Zodiac Interiors – Aries Style At Home…

Often found rushing out the door, Aries is the sign we associate with the front of house – confident, a leader, they make a great ‘front of house’ at restaurants, too!

A quick sign, they’re usually in a hurry, with grab and go pace – and no time to spare.

Aries will appreciate a hallway with necessities to hand – from a hairbrush, lippy, and well paced mirror, to a useful umbrella stand and handy basket for keys.

The hall way can be a great confidence inducing and affirming space, with lots of cherished storage to be utilised for a last minute touch up…

As childlike folk, Aries people need cheerful artwork, and a space that gives them room to play – they need a place to express themselves.

They’ll likely enjoy putting their unique stamp on their home, allowing it to reflect their personality – expect to see pictures hung of hero’s and their personal inspiration, as they surround themselves with positive, uplifting imagery and motivational quotes or photos!

Aries is a cardinal sign, reflecting the initiating quality of spring, bursting into life. Although an action-oriented sign, we all need a place that’s sacred to retreat, so minimalism is a key-word often touched upon by Aries, who like simplicity.

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A sign of change, Aries might also like a house that can be transformed or easily adjusted. They might like their shelves to be on wheels so they can enjoy different functions or variety in their layouts.

The garden can be a wonderful domain for Aries to burn of energy and reconnect to nature, too!

They might like an outdoor bar with BBQ, or an attractive fire pit, for fun friends to gather around.

Aries rules sharp objects including knives and scissors but should be careful, both in the kitchen and around fires.

Red is the colour, and this sign also responds well to tribal prints, which can be invigorating and stimulating, eye-catching and assuring…

They should definitely have a spice rack at home, and might even want to hang dried chillis around their place, to remind them of their fire-power!

Aries Style At Home…

  • Room in the house: Hall or entranceway.
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Shiny and new, the latest trends
  • Signature colours: Red, black, white and striking bold, bright hues.
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