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Pisces Rising: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Astrology Analysis!

Of Course It Was A Libra Who Coined "Conscious Uncoupling"...

Goop Founder Gwyneth…

Sun In Libra ☆ Moon In Gemini ☆ Venus In Leo ☆ Pisces Rising

Whether you love her, can’t stand her candles and lubes, or are indifferent to Paltrow, you’ve got to admit she’s a star!

With a double A rating on, the birth time is secured, so we know Gwyneth Paltrow’s is a sensitive, artistic Pisces rising.

(Jupiter and) Neptune is her chart ruler – a planet that very, very widely conjuncts the Midheaven in her chart (I know, it’s 13º off, so I’m being generous!)

This contributes glamour and mystique to the reputation of the Hollywood actress, and speaks to her livelihood not only in the film industry (as Neptune governs cultural trends and movies) but also the mysticism she purports through Goop.

Jupiter near to the Midheaven again enhances her public appeal, perhaps as a businesswoman, in Capricorn, adding a dose of luck to career and vocational life.

We also know, she comes from a lineage of award-winning and nominated actresses and directors (her parents actress Blythe Danner and the late director and producer Bruce Paltrow).

Venus in Leo gives Gwyneth her dramatic flair and talent for theatrics, and its presence in the sixth house shows she can use this on a daily basis for her work.

Wellness rituals and routines are perhaps what brings her most pleasure – and what she’s willing to spend or invest in!

Mars in Virgo gives her a perfectionist energy, in the seventh house and ruling the second, she may sense her self-worth comes from the approval of a partner, and may attract relationships that are demanding! (Chris Martin is a Pisces Sun and Mercury, with Virgo Rising, since you asked!)

Moon in Gemini is a clever, curious placement, and I wonder if her home was full of books, chatter, and started off a need to communicate, express and inform…

Her newsletter and blog ‘Goop’ is something she’s naturally drawn to, selecting the best finds for home and sharing them! She’s connecting to the public and the masses, reflecting the placement of her Gemini Moon (in the fourth house) opposite Jupiter (in the tenth or eleventh, depending on house system).

She covers off what’s usually hidden from view, intimate items and expresses these themes publicly!

This also includes sex toys (the Moon is the ruler of her Cancer fifth house) and the Moon is exactly trine Mercury (in the eighth house of all that’s taboo!)

Sun and Mercury are in Libra, so it’s Paltrow’s purpose to strive for harmony, find peace and evoke diplomacy.

The term “conscious uncoupling” is very fair, diplomatic and ‘nice’. Interesting that Sun-Mercury in the eighth bind us to others contractually, but lead us to disengage, and with Uranus in this sector GP may require liberation, freedom and a way to do things differently with a significant other.

I for one like this Libra, though perhaps not her “This Smells Like My Vagina Candle” at £83.00!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Birth Chart


Born 27th September, 1972 At 5.25pm In Los Angeles, California…

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