Legendary Star Of Our Screens: Oprah’s Astrology…

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, Oprah is our beloved Water Bearer!

Share the horoscope of awesome Oprah…

Oprah In 2002 – Neptune Conjunct Her Sun By Transit, via Flickr….

I personally LOVE Oprah Winfrey.

As a tween I’d skive off school and watch her and Dr Phil, what a delight! Let’s look at her Star Sign Style…

☆ Sun In Aquarius 

☆ Moon In Sagittarius 

☆ Venus In Aquarius

 Sagittarius Rising 

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 Mercury In Aquarius.

Oprah is such an example of audacious Aquarius energy, with Sun, Venus and Mercury in the sign.

Always one to stand out from the crowd and go her own way, she embodies revolutionary, humanitarian traits that are typical of the sign.

Sagittarius Rising points to Jupiter as the ruler of the chart and so we look at the planets position in Gemini constellation in the sixth house.

This indicates an expansive message in daily work and service – communications carried far and wide! This makes a trine almost exactly to her Midheaven in air sign Libra, which sits with glamorous Neptune in the house of career and reputation.

This easy relationship shows a balance between bringing out her message diplomatically, in a setting that harnesses the world of film and television.

The Moon In Sagittarius shows a blunt, frank, dispassionate approach might be used at times, necessary for a talk-show host to cut through with passion!

Oprah Winfrey’s Birth Chart

Oprah Winfrey Birth Chart

Born 29th January, 1954 In Kosciusko, Mississippi…

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