Aquarius Paris Hilton Birth Chart & Astrology…

Born On An Eclipse, This Star Shines Bright With A Leo Moon!

Paris Hilton was born February 17th, 1981, making her an Aquarius born on a Full Moon in Leo.

An American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, singer, DJ, and actress, she was raised in Beverly Hills, the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton.

Hilton was proclaimed “New York’s leading It Girl” in 2001, filmed the reality television show The Simple Life (2003–2007), and in 2001 a leaked sex tape (1 Night in Paris) made her infamous.

A polarising celebrity, Hilton is credited with influencing the revival of the “famous for being famous” phenomenon throughout the 2000s, and claimed to invent the selfie.

I actually don’t know if I like Paris, as she puts on the baby voice, and I think there’s a lot of connection to powerful people who are perhaps unsavoury.

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I guess it’s also not her fault being born into such a high profile family, and she has spoken up about being sent to a really harsh school, and claims to try to be a positive advocate for mental health on social media…

Pars Hilton Birth Chart

Born Tuesday, February 17th 1981, at 2.30 am In New York, NY… Via AstroTheme

Full Moon: February 18th 1981 5.58 EST (10:58 UTC)

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