Lizzo’s Birth Chart…

Celebrity astrology, and the Leo Rising's chart with Black Moon Lilith...

Scroll to see the Lizzo birth chart, timed for 29º Leo Rising! 

Lizzo (Melissa Viviane Jefferson) was born April 27th, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan.

A singer, rapper, songwriter and overall musical maestro, the star was born under the zodiac sign Taurus.

But what else?

Lizzo Astrology

Lizzo was not only born with the Sun in Taurus but Jupiter and Mercury, too! She has a Sun, Jupiter, Mercury conjunction. Juno is also present in this stellium.

This gives her a heightened sensuality, artistic aptitude, and an ability to go large.

Jupiter is the biggest and most expansive planet.

It’s this corner of the chart that gives Lizzo a powerful set of lungs. Taurus rules the throat and brings a sweetness to a persons expression.

There’s likely a keenest to share a message in public. Note Venus in Gemini at the top of the chart too. Success comes thanks to all these planets in Taurus and Gemini. Here we have a willingness to learn and understand other perspectives, too. 

Not only is the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury gathering a strong, sensual signature, in the ninth house her global presence was written in the stars.

The ninth house is travel and wisdom, growth and knowledge. She has mastered musical instruments and has an incredible way to connect to her audience.

The Sun and Jupiter also trine Neptune in Capricorn.

Lizzo: Earth Dominant. 

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Our Lizzo birth chart boasts three generational planets in Capricorn (Uranus, Saturn and Neptune). The star also has Moon  in Virgo, so she is an incredible example of earthy beauty!!

Taurus is tenacious, and has the potential to do something tangible in the world.

Note the part of fortune conjunct her Neptune in Capricorn in the fifth house of artistic merit.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct the ascendant adds provocation…

Lizzo’s fashion style absolutely reflects her earth placements.

She brings a touch of tactile Taurus to her appearance and the visual impression she makes. There’s an impact made at every appearance.

Yet, with Venus in Gemini we see her as somewhat sprite-like, mischievous with her smile and flute. To me, she comes across in the Gemini fashion of being a fairy-elfin pixie!

Venus In Gemini Sextile The Black Moon…

I would say Venus in Gemini brings a quick, playfulness to Lizzo’s nature. To me she comes off as someone who knows what she want’s to say. She doesn’t shy away from making a statement or telling it like it is! 

Yet note that because Venus is square to her Virgo Moon and Nodal Axis, it’s not easy for Lizzo to feel satisfied or appreciated. I myself have the Moon on the South Node and this brings problems with eating. Princess Diana had this conjunction too.

With Venus conjunct Chiron there’s a lot to be learned about public image and how best to come across. 

It was this Black Moon Lilith point that was triggered last year during Venus Retrograde, when her backing dancers revealed more about their tour.

Lizzo Birth Chart…

Born Wednesday, April 27th 1988 at 2.30 pm In Detroit, Michigan…

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