Karl Lagerfeld Astrology Photoshoot, Harpers Bazaar

fashion-designersA fabulous find, this star sign shoot sees a top designer gather his fashion friends for ‘It’s All In The Stars’, an editorial from the September 2005 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. It features fashion designers with each one representing their birth sign of the zodiac, and the models featured in the shoot are born under the star signs too. I wonder what the energy on set was like? Scroll to see all the photos from Karl Lagerfeld’s astrology photo shoot or view the article here: part 1, part 2.

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Aries Tommy Hilfiger


“Being an Aries is all about having the confidence to do whatever you want to do. And I have always been that way, since childhood”.

Aries Fashion Designer, Tommy Hilfiger

Taurus Donatella Versace


“Taureans love security – true! This is why my home and family are so important to me. We go out of our way to create comfort around us and are fiercely protective of our families”.

This image above shows a young Taurus Jessica Stam, with Donatella Versace.

The article reads:

“As a Taurus (whose symbol is the stubborn bull), Donatella Versace agrees that she, like many born under her sign, “has fixed ideas about what I like. I follow my own instincts, even if it means not adhering to what everybody else is doing.”

“Taureans are “renowned for our temper, and even though I am normally very easygoing, I can charge at those who make me really angry. They also say Taureans are good with their hands, and I read once they make good dressmakers or often make their own clothes. Not far from the truth!”

Gemini Alber Elbaz


“Being a Gemini means seeing the empty half and the full half of the glass at the same time. Loving colors and loving black. Loving tradition and modernity”.

Gemini Fashion Designer, Alber Elbaz

Cancer Lazaro Hernandez


“I read my horoscope in the newspaper whenever I can get my hands on it, or in whatever magazine I happen to be looking through. And I may read Leo, too, because Jack [McCollough, his design partner, seen right] is a Leo”.

Cancer Fashion Designer, Lazaro Hernandez

Leo Michael Kors


“Leos are very confident people. They have big personalities. And my clothes are for confident people”.

Leo Fashion Designer, Michael Kors

Virgo Karl Lagerfeld


“Very often, in the most banal thing, I see something other people don’t see. That’s a Virgo thing, but it’s also good for photography”.

Virgo Fashion Designer, Karl Lagerfeld

Libra Donna Karan

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With Inspiration from Seventeen Magazine‘s May 1995 Issue


“People think Librans are extroverted, but we’re oftentimes very introverted. It’s living in two worlds and trying to find the balance”.

Libra Fashion Designer, Donna Karan

The article reads:

Karan has been known to change important dates and details based on her astrologer’s advice and even designed a line of handbags for each of the zodiac signs. In the article, she says of the ancient practice:

“Astrology has affected so many aspects of my life.

“I work with a wonderful astrologer, Maria Napoli. As a Libra, I live in two worlds and try to find a balance – I’m creative, but I find it very difficult to make decisions. And I hate boring. So it is a sort of masculine and feminine in my life and in my clothes, function versus fantasy, the tailored versus the flowing; and I have always worked with a lot of back and white. There’s always that contradiction in my clothes.”

Scorpio Roberto Cavalli


“Scorpio is a leader and a creative spirit at the same time”.

Scorpio Fashion Designer, Roberto Cavalli

Sagittarius Tara Subkoff


“I put my foot in my mouth all the time. I’m like a racehorse who trips over her own feet, I’m going so fast”.

Sagittarius Fashion Designer, Tara Subkoff

The article reads:

“Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff, a big believer, grew up with hippie parents. “My mom got our charts done when we were born!” laughs the Sagittarian, who thinks she is true to her sign, which is symbolized by the shooting-after-new-ideas archer. “I’m like a racehorse who trips over her own feet, I’m going so fast. I’m a total klutz!”

Capricorn Diane Von Fustenberg


“Being a Capricorn makes me pragmatic and ambitious. I gravitate towards clothes that are fluid”.

Capricorn Fashion Designer, Diane von Fürstenberg

I spy with my little eye… Capricorn model Kate Moss!

And all the models in this photoshoot are posing under the correct constellation….

Aquarius Narciso Rodrigues


“I really do not live my life or plan my work based on astrology”

Aquarius fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez

Pisces Eva Herzigova


“Pisces are visually creative. Every detail counts”.

Pisces model and fashion designer, Eva Herzigova

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