More About The Libra Man’s Style…

Mr Smooth... His Wardrobe May Be More Impressive Than Yours!

The diplomatic Libra man has a reputation as the charmer of the zodiac, and, with his good looks, sweet smile and kind words he’ll usually have you melting.

Mr. Libra takes careful consideration over the way he looks and the impression he gives off, which is usually clean, cool and collected.

His outward appearance is important – Libra is the sign most civilised sign, keen to make a good impression by fitting in with well chosen aesthetic.

Libra Men Fashion Style…

This Venusian ruled sign is naturally attuned to what looks good and your typical Librian man is incredibly interested in fashion, liking to be well dressed at all times.

He’ll often have an enviable wardrobe and if the sign of the Scales is strong in his chart he could even work in fashion or beauty.

He’ll look after his threads (and yours); clothes will be pressed and ironed, and he’ll know what looks right with impeccable taste.

Grays and soft blues are particularly good colors for him, though he’ll suit just about any item that’s fresh and on trend.

02 the-taurus-man

My Libra man is Will Smith, a good example of a Librian qualities his Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in the constellation.

Will Smith – Sun, Mercury & Venus In Libra


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Despite recent controversy with Chris Rock, I feel Will exemplifies the Libra qualities of justice, fairness and 

Martin Kemp Of Spandeua Ballet – Sun, Moon & Libra Rising


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Sting – Sun & Moon In Libra


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Eminem / Marshall Mathers – Sun, Uranus, Mars & Pluto in Libra


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John Lennon – Sun & Mars in Libra in 7th House…

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Lennon had the Sun, Mars and North Node in Libra in the seventh house. His Venus was in Libra…

Famous for his role in the Beatles but also for his relationship with Yoko Ono, we remember his for his artistry and love life!

And for the lyrics to imagine: Imagine all the people, livin’ life in peace…

Niall Horan – Libra Rising, Mercury, Jupiter & Mars in Libra…


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Technically a Virgo, Niall has Mercury rising in Libra so lets put him in the list of top Libra guys? He also has masculine Mars and Jupiter in the first house in Libra!

Michael Douglas – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mars In Libra


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Such a lot of Libra in the Douglas household, as Michael has many planets in the sign, as does wife Catherine Zeta Jones! See her horoscope here.

Sir Roger Moore – Sun and Mars conjunct in Libra…

Born Friday October 14th 1927, Roger Moore was born a Leo RIsing with the Sun conjunct Mars in Libra with Black Moon Lilith…

He was known for his James Bond portrayal, also Beau Maverick on Maverick, and played the title character in British mystery thriller series The Saint… His Venus is Virgo!

Simon Cowell – Sun, Mercury & Mars in Libra…

Cowell was born 7 October 1959 with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and the North Node in Libra, and the Moon in Sagittarius!

Bruno Mars – Sun And Mercury in Libra


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With the sun and Mercury in Libra, Bruno is a certified Libra – but his Venus and Mars are in Virgo, and his moon is in performing sign Leo!

Bruce Springsteen – Sun, Moon, Mercury And Neptune In Libra


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Born in the USA – but more importantly under a Libra star

Famous Libra Men…

libra-michael-douglas  niall-horan-libra  libra-will-smith

☆ Michael Douglas ☆ Niall Horan ☆ Will Smith ☆ Eminem ☆ Bruno Mars ☆ Bruce Springsteen x Martin Kemp ☆ Sting ☆ Donald Glover ☆ Manny Montana ☆ Kieran Culkin ☆ Zac Efron ☆ Roger Moore ☆ Hugh Jackman x John Krasinski x Pele x Jeff Goldblum x Oscar Wilde x Mark Hamil x Scottie Pippen x ASAP Rocky x Anthony Mackie x Jean-Claude Van Damme x John Mayer x Jesse Eisenberg x Usher x Nick Cannon x Jimin 

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