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Moonday, Moonday… Discover The Astrology Behind The Days Of The Week!


And What To Wear – Lucky Colors, Cuts And Accessories…

Did you know that every day of the week has a corresponding planet?

Monday is the moon’s day in nearly all the languages in the world. However the link between day and planet is perhaps best understood using the French names of each day of the week: Lundi (Luna or Moon – Monday), Mardi (Mars), Mercredi (Mercury), Jeudi (Jupiter), Vendredi (Venus – Friday), Samedi (Saturn) and Sunday for the sun: Dimanche.

Astrology Days Of The Week – And What To Wear!

Mean Girls say “On Wednesdays we wear pink” but astrologers know that Mercredi is a day far better suited to Mercurial fashions…

These looks won’t fail you – work, play, and everything in between – I got you covered!

Monday, Lundi, Moon

Grays, Whites, Luminous Skin, Silver & Pearls…

The first day of the working week is traditionally the moon’s day.

Thankfully Luna governs grays, silvers and whites, so you can embrace the back to school vibe with a professional Moonday wardrobe of charcoal, dove grey and monochrome.

“Monday’s child is fair of face” just like the Zodiac’s moon babes – Cancerian chicks. This sign is known for its pale, luminous skin expressing sensitive inclinations. Cancer is ‘like the moon’ (check out these gorgeous examples), sensitive, brooding and changeable.

Add a touch of lunar magic to your Monday!

Tuesday, Mardi, Mars

Red, Black, Sporty, Camo, Blush…

“Tuesday’s child is full of grace” because she can move like a warrior goddess.

Tuesday is Mars’ day, the planet of war and the battlefield, so this is the day to hit the gym! Just wearing a touch of military or camo print fashion can help you feel full of energy, assertiveness and better able to focus and navigate.

The Chinese also associate Mars with Tuesday, and the Japanese give the day the meaning of ‘fire’.

Add a touch of blush or simply increase your heart rate for a rosy blush.

Wednesday, Mercredi, Mercury

Statement T-Shirt, Print & Pattern, Yellow, Creams, White…

Wednesday is the day to fully engage your brain.

Mercury’s day is a day to connect, and to be ‘Mercurial’ in your approach. Some think of Wednesday as ‘hump day’ describing the middle of the working week, however you can hop, skip and jump over said hump with the wings of Mercury!

The poem reads: “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”, which suggests worrisome energy. While it’s true Mercury ruled signs Gemini and Virgo can be anxious, there is no need to over think things on a Wednesday, or to get bogged down. Uplift your spirits (and others) with cheerful yellow, uplifting fun prints and a slogan T-shirt that speaks volumes – so Mercury.

Thursday, Jeudi, Jupiter

Purple & Lavender, Jeans, Spiritual, World Traveller…

Thursday’s the day of expanding your horizons with a broadminded approach, thanks to Jupiter.

This is the day to publish, teach, learn, to soar and to connect to your spiritual self. Ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter is connected to the color purple – a color of wisdom and richness.

I am a child born on a Thursday and the meaning always had me perplexed – “Thursday’s child has far to go…” I was born with the moon in Sagittarius and my Midheaven is Pisces. These two signs are the seekers of knowledge and spirituality, there’s a love of travel and learning – and we can always go further into such subjects.

Therefore Thursday is a fabulous day to wear jeans (even to work, if you can) reflecting the will to step out into the world eagerly. You can also wear purple accessories and show you’re interested in travel 0r culture with a nod to a place you long to go.

Friday, Vendredi, Venus

Pink, Pastels, Full Lips, Adornments…

Friday is Venus’ day, which means it’s time to socialise, flirt and have fun! Venus is the planet of pleasure and she adores getting her needs met – be it through a candy, kiss or pocketing some cash!

“Friday’s child is loving and giving” just as Venus is generous with her affections – when happy!

The goddess of abundance and money – Lakshmi – is associated with Friday too.

Saturday, Samedi, Saturn

Black, Structured Dress, Dark Liner…

Governed by stern Saturn, “Saturday’s child works hard for a living”. Serious, responsible and hard, it seems counter intuitive to have the weekend governed by the planet of maturity. However we can work this planet into our dress with chic, streamlined black and stark touches.

Sunday, Dimanche, Sun

Wear Your Best! Dazzle Like The Sun…

The sun shines bright on Sunday – at least metaphorically!

“The child born on the Sabbath Day is fair and wise and good and gay”; everyone loves to gaze upon the Sun with lavish praise and an eye-catching pair of shades. Be sure to take your sunglasses with you to brunch and to wear your ‘Sunday Best’!

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