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June 10th: New Moon In Gemini 2021…

Social Butterflies Beware – This New Moon Has A SQUARE to Neptune!

New Moon In Gemini, 19º47’ Annular Solar Eclipse

  • Weekday: Thursday – Jupiter’s Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury (now retrograde in Gemini).

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Thursday June 10th 2021 8.52 pm
  • Hong Kong: Thursday June 10th 2021 6.52 pm
  • London: Thursday June 10th 2021 10.52 am
  • New York: Thursday June 10th 2021 6.52 am
  • Los Angeles: Thursday June 10th 2021 3.52 am.

The Moon joins the Sun for its monthly moment of renewal, this time in zodiac sign ‘Gemini’.

Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 9.05 pm EDT.

Notice that the ruler of the New Moon – Mercury – is retrograde, spelling potential for unfinished business, a re-view, re-assesment process, or even a re-sentment.

Last year on the New Moon, there was a Venus Retrograde in Gemini, with a square to Mars, and Ceres in Pisces, and Neptune.

This year Neptune again fogs up our windscreen on the world (accompanied by Jupiter and Pallas).

Collectively we may be trying to connect, but Neptune’s overwhelming smog blurrs the lines beween “me” and “us three”.

So, if you have plans to get together with a couple of friends expect Covid or any number of interruptions to your socialising…

Your New Moon In Gemini Horoscope…


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of siblings, neighbours, and navigation, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate across your closest ties, social connections, or interactions in your local area or environment.
  • Note how you talk and receive messages, news and information, show interest in your surroundings, or close knit-crew. 
  • Consider improvements you’d like to make in your inner circle; you have a rare opportunity with Mercury retrograde in this sector amplifying interest around conversational ties, delivering new beginnings for your personal rapport. Yet, note tension courtesy of Neptune in Pisces, heightening confusion.
  • Gemini Season urges you to connect and communicate, write, pick up skills and get along with kindred spirits, learning something about yourself and others, the way you think and operate in a group. Today’s eclipse invites you to reset the dial on such encounters, or wipe the slate squeaky clean on discourse and dialogue with important people. And yet, with Mercury Retrograde there’s chance for misunderstanding, the potential or need to revisit certain conversations or double down efforts to be clear, concise, impartial and logical among friends and kindred spirits.
  • You could be keen to participate in conversations that affect your industry, network, community or people, leaning into your writing and communication skills, involved with neighbourhood issues, even noticing the propensity to gossip or be a conduit for news and information. Now, at this eclipse moment take time out to realise the important message you carry, reset the agenda giving words and contact their dues. Be present with local connections, neighbors, coworkers or colleagues.
  • Social agendas are strong yet there is some potential to go off track, so focus.


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your sector of stability, sustenance, salary, and spending, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate your purpose and role, Taurus. Reflect, and recognise how you’re best employed and most effective – what makes you feel good but also paysConsider improvements you’d like to make; you have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector to rethink what’s important, amplifying interest around this subject of ‘wealth’ and material value …
  • Money matters and so does mental stimulation, doing something that breeds confidence and even public recognition! With the eclipse in your sector of assets, attributes and self-worth notice the way you’ve built up your own part, Taurus, cultivating confidence in your own contribution, earnings and personal value (compared to a partners).
  • While some days are great for collaboration and looking to others, today is more about what you need – perhaps in tangible terms, or simply knowing what makes you feel good. Notice the vital role you have and accept when a partner isn’t able to do as much, or bring home as much money. Gain clarity on your rightful role in and out of unions.
  • The New Moon sparkles in the material pockets of your horoscope, Taurus, allowing your attention to land on your earnings, income, job and purpose. Gemini Season urges you to explore your value, your role, and your contribution, with the Sun in your self-sustaining sector of self-worth, income and outgoings. As Mercury Retrograde weaves through this sign too there may be complications around your position, with some figuring out to do that could take time, get make space to really focus on what you want to produce from your own capabilities.
  • Connect to your ideal route to profit or your material and practical position…


