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Mercury in Virgo – Celebrities And Style…


Talk About Healthy Choices! Miss Mercury In Virgo Has It Sussed…



A person with Mercury in Virgo is likely to be an analytical thinker, thorough and full of logic and common sense.

This person might be a worrier, highly critical of themselves and others, and a stickler for detail. They can come off as having a sharp tongue or seem as if they’re finding fault with people, even though they mean well.

Because Mercury travels with the Sun, there are only three possible Sun signs for those with Mercury in Virgo, Leo through to Libra. See which celebrities share your Sun and Mercury sign…

Celebrities with Mercury in Virgo

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☆ Madonna ☆ Mila Kunis ☆ Coco Chanel ☆ Audrey Tautou ☆ Kim Cattrall ☆ Whitney Houston ☆ Hayden Panettiere ☆ Jennifer Lawrence ☆ Kylie Kardashian ☆ Vivica Fox ☆ Lucille Ball ☆ Claudia Schiffer ☆ Stella McCartney ☆ Sophie Dahl ☆ Salma Hayek ☆ Amy Winehouse ☆ Pink ☆ Blake Lively ☆ Rachel Bilson ☆ Michelle Williams ☆ Kate Bush ☆ Jada Pinkett Smith ☆ Raquel Welch ☆ Alicia Silverstone ☆ Ingrid Bergman ☆ Lauren Bacall ☆ Pippa Middleton ☆ Nicky Hilton ☆ Katie Melua ☆ Amy Adams ☆ Gloria Estefan ☆ Chrissie Hynde ☆ Anita Ekberg ☆ Monica Bellucci ☆ Amy Poehler ☆ Macy Gray ☆ Alexandra Burke ☆ Liberty Ross ☆ Greta Garbo ☆ Avril Lavigne ☆ Melanie Griffith ☆

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