Are You Swimming Comfortably? Neptune Retrograde In Pisces…

Fishy Folk Take Note! Neptune appears Retrograde from the June 23rd to November 28th in 2020...

Fishy Folk Take Note! Neptune appears Retrograde on June 23rd, 2020 (at 12.33 am EDT) at 20º57′, through to November 28th 2020, at 7.37 pm EST at 18º09′ – find out the astrological implications, here…


Are you swimming comfortably? Neptune Retro – A time to tread water…


This is definitely one for the Pisces Rising among us, plus those with Neptune highlighted strongly in the chart and those born under this zodiac sign of the Fish in general.

Before we get too excited, take note that Neptune appears Retro nearly half the time.

Yes, 40% of the year Neptune appears Retrograde.

Neptune appearing retrograde heightens our collective sensitivity and receptivity but things could still be mighty confusing.

Perhaps we can see and sense more, with heightened intuition and a different, more insightful perspective – yet our vision could still be blurry as we wrestle with the truth – true reality.

Neptune retrograde can internalize your fears and anxieties by stripping away the illusions, dreams and false realities that have clouded your vision. The destruction of your fantasy world will reveal those harsh realities you sought to avoid at some stage in the past. Maybe you have been kidding yourself about true love, your financial situation or your career prospects.

Delusion Possible!

From the 23rd June to the 28th November 2020, Neptune will be retrograde, with the worst implications being unrealistic, idealistic and self-deluding tendencies.

Don’t be one of those!

Be more grounded and realistic; regain a sense of realism rather than disappointment (as oppose to loss and longing).

Figure out what’s real and what’s fantasy – see your horoscope below to understand what areas this might play out in for you.

Avoid! Avoid!

Super Sensitive? Avoid the following:

  • Drugs (including strong medicine),
  • Chemicals,
  • Stimulants,
  • Addictive personalities,
  • Psychic attractions,
  • Overwhelming people and places that drain your energy…

Read more about Neptune in Astrology, here.

Neptune Retrograde Horoscopes: Advice For Your Sign

Know your rising sign? Read your horoscope for that zodiac sign too…


For you Aries, fantastical Neptune has been aglow in the subconscious realms of your private life, the house of secret longings, bad habits worth breaking, and self-sabotage – the area of addiction, jail, solitude and quarantine

These hidden realms also hold heightened notions of spirituality & intuition.

You may have been grappling with life’s mysteries for years – the unknown and unknowable – developing ways to handle hurts and hard circumstances.

From a rich dream world, to an intangible practice that helps you exhale (prayer, mediation, yoga, swimming, medication, CBD oil, or zoning out with Netflix), you’ve likely been bestowed with tools to gain peace and oneness.

You’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to activate your intuition and faith on a deep level. Today, acknowledge the ways you seamlessly navigate through the fog, willing to take off the beer goggles…


For you Taurus, fantastical Neptune has been aglow in the community-oriented realms of friendship, hopes and supportive allies – the house of group endeavours, your extended network and ‘dream team’.

This sector also holds heightened notions of humanity and collective interests, so that social networking may have fostered an avenue to demonstrate altruism, or put you in a circle of friends with similar interests – coming together with a common cause or concern (i.e. fundraising, charity, a music scene or theatre group).

You may have been grappling with notions of ‘your people’, discovering your particular shoal of fishes for years, developing ways to navigate people, peers, and clans, quite the chameleon, fitting in all over!

You’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to hone your intuition and avoid deception (including in online spaces); today, you can begin to acknowledge where you align with others, willing to take off the rose tinted specs…

Step off the booze cruise, and away from the glamorous yet flaky folk who don’t deliver what you really want, Tauro!


For you, fantastical Neptune has been sparkling in the ambitious realms of your outer life, drawing a watery veil around your career and reputation, in the house of goals, vocation, your direction, and calling–the area of success, praise, validation & accolades–how you find yourself top of the heap!

These public realms of notoriety, impressions made, and advancement may have held an intangible quality for years – either because you lack direction, or because people misinterpret who you really are.

This can begin to be apparent, now, as Neptune Retrograde clears a path and presents a raft to pause & lean upon; take a realistic glimpse at how you’re presented, Gemini, connecting to your artistic, spiritual, or glamorous self.

You’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to activate a higher calling, to make sense of it all. If you feel out of your depth in professional domains deep dive beneath the ocean waves and look for reality.


For you Cancer, fantastical Neptune has been aglow in the realms of personal development, philosophy, beliefs, and understanding, for years, introducing ways to navigate the wider world – and grow doing it.

Faith and optimism may have been elevated through travel, experiences with other cultures or unfamiliar terrain (globally), or through a teacher, education, and spiritual perspectives; principles of tolerance, compassion, love, and acceptance.

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You may have had many journeys or quests that have led you to this point on your path, and you’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to activate your understanding at an even deeper level, putting you in a position of wisdom.

Today, you can take off the rose tinted specs to glean what you really do know, journaling or reviewing what you’ve broadcasted, learned, or mastered to date. It’s easy to subscribe to the wrong channel – or guru – be sure your antenna is tuned in to a tried and tested [true] source.


For you Leo, fantastical Neptune has been aglow in the intimate realms of unions, and the house of private agreements reserved for trusted cohorts; sexual partners, best friends, a housemate, or business partner, or those you’re committed to financially – those that will receive your legacy, those that deal with your debt or investments, or those that handle and make space for your anxieties (a therapist or doctor).

You may have been grappling with intangible power dynamics for years, developing ways to handle joint interests, and matters of mutual gain.

You’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to become even better acquainted with your intuition as regards your time, energy, money and resources – and where to safely deposit them.

