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The Aries Man’s Style…

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Looking at all the men’s style of the zodiac, what can we tell about Mr Aries?

Well, first up is Aries.

Remember, number one in the astrological wheel means the male Rams love to be front-runner – as far as they’re concerned there is no competition!

They like to dominate; slightly aggressive this Mars-ruled sign is totally in charge, getting stuck in wherever the action’s at.

He might have a slightly ruddy or reddish complexion about his face and you’ll see his boyish charm shining through.

Not afraid to initiate, this sign can be quite demanding. Although he doesn’t need to be center of attention he will want to be noticed.

The Aries Man Fashion Style


A walk-in wardrobe isn’t your Aries man’s priority; he’s far more likely to be stuck in the thick of the action, daredevil that he is. Less concerned with frivolities this adventurous man is Alfa with a capital ‘A’ – for Aries!

With all that testosterone about he’d be happy in combat gear or any get-up that has him ready for action, ready for warfare.

Think military and touches of the warrior – arm cuffs, leather and hardware (metal is ruled by Aries). If he does wear jewellery it’s highly unlikely to be ‘delicate’.

Typical Arian men will suit black and could have dark hair and a strong dark brow.

They may be drawn to red and bold colours, also a clean white – although it may not stay white for long!

My Aries Male Hero is Tom Riley, who boasts Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus in the constellation.

And, although Jared Leto is a sun sign Capricorn he has an incredible amount of Aries energy bashing around his natal chart. This star has Mars, Moon and Aries Rising – that’s a lot of Ram!

Famous Aries Men

aries-Russell-Crowe  aries-robert-downey-jnr  tom-riley-aries  aries-man-marlon-brando  aries

☆ Russell Crowe ☆ Robert Downey Jnr ☆ Tom Riley ☆ Patrick Hernandez ☆ Melvin Jackson Jnr ☆ Jared Leto ☆

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