  • The New Moon in your own sign draws focus towards you, your physical body, your look, personal life and character, now in your house of self, persona, presence and vitality, delivering space for to you contemplate a fresh start. Note what’s on your mind, what you’re revisiting or thinking about. Prioritise you, and your goals for the six and eighteen months ahead and accept sweeping changes to your identity.
  • This is your time to get a little bit selfish, to really reflect on self-care for number one… You can be incredibly effective in your intentions, however with your ruling planet retrograde you may have to practice patience with yourself, taking time to get to the right answers…
  • Note slight tension courtesy of Neptune in Pisces heightening or glamorising the way you appear, and elevating ambitions around your public image or professional profile.
  • The New Moon brings space for autonomy, don’t sleep on solo intentions! Consider improvements you’d like to make around your sense of independence (regardless of whether or not you’re currently seeing someone or happily married). You have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector of the skies to go over your interests; slowly consider what you’re drawn to, the subjects that catch your eye-magpie, the physical impression you’re keen to make, and your opinions. It’s an ideal time to affirm and claim a new beginning that’s all about you!
  • A very personal fresh start is offered with the eclipse in your own sign, urging you to consider your sense of selfFocus on your own needs – focus on you! But note with Mercury Retrograde there may be a process of remembering underway, with extra complications to grapple with… Give yourself time to handle your own interests and priorities – go your own way! Neptune in Pisces brings ambition and reputation into consideration, with influence thanks to how others see you, and this could make it hard to fully allow yourself to stand in your authenticity.


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of dreams, surrender, sacrifice, and closure, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate ways you let go, process hurts and misunderstandings, life’s mysteries and the hard work that goes unnoticed and unrecognised, Cancer. Consider improvements you’d like to make to your own process and tools for healing, talk it through. You have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector of the skies to emphasise elusive matters. Note tension courtesy of Neptune in Pisces, heightening interest in worldly endeavours, a spiritual growth journey and your interests around a personal quest…
  • Release the things that just don’t work for you any more – people, places, things, habits and ways of thinking. Gemini Season urges you to examine the ways you find inner peace and quieten the chatter in your unconscious. As Mercury Retrograde weaves through this sign there may be complications around your connection to others, something to talk about that’s secretive, or that needs to find closure and its ending within you. Surrender. Take time away from others, seek a spot in solitude and quiet, or talk to those that can hold space (and tissues) for your issues. Allow space for shifts, breakthroughs, transitions and transformation to occur deep within you at this New Moon, Cancer. There may be a complex situation playing out that’s on your mind – albeit subconsciously – that could be draining or force you to carefully and privately examine your thinking, transactions, or connection to others.
  • It’s a powerful time to escape and go inwards, working in solitary fashion, to gain a sense of peace and serenity, grappling with the unknowable. Step back, willing to take time out just for you and your inner mechanics. It might not be easy to gain peace and composure, yet you can find your inner voice of guidance. There’s plenty of scope to retreat, but take it easy, staying true to your vision.


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of friendship, peers, and community, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate across groups & networking (including online). Note how you get involved with the causes you and others care about, Leo, learning something about your network and alliances, showing interest in your fellow man – humanitarian efforts, social connections, or interactions at a broader level, with your neighbours, and the issues affecting you all. Consider improvements you’d like to make; you have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector of the skies, amplifying interest, communication and connection with friends, allies, and those around you, as well as a new beginning. Note slight tension courtesy of Neptune in Pisces intensifying emotions and obligations.
  • You could be keen to engage with those in the world around you, Leo, with your social circle or audienceAnd yet, with Mercury Retrograde there’s chance potential for error in communication among friends, colleagues and your peers. What’s more, Neptune has the potential to elevate the significance of your commitments, fears or anxiety roused by your investment of time, energy, money or resources. It might be difficult being present with loose friends without getting enmeshed or entangled, with boundaries blurred…
  • We can all vote with our voice, our coin and money, or literally in elections, showing what we stand for. The company you keep, your professional network, industry objectives and sphere of common interests benefit from the attention and focus of the New Moon – come together! Gravitate toward peers and devote yourself to your part (and all you can feasibly do to make a difference) within your circle of friends. You’ve a window to consider ways you reach out into wider circles – or your social scene – identifying ways you connect and relate. Stand up for what you’ve learnt to be true, factual and correct…


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of outwards success, notoriety, prominence, and praise, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate. From the direction you’re headed, to the way you make your way in the world, to recognition, validation, praise and a sense of success, hone in on your aspirations and how you want to be seen. Consider  i you’d like to make– you have an opportunity to re-strategise  with Mercury retrograde in this sector of the skies, amplifying interest and delivering a new beginning…
  • You may be making arrangements to improve your public image, finding ways to climb the ladder toward success, identifying the right career and place for you – who or what you want to brand yourself as. Gravitate toward people who can give you good advice or a leg up, perhaps helping you make a name for yourself – and yet note with your ruler Mercury Retrograde, you may be in a process rethinking what’s the right way forwards. Conversations may be tricky so explain what you want clearly!! 
  • How do you intend to show up and make your mark in the world, Virgo? The New Moon allows you to reflect on pathways that are available to you, and to make the necessary connections to your goals, title and aspirations, into a position of visibility. Be ambitious! You could be keen to show up professionally or publicly with your sights set on advancement, yet your ability to progress may be hampered as Mercury takes his time, retrograde in this sector of success… You’re in an efficient and productive cycle, with extra importance around health, everyday routines and work matters that make it feel like a slow, laborious process. Keep it simple and focus on your ideal! Elevate your worldly role and the impression you’d like to make.


