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Leo Kate O’Mara

kate o mara leo astrology

Kate O’Mara, A Perfect Leo Pussycat

Remembering this beautiful film actress with a look at Kate O’Mara’s astrology.

Her birth chart reveals a stellium of planets in the Leo constellation.

Let’s explore what an emphasis on the zodiac sign of the lion reveals about Kate O’Mara’s Star Sign Style!

☆ Sun In Leo ☆ Moon In Gemini ☆ Venus In Leo ☆

Kate O’Mara Birth Chart

kate o mara astrology birth chart

Born 10th August, 1939 In Leicester, UK. Died 30th March 2014


Acting is a Leo profession, and it’s interesting to see that so many of Kate’s planets fall in the zodiac sign of Leo.

The Sun conjunct Mercury, planet of communication, gives O’Mara a strong voice and an easy expression of her message. She also penned four books in her lifetime, another signature of this pairing in astrology.

Leo ladies are the Queens of the zodiac, the sign of the regal lion is reflected in the way these cats prowl around with a sense of right and dignity.

One of O’Mara’s most famous roles is linked to a family of rulership, as she played Caress Morell in notorious 80s American soap opera, Dynasty.

Like a true Moon in Gemini, O’Mara juggled her role as Morell with appearances in Doctor Who simultaneously. The Twins are so good at multi-tasking!

Leo is a super creative sign too, and O’Mara attended art school before becoming a full-time actress.

Let’s Look At Her Finest Fashion Moments…

kate o mara style and astrology

Gorgeous In Gold

Celebrity City

Leo looks lovely in bronze colours, warm orange and their lucky colour, gold. O’Mara was no exception as these photo’s show…
kate o mara astrology

Perfect In Purple

kate o mara style

Royal Purple Is A Leo Hue…

Growing Old Gracefully

Kate O'Mara

She’s still got it, right into her older years… I think her gorgeous Gemini Moon sets off these earrings a treat… And Leo is always blow-dry beautiful.

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