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Aquarius Accessories – She’s Got Specs Appeal!


Moon In Aquarius And Aqua Rising Raquel Zimmerman…


– You’ve Got Specs Appeal!

Aquarius suits quirky accessories and these trendsetters can pull off just about anything, especially contemporary pieces that are ahead of their time. Make your choices against the tide of the current trends…

Sounds strange, I know, but Aquarius chicks look awesome in funky frames.

Even if you’ve not been prescribed bifocals let there be lenses!

The fashion forward Water Bearer should don a pair of glasses, whether they need them or not.

This accessory just works for the Aqua babes and they really rock specs like no other sign.

Sun In Aquarius, Jennifer Aniston


We rarely see the Friends star wearing spectacles but shouldn’t she show off this look more?

It’s a yes from Star Sign Style!

Sun In Aquarius, Alicia Keyes


Alicia gets an A+ in geek chic frames – love this look!

Sun In Aquarius, Paris Hilton


If it’s good enough for Vogue… Paris positively rocks a sophisticated, Seventies vibe on this cover, making the starlets Specs Appeal go through the roof!

Sun In Aquarius, Isabel Lucas


Sweet beauty Isabel Lucas is hard pressed to improve on her gorgeous looks, but somehow I think the specs suit!

Charlotte Rampling


Charlotte Rampling, A Stellium Of Planets In Aquarius, Sun, Mercury, Venus And Aquarius Rising!

I’d say the bolder the better for this look. As one of the rebels of the zodiac, Aquarius can really turn up the shock factor! Notoriously eccentric, no-one will bat an eyelid if their Aqua friend turns up wearing the most outrageous styles!

Sun In Aquarius, Chloë Moretz


Chloe Moritz works two trends that are so Aquarius – spectacular specs but also the eccentric box is ticked… Read Aquarius Fashion, Weird Or Wonderful? here…

Whether you’ve got Moon or Venus in Aquarius, are Aquarius rising or are an Aquarius Sun sign, try a pair of specs as an unusual accessory and you’re bound to look dashing!

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