the moon was passing through the sign of the Twins are quite at home with TWO addresses!

Celebrities With The Moon In Gemini…

gemini-brooke-shields  heidi-klum  kylie  jessica-chastian  khloe-kardashian-astrology  kate-b  jen-law  jessica-b  Claudia-Schiffer-virgo  gwyneth-paltrow  shirley-temple  dita-von-teese  kate-o-mara  alyssa-milano

☆Jennifer Garner ☆ Khloe Kardashian ☆ Kate Beckinsale ☆ Jennifer Lawrence ☆ Claudia Schiffer ☆ Gwyneth Paltrow ☆ Dita Von Teese ☆ Brigitte Bardot ☆ Rachel McAdams ☆ Tina Turner ☆ Jennifer Connelly ☆ Alyssa Milano ☆ Milla Jovovich ☆ Édith Piaf  ☆ Eva Herzigová ☆ Jessica Biel ☆ Olivia Wilde ☆ Emily Osment ☆ Tilda Swinton ☆ Anna Karina ☆ Leelee Sobieski ☆ Mutya Buena ☆ Shirley Temple ☆ Bette Davis ☆ Claudette Colbert ☆ Kate O’Mara ☆

Sun & Moon in Gemini: Heidi Klum, Jewel, Kylie Minogue, Brooke Shields, Leelee Sobieski, Fairuza Balk, Dave Navarro, Steffi Graf, Tom Jones, Lisa Edelstein, Queen Victoria, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Vincent Pérez, Imogen Poots, Willow Shields, Aurora Aksnes and Jessi Reyez…

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