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Libra Gwyneth


Moon In Gemini Sparkles With Venus In Leo…

Gwyneth’s StarSignStyle!

Sun In Libra ☆ Moon In Gemini ☆ Venus In Leo ☆ Pisces Rising

Gwyneth Paltrow’s birth chart shows a sensitive and artistic person, with Pisces rising guiding her approach and out first impression.

With the sign of the fish on the ascendant, Neptune is her chart ruler – a planet that almost conjuncts the Midheaven in her chart. This contributes glamour and mystique to the reputation of the star. Jupiter near to the tenth house enhances her presence, adding a dose of luck to career and vocation.

Venus in Leo gives Gwyneth her dramatic flair and talent for theatrics, and its presence in the sixth house shows she can use this on a daily basis for work. Venus lights up the sixth house of wellness, daily ritual and routine, akin to zodiac sign Virgo, and Mars in Virgo gives her bags of perfectionist energy and a focus on wellbeing.

Moon in Gemini loves to communicate, so her newsletter and blog ‘Goop’ is something GP’s a natural with. She’s talking to the public on a mass scale too, reflecting the placement of her Gemini moon opposite Jupiter in the 10th – that’s an ambitious Jupiter, what with being in Capricorn and all…

Sun and Mercury are in lovely Libra, so it’s Paltrow’s purpose to strive for harmony, peace and diplomacy in life. Remember her break-up with Chris Martin? People caught on to the fact she called it ‘conscious uncoupling’, how very fair, diplomatic and ‘nice’ is that?! Not a sniff of a public spat.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Birth Chart


Born 27th September, 1972 At 5.25pm In Los Angeles, California

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