June 18th: Your New Moon In Gemini Horoscope…

Reset and Refresh with the Gemini New Moon that's sweet as honey!


Gemini Season urges you to connect, communicate, write, message, pick up skills and be aware of kindred spirits. Note the way you think or operate among neighbours, pals and best friends.

The New Moon draws extra focus to your siblings, neighbors, to navigation and communications, delivering a fresh start in relating to those closest ties.

Be aware of social connections, or interactions in your local area and regular environments or spaces.

Pay attention to how you talk and receive messages, news and information, show interest in your surroundings, as well as those in it. What is everyone talking about? What might you add to the conversation? Learn or teach!

Consider what you’re most curious about, and keen to relate on or question…

Partake in social encounters and consider improvements you’d like to make, amplify interest in conversational ties, with new beginnings for your rapport, skills and intellect.


The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards your stability, salary and spending, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate your purpose, role and sustenance.

Note how you’re best employed and most effective – what pays? Consider improvements you’d like to make, amplify interest around material values – your worth and possessions!

Money matters and so does mental stimulation, doing something interesting as you make a living! While some days are great for collaboration and looking to others, today is more about what you need in tangible terms. Notice the vital role you have and accept when a partner isn’t your first priority.

Attention also lands on your earnings, job and contribution, your income and outgoings. Focus your attention on your own attributes! Be practical!


The New Moon in your own sign draws focus to you! Your physical body, your look, identity, personal life or purpose! Note what’s on your agenda and being planned, or make plans.

There’s space to you contemplate a fresh start, laying claim to a new beginning to enhance your presence and vitality.

Consider your goals. Prioritize your autonomy, and solo intentions!

There may be an important affirmation to make around your sense of independence (regardless of whether or not you’re currently seeing someone or happily married). Affirm and claim a new beginning that’s all about you!

This is your time to get a little bit selfish, even making a purchase or thinking about your own financial security.


The New Moon draws focus to catharsis, closure, your dreams and sacrifices made. Surrender, contemplate ways you let go, process hurts and misunderstandings, or life’s mysteries – the hard work that goes unnoticed and unrecognized…

Escape to make sense of the unknowable, laying claim to tools for healing, soothing your own mental health or find a way to isolate and gestate.

Release relationships that just don’t work for you any more – people, habits and ways of thinking or engaging, and reckon with what you do selflessly, in solitude or in secret.

Take time away from others, seek a quiet spot tapped into your magic…

Examine ways you find inner peace and quieten the chatter in your unconscious mind, as you grapple with your spirituality, the unknown, even your subconscious. Take it easy. Make space for shifts, breakthroughs, transitions and transformation to occur, or imagine what this might look like.

Find ways to give up your needs for others, listening to an inner voice of guidance.


The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards friends and community, delivering a fresh start for you to contemplate your group or network (including online).

Note how you get involved with the causes, people and issues you care about, learning from your allies, showing. Hone in on humanitarian efforts, social connections, or interactions at a broader level, with your neighbors, and the issues affecting you all.

Consider ‘your people’…

The company you keep, your professional circle, industry objectives and sphere of common interests is in focus, so come together!

Consider people you’d like to meet, amplifying interest and communications with those around you. Engage with your social scene, claim a fresh start among colleagues and your peers!

Identify a new way to connect and relate!


The New Moon in Gemini draws focus to your outer life and notions of success, notoriety, prominence and praise. Claim a fresh start for your public image, reputation or plan routes to accomplishment!

From the direction you’re headed and the way you make your way in the world, to recognition, validation from a boss or parent, hone in on your aspirations and how you want to be seen…

Amplify interest in your career and edit your personal strategy to get ahead!

Take space for your goals, title and aspirations, with a position of visibility potentially captivating you. Be ambitious, and ask yourself how you intend to make your mark in the world…

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You could be keen to show up professionally or publicly with your sights set on your ability to progress. Climb the ladder, and gravitate toward people who can give you a hand up another rung. Elevate your worldly role, and the impression you’d like to make.


The New Moon in Gemini draws focus towards wisdom, growth and important experiences, with a fresh start encompassing travel, education, your truth or faith.

Note how you learn, expand your scope and mind, experiencing global issues, foreign connections or international plans. Reckon with personal development, how you develop a personal philosophy and belief system.

