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Leo Kylie Jenner & Her New Baby… Astrology And Personal Horoscope!

Queen Kylie was born with Capricorn Rising...

Gold Backdrop fit for Leo Majesty, but Kylie’s Capricorn Rising!

Kylie Jenner’s a proud Leo, wearing the crown (among a lot of Scorpio energy) in the Kardashian family.

But what else can we tell from her personal astrology and Star Sign Style?

Kylie Jenner’s Birth Chart…

Kylie Jenner Born August 10th 1997 At 5.25 pm In Los Angeles, Cedars Sinai Hospital California…

Born the 10th August, 1997 means the youngest Kardashian burns bright as a Leo!

She’s dived into stardom like a duck to water (or, like a Kardahsian into the limelight!) Luckily Leo’s love being centre stage, so she’ll truly be in her element but there’s always more to the astrological birth chart that our sun sign…

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Venus in Virgo marks Kylie as slightly more introverted and cautious than showy Leo. While the lion’s philosophy is to shine brightly and ‘perform’, the Virgo in Kylie may be more refined and understated. Her moon sign needs privacy too…

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Moon In Scorpio in Kylie’s birth chart is significant, as the moon can quite literally represent our mother, and Kylie has her Moon transiting the same sign that features so strongly in her mom’s–Kris– (and dad’s) birth chart. With the moon in Scorpio she’ll be incredibly attuned to her elder sister (and parent’s) Scorpio style, and they will be able to learn from her, too.

Our moon sign in the same zodiac constellation as those close to us can offer those people a sense of security, as the moon is how we naturally feel comfortable (while others are tapping into that energy through their Sun or Venus, say).

Baby Stormi

Kylie’s new baby was born February 1st 2018, giving Leo Rising, Moon in Virgo and sun sign Aquarius (with Venus closely aligned with the sun in Aquarius, and Mercury in the sign too).

As a Capricorn Rising, Kylie has transformation planet Pluto presently connected to a significant point in her chart, slowly changing her identity in the world and how she perceives herself. At the time of birth, masculine, energising Mars was conjunct her natal Pluto, helping her break-through on a deep level.

The moon in the mid-heaven shows Kylie is born to be a maternal figure, with a reputation for privacy and loyalty to her family. Expansive Jupiter is presently in her moon sign, heightening this side of her personality.

Kylie’s Leo Pride…

Leo so suits a crown…


Look closely at Kylie Jenner and you’ll spot the star’s zodiac sign!

One of The Belles of Issue 6 for Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book, Kylie Jenner was photographed by Michael Avedon, with makeup by Matthew Vanleeuwen and hair by Maranda.

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