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of wisdom, growth and experience, delivering a fresh start for you encompassing travel, educational projects, truth seeking and personal development – how you learn, expand, handle global issues, or foreign connections, how you develop a well-thought-out philosophy and belief system. Consider improvements you’d like to make; you have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector of the skies to rethink and reimagine. 
  • Gemini Season is a time to explore your beliefs and where you’ve ventured (through travel or education), conversing with others to help you grasp knowledge and a worldly perspectiveThere’s great emphasis around learning and wisdom, delivering the potential for helping hands, guides, gurus or teachers – to teach you what you really think – seek your truth, Libra! Expand your horizons!
  • With the luminaries and Mercury in this visionary sector of higher thought, cultural experiences and faith, you may want to talk to someone who adds perspective. But, with the communication planet retrograde, you may have space to rethink and ask more questions… You’ve an opportunity to reflect on a journey or venture that’s recently been front of mind, as the Sun, Moon and Mercury now sparkle in your zone of quests.
  • Take a moment to think about ways you’ve stepped outside usual parameters – bring focus to ways you intend to move ahead with these endeavours in the future. You might have recently improved your outlook or spiritual ideals, why not journal on them or pause to examine them more closely? 
  • Take a fresh look at new perspectives.


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of investments, closeness, consolidation, and trust, delivering a fresh start and space to contemplate ways you show up for important people and unions, or, how you get vulnerable, engaging in private affairs, following through on promises, Scorpio. This is about what you loan or give to others and receive in return: money or resources, time or energy.
  • Consider improvements you’d like to make with the New Moon, in your commitments, or opening up options around shared spaces, contracts, property, legal entities or close personal relationships… It’s an ideal time to take a second glance at important matters, intimate exchanges, or, to reflect on what you want an ideal merger to feel like. Just note tension courtesy of Neptune in Pisces heightens romanticism!
  • Gravitate toward people, set-ups and circumstances that enjoy clarity, and room to breathe, Scorpio. Private affairs are in focus, though it might take time for the details to settle. You could be keen to pledge yourself to a personal alliance or agreement, exploring your options sharing the load and the inevitable. Honour special ties that stand out, reveal the necessary investments you’re inclined to make, taking life seriously (despite any complications you sense around bonding!)
  • Gemini Season brings your focus towards bonds, loyalty and investments of a financial or energetic kind, so that your private life, close confidants, and any fears or vulnerabilities in your attachments are lit for you to focus on. There’s a fresh start and new beginning on offer in ways you’re willing to commit and trust! But, as Mercury is retrograde there may be some rethinking to do around what you might develop together with others, what you give and expect in return. As this is a process PAUSE. Relax and know there’s more to unfold, simply imagine your ideal and sense what’s already in motion…


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus to your opposite sign in the wheel of the Zodiac and your house of personal relationships, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate across one-to-ones – how you negotiate and get along with others, Sagittarius. Consider improvements you’d like to make; you have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector of the skies to rethink what you’re hoping to convey to others. Communication may be thrown, yet wipe the slate clean and lean into your skills to say [firmly] what you mean… Note tension courtesy of Neptune in Pisces heightening emotional instability!
  • Take a relationship reset this new moon, Sagittarius, as partnerships of all kinds come on your radar and are up for consideration. Gemini Season puts great emphasis on togetherness with the Sun in your opposite sign and house of partners, and with today’s eclipse in this sector of the skies allow space to focus on (and devote your thinking) to unionsDon’t worry if ties to best friends, an intimate business collaborator, teammate or marriage partner feels in flux, do address how you want them to feel, look and sound looking ahead… Communication is key!
  • With Mercury Retrograde there’s potential to be a little off in transactions, discourse and dialogue. Be mindful of having to retrace your steps…
  • Note the relationships that impact you in your career – you could be keen to show interest in a significant other, or find you’re now engaging with sparkling rapport and conversational highs. It’s your time to comprehend how you relate to others, to listenThere may be some connections that have endured great shifts; absorb yourself in the intricacies of one-to-ones and manifest your dream team. There’s always room for improvement and space on the page to appreciate the qualities in others you adore, and are delighted to see more of, reset the dial on a collaboration


