You know all about your Star Sign Style but what about the fellas?

Check out the zodiac style of the male of the species, with an astrological analysis of the aesthetics of our guys!


01 the-aries-man

Like his female counterpart, the Aries man is a bold adventurer. Alfa all the way, you can expect him to be dominant, slightly aggressive and ruddy… Read more about the Aries man’s style, here!

02 the-taurus-man

The strong silent type, your Taurus man is Venus ruled so has fabulous fashion instincts, in fact, good taste in all areas… Read more about the Taurus man’s style, here!

03 the-gemini-man

He’s versatile, youthful and dexterous, Mr Gemini looks younger than his years – or at least he behaves that way! He can appear to be light and bird-like, and will usually have twinkling eyes… Read more about the Gemini man’s style, here!

04 the-cancer-man

Your Cancer man is sensitive and soulful, with big pools for eyes. They’ll sometimes be sad as this sign is Mr Moody of the zodiac, full of angst and emotional turmoil… Read more about the Cancer man’s style, here!

05 the-leo-man

Loud, proud, you’ll hear him roar but the Leo lad is really a pussycat – let him take centre stage and he’ll burn bright on queue… Read more about the Leo man’s style, here!

06 the-virgo-man

Particular about everything and nothing in particular, the Virgo man likes his threads ‘just so’. Practical, he’ll wear it down and never runs out of socks… Read more about the Virgo man’s style, here!

07 the-libra-man

Charmer extraordinaire, your Libra man smiles and the world melts into his well balanced arms. He’s a knack for dressing and loves his wardrobe heaving – leave some room for us Mr Libra… Read more about the Libra man’s style, here!

08 the-scorpio-man

Stealth and strength are on his side but what else is the Scorpio man hiding? A killer instinct for cool threads? Maybe so… Read more about the Scorpio man’s style, here!

09 the-sagittarius-man

Bags of fun, the Sagittarius man has a spring in his step and can clown around where fashion’s concerned. A wild horse, he’ll need a wardrobe to roam in… Read more about the Sagittarius man’s style, here!

10 the-capricorn-man

Ambitious Capricorn suits business attire – he’s always on duty! Good job this zodiac sign is a catch with a wicked sense of humour… Read more about the Capricorn man’s style, here!

11 the-aquarius-man

The cool water bearer Aquarius is the different guy that’ll catch your eye… Read more about the Aquarius man’s style…

12 the-pisces-man

Poetic Pisces, this star sign will sing to your soul! He suits clothes made to move – nothing too restricting, he’s the Fish, after all… Read more about the Pisces man’s style, here!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Kanye is a Gemini, Brad Pitt’s a Capricorn” I hear you. Don’t worry, your astrologer friend hasn’t gone do-lally, I’ve selected stars shining brightly with zodiac power and each of the men you see has several planets in each constellation, boosting their astrological credentials…

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