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Turn Back Time! Your Saturn Retrograde Horoscope…

Make note of the retrograde cycle of Grandfather Time...

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Restrategise, Restructure & Take Responsibility REALISTICALLY!

Saturn is the strict disciplinarian of the planets and makes his way through a sign for about 2 and a half to 3 years, and in the process he works it.

The area transited by Saturn will undergo a steady upgrade, with added responsibilities and a dash of discipline.

You’ll learn limitations and boundaries in a certain facet of life and by the end of his tour feel upgraded and far more mature.

The Saturn Return is a truly testing ‘coming of age’ process, but even if you’re not approaching 30 (and your Saturn Return) you can still get serious in a particular area.

When Saturn appears retrograde, it’s an opportune moment to take stock, and re-structure your interests.

There could be some hard work to ‘redo’, more lessons to learn and structures to ‘fix up’.

Here’s how it might play out for your zodiac sign…


Now inhabiting the area of closure and dreams, you might be resealing the holds of your ship, ensuring they’re water tight and that no man (or woman) can permeate the strong hold.

It’s an excellent time to quit unwanted habits for you! To surrender around ongoing plans or long-term strategies!

This (the 12th house) is very much an unconscious, inward place for this planet to be transiting, you have three years to heal and work on important transitions and closure.

You’ll be embracing heavy duty responsibilities in years to come, so use the summer to consider what needs to go in a major life transformation.


Saturn has been hanging out in your wider networks and friendships zone, overhauling group dynamics and aligning you with an upgraded community with shared beliefs.

You might even encounter powerful player in your circle or leverage some great connections! Saturn in Pisces might also be manifested in particular authority figures in the wider world – a friend or colleague, family member or wise elder.

With Saturn in this area of your horoscope you might want to re-envision your squad – what does your dream team really look like my fishy friend? Who are the associates you want to surround yourself and how best can you relate to them?


Saturn can now help you get serious about your ambitions and ways you step up to the plate in a public capacity.

Perhaps you’ve climbed the ladder a rung or two, or simply become more prominent (even famous) in your field – or perhaps this is what’s coming in the next couple of years, Aries…

With Saturn Retrograde you could be in for a few lessons around your position in the world – think about your career, or what you’re most known for, as this is the area due to receive more restructuring.

There could be some hard knocks for you now in this area, as you work that bit harder to achieve the same results. Think of progress made and revisit those great strides, ready to drill down your strategy.


With Saturn in Capricorn you’ve been getting serious about an exciting venture that means the world.

You’ve been more able to broadcast your message and truth, sharing your knowledge, embarking on an adventure of higher learning or even traveling further afield in the pursuit of a global education. This is perhaps what’s on the cards for you these next few years Taurus!

It’s been a favourable time for growth and international liaisons, and whatever your area of study or passion, you’re now urged to slow down. Until September, gently put the proper structures in place to help your venture thrive – know you’ll step into a position of more authority in years to come and that what you’re learning now is well worth it.

Learn what you need to; get the necessary experience to ensure you’ve the best outlook possible, and while Saturn is retrograde ensure you’re following the right stream of interest.


Saturn has been making his way steadily through your horoscope in the area of resources, finances, mergers and property. This is the ‘consummation’ area of the chart where you invest, and make real a serious commitment, perhaps a legal or financially binding agreement that’s permanent.

If the 7th house is where you meet and marry, the 8th is where you get down and dirty and have sex – this is the house akin to Scorpio, after all!

On your agenda for the coming years is a ‘coming together’, to pool assets with a partner, pay off your own debt, or empower yourself in some way. This is also the house of death and transformation, so there may be some stark news or reality with hard Saturn passing through this area of the chart.

With Saturn now making an about turn these themes could get a wee bit skewed. Take lots of pauses to review loans or the borrowing of money and any legal contracts you’re signing. It will be far easier to progress with your commitments in September, with Saturn moving ahead in this, the most intimate area of your chart.


Saturn has been urging you to get serious in partnership, helping you face others with realism. Relationships might have seemed hard work recently, and perhaps people you’re involved with have seemed cold or distant – a Saturnian vibe – or unable to give as much as you’d like, dealing with their own problems. You might be now taking partnerships in love or business way more seriously.

