Libra Dita Von Teese Astrology…

The world’s most popular pin-up, Dita’s a seriously sassy star!

But what’s her Star Sign Style?

Sun In LibraMercury In Libra ☆  Moon In GeminiVenus In LeoScorpio Rising

dita-von-teese-moonDita is alway so subdued and introvert on the red carpet – she always looks gorgeous but quietly so – that’s her Scorpio Rising, which is seductive yet intensely private.

This is a sign of transformation and if you look at her ‘before’ pictures, you’ll see that Von Teese is a bit of a butterfly that’s come out of her cocoon, changing not only her look but her body too.

Venus In Leo means she’s not afraid to add touches of seriously dramatic flair to her look – that includes leopard print! Moon In Gemini keeps her interested, dextrous and like a young bird…

Sun In Libra is the sign that rules beauty and fashion, so modelling is a perfect vocation for this star…

Note that the moon and Saturn sit together in the birth chart below, both aligning perfectly with Venus – the beauty planet.

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This reminds me of the corsets Dita wears so well. Saturn is the planet of boundaries and restriction, of structure and of responsibility. This concept alined with fashionable Venus produces a beautiful structure, which is also so very Libra! Libra rules architecture and home interiors too…

I love how this picture reflects Dita’s astrology – the hand mirror (Venus), the dark mane of hair (so Scorpio), the beautiful corset (Saturn sextile Venus), in pale power blue (Libra), embellished (Leo)… I could go on!

Note Dita has Neptune rising too – I wrote about that here.

Moon In Gemini – Nail It!


Moon in Gemini Dita is also known for her cresent moon nails! Gemini rules the fingers and this luna touch is fabulous!

Dita’s Birth Chart


Born 28th September, 1972 In Rochester, Missouri…

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