The Pisces Man’s Style…

Totally dreamy, you know the Pisces man from his beautiful eyes – watch you don’t drown in them!

Truly soulful, he could be poetic or the musical type and is naturally artistic.

The Pisces Man Fashion Style…

Monsoir Pisces is the creative of the zodiac, and suits free flowing fashions that don’t restrict him, no matter the time of day. 

When you see him it’s as if he’s just emerged from a period of slumber, and weirdly, this sign is ideally suited to sleepwear.

He looks simply dazzling in a dressing gown, think of an artist padding around in PJs.

Loose yoga pants too are perfect on him, think white cheesecloth – the Jesus look suits him so!

If he has to wear a suit then it simply must be relaxed, not too tailored with severe lines.

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Grandpa shirts pair well with this kind of soft silhouette.

02 the-taurus-man

My two Pisces heroes have remarkably similar charts – Heath Ledger (Mercury, Mars and Venus in Pisces) and Kurt Cobain (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Pisces) both have Moon in Cancer.

Here are some examples of Pisces Moon, and their eyes…

Those with a Pisces Moon have watery, dreamy eyes to get lost in… Read more here!

Famous Pisces Men

pisces-kurt-cobain  pisces-heath-ledger  pisces-b-d-t  pisces-ricky-martin

☆ Kurt Kobain ☆ Heath Ledger ☆ Benicio Del Toro ☆ Paul Anderson ☆ Ricky Martin ☆

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