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Water Bearer Ascendant – See Aquarius Rising Celebrities…


Aquarius With Aquarius Rising – Star Kim Novak…


Aquarius rising people may be very cool and independent, opinionated and unshockable

However those born with Aquarius on the ascendant might themselves be shocking! Take talk show host and comedienne Chelsea Handler, Madonna and Niki Minaj. All have a tendency to push the boundaries when it comes to speaking their truth.

Intellectual, they possess great mental poise and with a minimum of effort they are able to attract many friends.

These people can be interested in bizarre or abnormal matters from a detached perspective, and remain unaffected by a persons wealth, fame or status.

Those with the Water Bearer on the ascendant can be stubborn and find it difficult to break bad habits and behaviours…

Aquarius Rising Appearance


Aquarius Rising Beauties… Correction: Jennifer Lawrence is Sagittarius Rising

Aquarius Rising Fashion

Fashion for those born with Aquarius rising can be a quirky expression of self – these people can dress a little more quirky than the rest of us, weird looks wonderful

Aquarius Rising Celebrities

Nicki Minaj  madonna  lindsay-lohan  Christina Aguilara  

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