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of everyday work, health and maintenance, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate upkeep, diet, purification and movement. It’s a time for keeping on top of things, fit for service, staying well (not sick!!), sprightly in day-to-day living. Note how you manage the little things like your schedule, organised, keeping a sense of order with appliances and devices; i.e. making doctors’ appointments, connecting to your pa, nanny, cleaner, assistant or gym buddy – purchasing tools and kitchen aids or a bicycle! Wipe the slate squeaky clean and consider improvements you’d like to make; you have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector of the skies to rethink your strategy and dutiful, busy nature…
  • Focus on those relationships that are pertinent to your job, healthy living and maintaining your position, claiming a fresh start and re-set. Try to gravitate toward co-workers or helping hands in your everyday settings – i.e. managers or those you manage. Cultivate good relationships with all, appreciate positive relationships that make your life run better… Gemini Season is your month to remember how to stay in your stride as far as daily practices are concerned; you’ve an ideal window to rethink health and wellness rituals; remember the little things you do to keep on track –– or go back to the drawing board!
  • The New Moon brings a fresh start for your duties, job and sense of service, yet with Mercury Retrograde it may be no easy feat, in fact life and work may seem overly complicated or full of delays, and yet you’ve a chance to rework and realign on employment matters… Claim a fresh start in everyday routines and lifestyle choices, knowing the details can take their time to transpire, you can even embrace a different perspective around your role and ways of living, looking after routine matters, or accepting help or support from colleagues.


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your house of passion, conception, creativity, talents, sexuality and pleasure seeking, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate across ‘self-expression’, and all you put your heart and soul into… Consider improvements you’d like to make around solo ventures, artistic interests, playful entertainment and all types of personal gratification, as the eclipse resets the dial on hobbies and enjoymentYou have a rare opportunity with Mercury now retrograde in this sector of the skies, amplifying indulgences, and a new beginning in matters of the heartPassions may run high with Gemini Season and the New Moon lighting up your fun fifth house of love, romance, playful dates and entertainment, so ask yourself what makes you smile, laugh, and feel good? What or who helps you express yourself creatively? What makes your heart thump louder, your pulse race and your eyes all a flutter?
  • Allow space for reflection and revision with Mercury Retrograde, doubling down your focus on what really brings your happiness (and the influence money has on this matter). Revisit what feels good as the Moon offers a fresh start in your most affectionate, pleasurable house.
  • Sometimes we need diligence and a clear agenda, at other times it’s good to be imaginative, allowing our mind (and pencil) to wander and roam into territory that’s artistic, or exploratory. Try to gravitate toward projects, plans and people that are fun, remembering who and what you find inspiring… There’s great promise around ideas that are creative or playful – though they may take time to make sense or materialise
  • Lend your attention to life’s pleasures and indulgences; pursue personal passions and find the joy in life, you may even be able to make a living from your talents and speculations


  • The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your sensitive, homely zone of domesticity, family, and inner life, delivering a fresh start for you across self-care, nourishment, and nurture, how you feel grounded and settled physically, and emotionally, Pisces. Note the foundations you’re developing or the shoulders you have to build upon, consider improvements you hope to make in your approach to nesting, and the boundaries or parenting skills that feel best to you… Yet, note tension courtesy of Neptune in Pisces heightening feelings roused at home (or by home)
  • In the broadest sense, the New Moon – and solar eclipse – in Gemini offers you a fresh start in your surroundings and connection to nurture, Pisces, giving you a moment to hunker down and connect to your domestic life, household concerns, and family matters. Emotions may run high, and you might feel compelled to reach out to parents or elders, folk who are important guides or figures who bring you comfortYou could be keen to go inwards, to take time out in your property, environment or home; draw back to gain peace and semblance underfoot, gravitating to assuring people that are privy to your hidden, secret life and private dwellings… Set intentions for how you want to feel at home moving forwards.
  • Consider important spaces and environments at work or in your life that help you develop a sense of self-care, and pause to focus on notions of security, safety, and make wishes for both the short and long term. With Gemini Season in session – and Mercury retrograde in your foundational fourth house – there may be a slight state of flux around your roots or family life. You may be confused around the details of arrangements, or find you’re overly foggy with certain information slow to materialise. Recalibrate and recenter, giving yourself space to slow down and indulge in quiet moments, reminding yourself where you started off from…
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