There may be a specialism on your mind, a specialist subject, moral, cultural issue, or a way to share your knowledge and wisdom! Consider what you know to be true, and what you’re keen to discover!

Explore long-distance travel, philosophy and theology, reflect on a journey or venture, worldly endeavors or visionary venture. Go further.

Welcome guides, teachers or a fellow pilgrim to walk the path with you as you share discoveries, knowledge and perspectives.


The New Moon draws focus to investments, consolidation and trust, with space to contemplate ways you show up for important people and unions.

Engage with the notion of vulnerability, make a pledge, or grapple with your private affairs and the inevitabilities in life (death and taxes).

Broach the taboo areas of life, and consider improvements you can make in dealing with those you’re beholden to rely on.

Gemini Season brings focus to trusted bonds, and you now have a chance to honor special ties and a deepening of close personal relationships, with shared financial obligations, a contract or binding tie…

Ask what you might develop with others, spotlight what you give and expect in return (i.e. as a co-parent, service provider or trustee!)

You have an opportunity to examine commitments, loyalties, financial or energetic vulnerabilities, and where you have to open up and count on what another can give or do for you.

Elevate personal alliances, and explore the areas of life that allow you to face where you’re exposed, liable or susceptible – where you owe or are owed, indebted. Face fears, come to terms with anxieties, sense an ideal merger, or gravitate toward a set-up that makes logical sense for you and them…


Gemini Season puts great emphasis on partners, and invites you to focus on other people. Consider those you engage at a personal level, ways you negotiate with a key individual.

The New Moon in Gemini draws focus to intimate relationships, with the luminaries in your opposite sign. Welcome a new start in one-to-ones, considering the spirit of togetherness and collaboration before you.

Not limited to a marital union, you may be ready to consider a therapist, coach, or come together with a mentor, best friend or business alliance! If a practitioner is needed, look for them now or consider where you might like another person to show up for you! Manifest a team mate…

Take a relationship reset, as partnerships of all kinds come on your radar.


The New Moon in Gemini draws focus to everyday work and maintenance, providing a fresh start for you to contemplate your upkeep, diet, purification and movement.

It’s a time for keeping on top of it all, staying well, sprightly in your day-to-day.

Note how you manage the little things like your schedule, organized with a sense of order; i.e. making doctors’ appointments, connecting to your PA, nanny, cleaner, assistant or gym buddy.

Gemini Season is your month to remember how to stay in your stride as far as daily practices are concerned. Wipe the slate clean and consider healthy living and wellness rituals, all you do to keep on track – or go back to the drawing board! Consider ways to delegate tasks or chores to helping hands…

Appreciate all that makes your life run better and ask yourself, how you might bring even greater efficiency to your workplace strategy, fit for service, sustaining your health and many moving parts.

Tend to your lifestyle, duties, and sense of service.


The New Moon draws focus to your passions, to conception, creativity, your talents, sexuality and pleasure seeking, delivering a fresh start for ‘self-expression’, and all you put your heart, soul – and yourself ¬– into…

Consider improvements you’d like to make around romance, solo ventures, hobbies, artistic interests, and playful entertainment. Reset the dial on crafts and enjoyment. Amplify indulgences and a new beginning in matters of the heart.

Note ideas that are creative or make you smile!

Love, sexuality, affection, play dates, fun and entertainment are foremost, so ask what makes you smile, laugh, and feel good? What (and who) amplifies your pleasure-seeking and helps you express yourself creatively?

What makes your heart thump louder, your pulse race and your eyes all a flutter? Question what really brings happiness, inspiration and gratification.


The New Moon draws focus towards your sensitive, homely zone of domesticity, family life and inner life, delivering a fresh start for you across self-care, nourishment, and nurture.

Find ways to feel settled and secure – both physically and emotionally.

Note foundations you’re keen to develop, where you live, what’s safe and nourishing. Consider your approach to nesting, the boundaries or parenting skills that feel best to you…

Claim a fresh start at home and in family matters, with a moment to hunker down and connect to your sanctuary or important spaces. Touch base with the roots you’ve cultivated or start afresh in a new property to handle.

Take time out to address your base, heritage, caretakers or parents or ways of parenting. Recalibrate, rest and recenter.

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