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Sparkle, Rise And Shine With Rituals The Full Moon In Gemini…

Sparkle To The Fullest, Wednesday, December 11th / Thursday, December 12th!

Here are your 5 essential rituals for the Full Moon in Gemini, which can be light, bright and informative… Read your horoscope here!

1. Talk It Out!

Sagittarius and Gemini represent the two polarities of communication, learning and expression.

The Sun is lighting up Sagittarius values – broadcasting higher knowledge, wisdom and philosophies that have been developed. However, with the Moon full in Gemini little bits of INFORMATION can come to light!

Break it down and make lofty ideas simple; get to the truth of the matter then pass on what’s relevant, factual and essential!

For me, honesty is always the best policy but reality could be hard to grasp now, thanks to Neptune, square the nodal axis in these two signs.

Dive into journaling – Gemini loves writing, especially notes and short tidbits. Neptune might bring out some incredible insights through pen or musical expression now…

2. Stay Focussed…

We have what’s known as a ‘T-square’ formed between Sun, Moon, the Nodes, and Neptune – a confusing planet of blurred lines, glamour and delusion.

This Full Moon is very influential for those born under Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – the ‘mutable signs‘ but really any of us can fall prey to having the wool pulled over our eyes.

Do not succumb to a crisis of confidence, maintain your purpose and resolve even if the Full Moon prompts a pause.

It’s a funny time to feed yourself too, as the moon is very much about self-care and nurture. Stock up the cupboards on this weekend but don’t delve too far into the cookie jar!

Neptune could quite literally have you forgetting what you’ve eaten and you could find you’re left longing…

Go For Glitter And Glam, Avoid Delusion…

One of the gorgeous things about Neptune is he’s the planet of glamour, dreams, artistic vision – including musical talent, and governs the soft lens of the silver screen and our selfies.

However with this harsh aspect between the sun, moon and Neptune we’re prone to delusion, deceit, kidding ourselves – even lying to ourselves about how we appear!

Perception might be off on this full moon sojust be sure you’re coming across as you’d like. Use an extra dose of realism and be authentic with your self and others.

3. Sleep Well! Avoid Opiates…

You KNOW I’m a massive advocate for getting a good nights sleep, however with the Full Moon peaking at odds with dreamy Neptune, our slumbers could be WILD!

Avoid drugs and alcohol at all costs, including the weekend before. Neptune will give you enough crazy visions to contend with! 

Remember the moon is our feelings, and Neptune is mighty confusing, overwhelming even – not a recipe for clear thinking. Think pure thoughts, no gossiping…

4. Be Compassionate & Generous!

Is it time for a wardrobe detox hun?

One of the amazing things about this full moon’s aspects is it helps us acknowledge the mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.

While the generous Sagittarius Sun brings out our desire to help others from an uplifting, optimistic perspective, Neptune in Pisces helps us focus on the less fortunate.

Neptune is very much the planet governing sacrifice and compassion and helps us reach out to suffering victims. Donate in abundance!

Just be doubly sure you want to get rid of your belongings or cash, however, as Neptune is also connected to martyr status.

5. Be Conscious Of Skill Sets…

Full Moons are time to shed light on issues and with awareness in Gemini’s sign there’s a capacity to appreciate our curious nature, skills and aptitude. What have you learnt this year and last?

Look to social media speak or other language tools, think of the books you’ve read or news sources discovered. Perhaps you’ve learnt how to drive or ride a bike! 

Born On A Full Moon In Gemini…

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