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The Sagittarius Man’s Style…

Ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur. Half man, half beast he gallops, roaming free and shooting his arrows upwards and onwards.

The look of Sagittarius is quite easy to define – it’s a horse-like aesthetic! Think long face, long nose, big teeth and even someone that shakes their mane head of hair! It needn’t be long, it’s more the motion of a character that’s free and unbridled, spiritually if physically still constrained to an office…

The Sagittarius Man’s Fashion Style

Sagittarius is typically more interested in the good times than in his slacks or what’s on his back, therefore fashion choices could favour fun over function. This is the sign you’re most likely to spot in colourful tee shirts, Mr Sagg has a bit of a cartoonish way about him.


Jimi Hendrix, Joe DiMaggio, Bruce Lee, Frank Zappa and Brad Pitt.

All of these Sagittarius men have the constellation on the Ascendant too, which means they really embody the Saggy spirit…

02 the-sagittarius-man

The Hot Enthusiasm  Of Fire Sign Sagittarius In Motion! Jimi Hendrix – Sun, Mercury And Venus In Sagittarius…

My main Sagittarius man is Jimi Hendrix, who has Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagg, he was also Sagittarius Rising so bought forth so much Sagittarius energy!

Famous Sagittarius Men

sagittarius-jimi-hendrix  sagittarius-Jake-gyllenhaal  sagittarius-nikki-sixx  sagittarius-Andy-Grammer

☆ Jimi Hendrix ☆ Ray Liotta ☆ Nickki Sixx ☆ Andy Grammer ☆ Danny DeVito ☆ Jake Gyllenhaal ☆

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