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Conversely, it could be other persons taking more responsibility for you, acting ‘the parent’.

You’re closer than ever to knowing what you want in your collaborations, and who is the reliable +1 to invite to party. Saturn Retrograde prompts you to review how you deal one-on-one, without getting over sensitive, Crabcake. While this isn’t a time to rush into new commitments (and that goes for business collaborations too), you canheartily reassess where you stand, and evaluate the future duo you’d like – get serious about what you want and don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars – you deserve it!


Serious Saturn has been passing through your health and wellness zone, Leo, focussing on routine matters and day-to-day tasks!

Ask yourself now – how well is your schedule and diet serving you?

With Saturn now retrograde in the everyday area this encompasses where you go on a daily basis – your workplace or office. Over the summer months you can streamline, restructure and improve work matters, your job and fitness. The daily grind might get quite hard with disciplined Saturn dragging ass through this area of your horoscope, but hold on till September when relief is due.


You’ve had wet-weekend Saturn trudging through your fun and romance sector, which has been prompting you to treat your intense passions more seriously.

Your creative zone is getting Saturn’s stringent eye – so you might now be taking hobbies and interests to new levels, turning what you love into a more practical endeavour. Saturn’s allowing your talents to become a more serious part of your world.

While love hasn’t been off the agenda it might have meant you got more serious about who stole your heart… Or you might have fallen for someone more mature!

Either way you’ve been given a reality check, as the stern, stoic planet entered and set-up camp in the most playful area of your ‘scope. Saturn moving back through this area slows you down even more, so dating might seem harder to schedule and make time for.

But this is in fact an incredibly positive time to review your approach to pleasure and who might make you smile – single Virgo’s can restructure their approach to finding Mr.(or Miss) Right, while coupled up Maidens can think more about what makes them authentically happy.


Saturn has been restructuring your ‘family house’, your domestic set-up and home, or even your ‘work fam’, the surroundings that are your cosy nest, as well as how you gain emotional stability, Libra.

You’ve likely been exploring your heritage and roots, and family patterns, with resulting changes to your personal life and where you reside. It’s now time to see that your ideas about family are true to you, realistic and worthy of future commitments.

Revisit ideas around home that you’ve built – this could include how you see yourself living together with others, and how you gain emotional stability.

If you’re looking to buy a house (or move) it might be way easier after September.


You’ve had the planet of discipline touring your communication zone, bringing you an upgrade in the way you think and connect.

You might have some hard knocks with peers or in conversation – from local neighbours – at home, school or in the office, the ‘siblings’ surrounding you or literally your brothers and sisters.

Spring and summer offer you the chance to see that the lessons you’ve learned are being put to good use – writing, communicating and networking in your closest circles.

Revisit the notes from your course and ensure you’re using the skills you’ve worked hard to pick up!


Saturn is one of your rulers (with Uranus), so with this planet in retrograde motion you could be feeling the pull to retreat and re-evaluate more acutely than most.

Saturn has been working his way over your financials, tightening up your responsibilities as far as money matters go.

Money might have seemed scarce, or simply you may have been aware of a feeling that comes with the “not enough to go round” – hardship vibes.

Still, with Saturn’s tour of your material assets, done right you’ll be a far better position in years to come, and his tour will pay off handsomely.

This interim period of spring-summer is all about looking at your finances and possessions to evaluate where you stand – realistically.

Be responsible with personal savings and what you’ve earned; it’s about boundaries with your purse and spending.

Look after your things!


Saturn in your sign could feel rather comforting – your planet returning home to roost, propping you up in your rightful position of responsibility!

No doubt you’ve stepped into a sense of personal duty, or seen projects, plans and personal goals come into focus. Now it’s time to slow down and see that your initial plans are stable.

Take stock; this is an amazing time to stop and ensure firm personal boundaries are in place just for you!

While it’s important not to ride yourself too hard it’s possible you’re embracing this sense of self-discipline – check you’re testing yourself in the right ways.

You might like to give yourself a health check (especially your bones and teeth), since Saturn governs the structural side of life and is passing through your most physical ‘self’ by planetary transit.

You might have lost weight since Saturn entered your sign – be sure you’re getting enough joy and nourishment during this time. Saturn ain’t half hard.

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