Sparkle, Rise And Shine: Full Moon In Gemini Rituals…

Vivacity to the Fullest! Be excited with this lunation in the Twins sign!

Each Full Moon signals a point of culmination, and in Sagittarius Season this occurs within dextrous, darling Gemini.

The Moon indicates our emotions or mood, and, the collective feeling of people. With this expressive, multifaceted tone circulating, it’s a time to recognise where we’re being communicative and clear, factual and informative, but also gossipy, filling gaps with superficial chatter, and inciting a back and forth that’s unnecessary!

We can ask ourselves:

  • Where we can claim to be informed?
  • What’s now to be spoken about or relayed?
  • What trips and moves are valid?
  • What connections with others are edifying?
  • Where we’ve teamed up with others for good…?

There’s tension at every Full Moon in the opposition and polarity created between Sun and Moon, this month with notions of those near and far, as the luminaries light up Gemini and Sagittarius.

While excitement and enthusiasm are great, a wonderful reflection for the Gemini Full Moon is where mastering data, participating with skills and making contact is warranted.

Intellectualising and questioning comes easily to Gemini the Twins, ruled by Mercury.

But we can’t deny the worldliness of Sagittarius, the Archer, encouraging us to use perspective and wisdom wisely.

Therefore, a secondary question or contemplation is: what specialist subject can I master?

Full Moon In Gemini Rituals…

Here are some fun ways to mark the moment, and read your horoscope here and use the stars on this day of full light and fruition to really work the celestial weather…

1. Play Games! Celebrate Duality & Wordplay…

Sia Furler Born With Sun & Neptune in Sagittarius, Moon & Mars in Gemini…

With the Moon shining bright in Gemini – sign of the Twins – we can shine a light on the notion of duality, with a polarity in the skies – and in the nature of mutable Gemini!

The Sun shines in Sagittarius roughly between November 22nd and December 21st, and for a short window in the month (two and a half days) we can split our attention to opposite sign Gemini and the themes this Air Sign evokes.

Gemini is one of two signs governed by Mercury.

Transactional planet of naming, passing information, commerce, communication and the nervous system, Mercury helps us puzzle over the pieces.

As we’re in the run up to the holidays, there’s a fun, festive atmosphere and we can now use our fingers and hands to shuffle up some mischief!

Because the ruler of the Gemini Full Moon is Mercury, go-between planet and delivery boy – the Magician and merchant – we can use all his tools and techniques: word-play, in-jokes, a double entendre!

Illuminate a sense of play, mingle and make your way, and draw the card for Mercury: the Magician…

Meditate on the themes of inspired action, opportunities, worldly experience and knowledge.

2. Be Conscious Of Skill Sets (Yours & Others)…

Are You Designated Driver?

We can always use a reminder (especially during busy times) to come back to basics, and think clearly of competence.

Full Moons are time to shed light on issues and with awareness in Gemini’s sign there’s a capacity to appreciate our aptitude. 

Are you a strong speaker, writer or do your talents lie elsewhere? Pick up the phone or put pen to paper! Be grateful for the skills you have!

Who Is Games Master? Or An Excellent Map Reader?

Gemini is the sign that’s curious, and spells a capacity for articulation but also math, puzzles, engineering and science, even networking skills or language.

Perhaps you’ve mastered calligraphy or can read a new type of code!

“Singing is a way of escaping.”

Édith Piaf born on 19 December 1915, Sun-Mercury in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini…

Note Your Skills, Reading Different Languages, A Score Or Script!

Remind yourself of successes and failings relating to those around you. 

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Your New Moon In Gemini Horoscope…

Reset and Refresh with an assembly in the stars guiding your focus!

Ask yourself what have you learnt this year through communicating?

Look to social media nuances, or other tools, think of the books you’ve read or news sources discovered as the year begins to wrap…

Perhaps you’ve passed a driving test, written a proposal, book, learnt HTML or new acronyms, even how to ride a bike!

Maybe you’re the person with the most beautiful handwriting, and sentiments of cheer… Write out your cards!

3. Keep It Simple, Come Back To Your Closest Ties

Julianne Moore, Born 3rd December 1960 with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon & Gemini Rising!

While the tour of the Sun through Sagittarius asks us to venture far and wide – with awareness of culture, philosophy and foreign people, places and ideas.

Gemini is more locally focused.

This expressive combination asks us to circle round to our closest connections, with kindred spirits near and dear.

Rather than take a trip (or hop on a train) be present with those in your neighbourhood.

Talk It Over! Say What You Wish To Say…

Sagittarius and Gemini represent the two polarities of communication: learning and expression.

While the Sun is lighting up Sagittarius values – broadcasting higher knowledge, wisdom and philosophies that have been developed – the Moon in Gemini illuminates little bits of information that can come to light.

Break it down and make lofty ideas simple; get to the truth of the matter then pass on what’s relevant, factual and essential!

For me, honesty is always the best policy but rather than preaching lofty ideals and “one truth” it’s about knowing there are multiple answers and choice…

Gemini loves writing, especially notes and short tidbits, so journal and annotate.

4. Stay Focused On Your Target…

Look back to intentions set with the New Moon in Gemini!

This Full Moon is very influential for those born under Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – the ‘mutable signs‘ but really any of us can fall prey to having the wool pulled over our eyes.

Do not succumb to a crisis of confidence, maintain your purpose and resolve even if the Full Moon prompts a pause.

Daryl Hannah born on 3 December 1960, Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini…

Feed yourself with connection and conversation; the moon is very much about self-care and nurture and this particular Full Moon thrives in tandem with others.

5. Silent Night: Sleep Well! Avoid Distractions…

You KNOW I’m a massive advocate for getting a good nights sleep, and during the Full Moon our slumbers could be WILD!

Tina Turner, born 10.10pm  26th November 1939 In Nutbush, Tennessee,

Sun, Mercury, Venus in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini…

Avoid drugs and alcohol at all costs – all you really need is the Moon!

Go For Glitter And Glam…

Remember the Moon is our feelings, and at fullness the nights can be mighty confusing, overwhelming even – not a recipe for clear thinking.

Think pure thoughts, no gossiping… Instead, dress like a bird, with feathers to honour Gemini energy.

Read your Gemini Full Moon Horoscope, here!

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Gemini…

Tina Turner, Alyssa Milano, Jake Gyllenhaal, Milla Jovovich, Edith Piaf, Julianne Moore, Sia Furler, Jeff Bridges, Billy Idol, Billy Connolly, Daryl Hannah, Teresa May and Julie Delpy…

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