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Rise And Shine With The Full Moon In Gemini…

Sparkle To The Fullest, Wednesday, December 11th / Thursday, December 12th!

Full Moon Muse: Tina Turner, Born With Sun In Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini…

Exact Times For The Full Moon In Gemini…

  • Hong Kong – Thursday, December 12th, 1.12 pm
  • London – Wednesday, December 12th, 5:12 am
  • New York – Wednesday, December 11th, 12:12 am
  • Los Angeles – Wednesday, December 11th, 11:12 pm.

The Full Moon peaks at 19º Gemini; the ruler of the Moon is Mercury, which has recently cleared its Scorpio shadow – and that long and winding road that was Mercury Retrograde in shadowy Scorp.

Mercury and the Sun are both in sprightly Sagittarius, Mars lingers in Scorpio, happy to oblige, lending support to the stellium gathering ground in Capricorn.

Venus is the kicker.

The goddess of wants and desire inches closer to Pluto, sandwiched between he and Saturn, intensifying and demanding – pushy.

Remember, Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign, and although it’s practical, ambitious, cool and almost guarded terrain, it’s still one of the drivers, and leaders of the Zodiac.

There’s a quincunx between the Moon and this trio, lacing the lunation with a heaviness, and the signature of the holidays ahead. That’s because on Christmas we have a New Moon in Capricorn, and a whopping five big boy planets will be in Capricorn: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, though Venus will have hopped into Aquarius.

Use this Full Moon moment to spotlight and acknowledge what you’re up against, a prelude to the strong Capricorn signature ahead; have the conversations that count.

Horoscope By Sign…

Aries – shine a light on your connection to close peers and the way you relate, while also recognizing your ambitious side.

Taurus – shine a light on your connection to your assets, money, earnings, purpose, and role, while considering the bigger journey you’re on.

Gemini – shine a light on your physical body, presence, and sense of vitality, and how this plays into commitments, and intimacy.

Cancer – shine a light on your connection to dreams, secrets, and your ability to surrender, and the key partnerships you have.

Leo – shine a light on your connection to friends, community, your hopes and dreams, and how your work, health, and wellbeing counts.

Virgo – shine a light on your connection to your reputation and public role, and how your personal passions fuel you.

Libra – shine a light on your connection to experiences, knowledge, and growth, and how home life underpins your adventure.

Scorpio – shine a light on your connection to commitments and investments, and how well-executed words and communication fosters intimacy.

Sagittarius – shine a light on your connection to partners and other people, and how your money, resources, or role adds confidence.

Capricorn – shine a light on your connection to work-life, health, habits and daily routines, and how your physical body brings you the power you need.

Aquarius – shine a light on your connection to your passions and greatest loves, acknowledging how shifts behind the scenes are bringing you clarity.

Pisces – shine a light on your connection to home and your roots, and how a powerful community serves you best…

More advice…

Write Little Love Notes To Yourself And Others…

Sagittarius and Gemini represent the two polarities of communication, learning, and expression.

The sun is lighting up Sagittarius values – broadcasting higher knowledge, wisdom, and philosophies that have been developed. However, with the moon full in Gemini little bits of INFORMATION can come to light!

Dive into journaling – Gemini loves writing, especially notes and short tidbits. 

Born On A Full Moon In Gemini…

Tina Turner, Alyssa Milano, Jake Gyllenhaal, Milla Jovovich, Edith Piaf, Julianne Moore, Sia Furler, Jeff Bridges, Billy Idol, Billy Connolly, Daryl Hannah, Teresa May and Julie Delpy.

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