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Aquarius Beauty – Weird Or Wonderful?

Aquarius Beauty – Wonderful Of Course!

Sweet eccentricity – it’s an Aquarius thing.

If you know someone that’s quirky, weird or wonderful, they’re bound to be born under the Aqua zodiac sign, have Aquarius rising or have a great deal of Uranian energy in their chart.

Of all the signs you totally get away with weird and wonderful, what better way to express it too but through fashion and beauty? Go on, push the boundaries, you’re an exciting example to us all (I would say that, as an Aries!)

You like to surprise, so shock them just a little more by busting out an eccentric, off-beat style…

Aquarius Beauty – Both Weird AND Wonderful!

You might notice that the Aqua beauties you know have a distant look in their eyes, as if they’re studying you from another universe!

That’s because they’re out of this world…

Away With The Fairies? Or Taking Some Time Out In Aquarius? Sun In Aquarius Stars Sharon Tate, Elizabeth Olsen, Mischa Barton And Jennifer Aniston

As the off-beat space cadet of the zodiac, Aquarius can be a little far out – just take the celebrities above as a case in point. They don’t look like they’re day dreaming, as do Pisces, they almost look like they’re from a realm that’s all of their own. They’re only on planet earth for a holiday!

Endlessly amused by us primitive earthlings…


Paris Hilton And Charlotte Rampling – Sun And Venus In Aquarius, Lauralee Bell, Moon And Venus In Aquarius And Aquarius Rising

Sun In Aquarius And Aqua Rising, Germaine Greer

Sun In Aquarius, Mia Farrow

As an Aquarius beauty, your style can be zany. Of all the zodiac signs it’s you that gets away with trends that really push the boundaries.

Express yourself through extreme, even rebellious fashion and beauty. You’re an exciting example to us all!

Aquarius can be too busy speaking out, like these stars, to worry about fashion, too much though…


Aquarius Queens – Germaine Greer, Oprah And Cybill Shepherd… 

You like to surprise, so shock them just a little more by busting out an eccentric style.

Advice for Aquarius?

Dare to be out there! It’s where you belong…

Hire A Heavenly Headpiece


Sun In Aquarius – Alicia Keyes, Paris Hilton And Isabelle Lucas

I’m loving looking at these Aquarius in their super special headgear. A one-off of any fashion will suit an Aqua babe, but I think they particularly pull-off this piece.

Good Weird, Bad Weird


I’m Not Picking On Paris But…

It’s something we know all too well. When style goes awry and it’s a fashion faux pas no-go! For Aqua babes there’s just one bit of advice to take heed – don’t go too weird, you know, Paris Hilton on a bad day?

Or how about Queen of Outer Space, the eccentric Zsa Zsa Gabor? Married nine times, Gabor has an incredibly unique sense of style…

Sun, Uranus And Mars In Aquarius, Zsa Zsa Gabor…

Beauty advice for Aquarius?

Celebrate your uniqueness – keep on Weird and Wonderful…

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