Today, be willing to see situations as they are, and know that facing your fears is all part of a necessary process – perhaps someone will hold your hand and the dark corners and caves will turn out to have a mermaids exit – or palace!


For you Virgo, dreamy Neptune has been aglow in your house of one-to-ones, influencing your experience of ‘others’, at times elevating your ideals and notions of what a partner can offer, at others letting you down…

For example, over the years you may have encountered artists and musicians, spiritual or religious types, inspiring teachers, gurus, or visionaries, or shape shifters – chameleons, liars, charlatans, drunks, and drug addicts, or fantasists – glamorous yet unreliable flakes!

Take stock of what such experiences teach you, Virgo; though there’s potential for confusion and delusion you’re likely better equipped to discern your projections – and expectations, to use your honed intuition to see an individual for who they truly are, and what they’re actually offering you.

You’ve plenty more exploring to do within partnership, today, acknowledge the reality of your relationships, tune in, peek behind the mirror to see what really is…


For you Libra, pervasive, boundless Neptune has been aglow in the realms of health, routines, work and wellbeing, the house of scheduled maintenance, exercise, diet, & equilibrium – the area of habits & positive lifestyle choices…

You may have been coming to terms with your body and all its complex intricacies for years – the day-to-day necessities of running a tight ship, domestically and professionally, keeping on top of every area life throws at you with serenity, developing ways to feel useful and in a position of service.

With a consistent, daily practice or methods that help you streamline, you’ve likely been bestowed with tools to gain peace of mind, and the harmony you crave – or perhaps that 4 o’clock happy hour works well for you!

You’ve plenty more exploring to do around routine facets of life, with a stretch ahead to activate holistic solutions for wellness. Today, acknowledge ways you seamlessly navigate the infinite, messy fog, willing to see the mundane and not turn away from life on life’s terms…


For you Scorpio, fantastical Neptune has been aglow in the most romantic, amorous, playful realms of your horoscope, the fun, fertile house of creative expression, divine inspiration, conception, and heartfelt notions.

You may have been lost in love – and life’s passionate portals – for years, developing ways to navigate the notion of ‘pleasure’, and the act of satiating your desires.

Perhaps you’ve experienced confusion and longing around pregnancy, kids or your sexuality, around creative pursuits, love interests, and artistic notions, picking up hobbies, developing your talents, performing, or embracing entertainment, sports or dating – all as a conduit to find love and connection.

You’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to go even deeper into your passions. Today, you might be able to see things a little more clearly – especially when it comes to liaisons and matters of the heart, be willing to take off the beer goggles…


For you, fantastical dreamboat Neptune has been aglow in the foundational realms of home and hearth: your inner world, the zone of domesticity, nurture, nesting and property – the area of safety, and stability…

You may have been grappling with notions of home and parenting for years – your sense of place and lineage, your roots, and where you’re from, developing ways to make sense of the past and where to drop anchor.

Perhaps you’ve used your intuition as far as ‘family’ is concerned, lost and longing; perhaps you’ve found yourself adrift without a solid address; perhaps you’ve sacrificed your security or personal space with a lack of boundaries in your surroundings, feeling there’s an intangible quality to your own port in the storm. Home might have sprung a leak, or perhaps you’ve fashioned home as an artistic sanctuary of peace… Buddha statue included!

Allow the clouds to part today, Sagittarius, treading water, considering the pool that suits you.


For you Capricorn, fantastical Neptune has been aglow in the house of connection and communication skills, exchanges, neighbours, siblings, and close ties – the area of rapport and self-expression…

There’s potential for notions of spirituality and intuition to cross your lips, with the ability to act as a channel or conduit for spiritual principles – and sound advice. Perhaps you’ve had flashes of insight over the years, tapping in to the unknowable…

Art, music, and divine messages may flow through you, or perhaps you have a penchant for gossip, with loose lips, fake news, and dissolved boundaries around what you say… You may even know who’s lying!

Speaking with tolerance, compassion, and thinking in terms of acceptance may come easier, now – you’ve likely been bestowed with cerebral tools to gain peace and oneness. Today, you can lift the lid and face facts – think honestly how you convey what’s on your mind! Reflect and review…


For you Aquarius, fantastical, charitable Neptune has been aglow in the zone governing wealth and your material realms, permeating earnings, your pay check and income with blurred lines and indefinable limits.

Notice how you treat money and spend your cash; this is the house of self worth and personal value – how we charge and discover what our salary might be. How has Neptune washed over your perceptions and are you making the most of your role and attributes?

You may have been grappling with financial issues for years, developing ways to handle the flow incoming and outgoing, what you own, make and have. From investing with intuition – and making bank – to loosing here and there, there may have been a wishy-washy quality, easy come easy go, or a lackadaisical approach based on faith.

You’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to deepen awareness of your personal contribution – seeing spending from a different perspective. Today, acknowledge the ways you navigate material terrain, willing to take off the rose coloured specs…


For you Pisces, fantastical, boundless Neptune has been aglow in your sign, which at different points will and has affected your sense of self, your autonomous purpose and appearance – even blurring the lines around the way you look or appear to others.

You may have been grappling with your identify, (‘too’ receptive to others,) not knowing where you’re best placed in the world – lost and longing for a sense of direction, or a port in the storm. And yet, Neptune in your sign wants you to surrender, and become acquainted with his particular brand of overwhelm – letting go of everything, as the tide’s rise and fall.

As Neptune appears retrograde, you’ve a window to pause, to take stock of your self, as best you can – the usually intangible parts of yourself might be easier to access, now; rely on spiritual tools like prayer and meditation to sink deeper into you, Pisces.

You’ve plenty more exploring to do, with a stretch ahead to hone your intuition yet today, acknowledge the ways you seamlessly navigate through the fog… see yourself in a new light Pisces!

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