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Twinkle Twinkle Twin Star – New Moon In Gemini Rituals…

Make wishes with the new moon moment, as lune meets sol in the twins sign...

Kylie Minogue, Born 28th May 1968  with Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon in Gemini…

The new moon is the most magical time of the lunar cycle; a time to turn inward, and reflect on the season presently in the spotlight. The light of the Sun now brightly illuminates the constellation of the Twins, astrologically speaking, so this time its Gemini centre stage. We’re in the midst of Gemini season – both Sun and Moon are in air sign Gemini.

While some might not find any remarkable events around this new moon, it does mark a moment to reflect. Use your horoscope as inspiration, and read for your sun sign and rising sign (look for your rising sign, here).

Make the most of this new moon with these talking points! And rituals…

1. Write Down Your Intentions, Learn, And Use Your Hands…

Enhance Your New Moon Wishes With Choice Words!

The most important ritual to adhere to on this particular new moon is putting pen to paper, and actually writing down your goals for the 6 and 18 months ahead. In six months time it will be the full moon in Gemini, and in 18 months we’ll see another Full Moon that more closely matches this degree of Gemini.

Talk it over, too.

Here are quotes from Salman Rushdie, born with Sun, Moon, Uranus, Venus and the North Node in Gemini...

“What one writer can make in the solitude of one room is something no power can easily destroy.”

“A poet’s work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep.”

“I make no complaint. I am a writer. I do not accept my condition; I will strive to change it; but I inhabit it, I am trying to learn from it.”

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”

“If I were asked for a one-sentence sound bite on religion, I would say I was against it.”

Gemini energy is about pairing.

German tennis phenomenon Steffi Graf was born with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Gemini and Gemini Rising – clearly an amazing team mate!

Steffi Graf married to fellow tennis player Andre Agassi since 2002…

Team up, discuss, name it, learn the facts (no easy feat with Neptune in Pisces, I might add).

Gemini Sun and Moon, Imogen Poots…

Work out thoughts through the fingers, expressing through typing, writing, thinking and free flow expression…

2. Still The Chatter, Quiet The Mind…

Go inward at New Moon.

With the new moon in a sign governed by messenger Mercury, this a supremely good time to unwind, calm the nerves and embrace an easy, breezy moment.

Gemini is the most mentally agile of the air signs, insatiably curious and dexterous. It’s a good time to unwind with a guided meditation, listening to a distracting voice.

Just like singer Jewel sang:

“If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be that we’re all OK
And not to worry ’cause worry is wasteful, and useless in times like these
I won’t be made useless, I won’t be idle with despair, I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear”.

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Shine And Sparkle…

Star light, star bright – you’ll see the stars shimmer and shine on the New Moon as lune is with the sun – so the stars can sparkle hard. The moon in Gemini might be in its darkest hour but you needn’t dull your shine.


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Step into gentle sparkles as you look towards your cosmic potential.

Take A Pause To Polish & Pamper…

Remember that Gemini governs the fingers and thumbs, the hands, arms, lungs and nervous system.


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With a moment of refection in order, what better time to take 5 for a manicure? Trim your cuticles, letting go of all that doesn’t serve you.

4. Exhale Intentionally – BREATHE!

Discover the perfect practice, a yoga sequence for Gemini season! Spread your fingers wide…

5. Look Up, Look Forwards...


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Celebrities born on a New Moon in Gemini

Heidi Klum, Sun 10º Gemini, Moon 13º Gemini – see her birth chart here!

Heidi Klum, Jewel, Kylie Minogue, Brooke Shields, Leelee Sobieski, Fairuza Balk, Dave Navarro, Steffi Graf, Tom Jones, Lisa Edelstein, Queen Victoria, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Vincent Pérez, Imogen Poots, Willow Shields, Aurora Aksnes and Jessi Reyez…

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