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The Cancer Man’s Style…

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Looking at all the men’s style of the zodiac, what can we tell about Mr Leo?

Fourth sign of the zodiac, our Cancerian brothers are akin to the brooding, moody teenagers of the zodiac, and they’ll often wear an expression that speaks of angst and emotional turmoil within…

They typically have big soft (sad) brown eyes, and as a water sign can also seem a little teary too (– sob!!)

Don’t let him fool you though, this is a Cardinal sign so is really ready to protect and provide at a moments notice, that means there’s a whole lotta fight in them…

Cancerians are the natural caregivers in astrology, sensitively nurturing those around them with food, love and cuddles. The Cancer man can make a wonderful cook and be gentle with children – even muscle man Arnie suited the role as ‘Mr. Kimble’ in Kindergarten Cop

The Cancer Man’s Fashion Style


Ed Westwick,  Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer…

Renowned for loving the ocean waves (and their mother), your Cancer man looks at home in nautical navy and white colour schemes. He can also wear the colours reflected in the moon’s surface – pale greys through to creams and a wonderful bright white.


Robert Pattinson, Cancer Rising with Moon in Cancer…

A feminine sign the Cancerian man suits soft materials too, and will gravitate towards cashmere, wool and worn in cotton.

Cancer likes a low neckline or shirt buttoned down low, showing off his area of the body and erogenous zone, the chest.

My Cancerian hero’s are Harrison Ford, who defines Cancerian style to me, and Robert Pattinson has Cancer rising and moon in Cancer which really rules his entire natal chart.


Ben Affleck, Venus Rising In Cancer…

Ben Affleck has Venus rising in Cancer, so we can really see the Cancerian aesthetic – deep brown eyes and a moody default expression!

The Cancer Man

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☆ Harrison Ford ☆ Arnold Schwarzenegger ☆ Ben Affleck ☆ Robert Pattinson ☆

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