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The Top Gemini Fashion Designers


Sun In Gemini Henry Holland…


Gemini fashion designers are in their element creating fashions with a sense of duality.

As the sign of the Twins, this zodiac placement resonates strongly with things in pairs.

So Salvatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch and Charlotte Olympia make natural and talented shoe designers.

Henry Holland produces the perfect pairs of tights!

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L-R: Alber Elbaz For Lanvin, Henry Holland Stockings, Charlotte Olympia Bird Of Paradise And Lulu Guinness

There’s a sense of fun with Gemini designers, as they often create quirky, colourful, joyful pieces.

Gorgeous Gemini Fashion Designers


☆ Sonia Rykiel 25th May 1930 ☆ Henry Holland 26th May 1983 ☆ Lulu Guiness 29th May 1960 ☆ Salvatore Ferragamo 5th June 1898 ☆ Charlotte Olympia Dellal 5th June 1981 ☆ Alber Elbaz 12th June 1961 ☆ Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen 13th June 1986 ☆ Luella Bartley 16th June 1974 ☆ Tory Burch 17th June 1966 ☆ Jessica McClintock 19th June 1930 ☆

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