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The Aquarius Man…

Classic Aquarius Men… Axl Rose, Dr Dre, and Ashton Kutcher!


You know that the Aquarius woman is the cool, zany, alternative kid of the zodiac, but how about the Aquarius man?

The Aquarius Man Fashion Style


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OK, not all Aquarius peeps are gonna dress wild and free like super-Aqua Axl, however you will notice your Aquarius friend likes to stand out!

A subtle touch of eccentricity here and there will please them no end.

Axl Rose is a special Aquarius, with Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Venus and the moon ALL in AQUARIUS – that’s a huge emphasis in the sign!

Aquarius can be very preoccupied with a cause, meaning they don’t care too much for frivolous fashions…

My favourite celebrity Aquarius has got to be Ashton Kutcher, a Gemini rising star with Mercury, sun, moon, Venus and the Midheaven all in the sign of the cool Water Bearer.

He has really got behind issues he cares about, and is a poster-child humanitarian man-Aqua we can all adore.

Dr. Dre is another Gemini rising artist, with Mercury, Venus and Midheaven in Aquarius, with the sun at the prolific 29º of the zodiac sign.

Famous Aquarius Men

☆ Kurt Kobain ☆ Dr Dre ☆ Ashton Kutcher ☆ Eddie Van Halen ☆ Gene Hackman ☆ Ice T ☆ Rob Thomas ☆

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