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Are You Swimming Comfortably? Neptune Retrograde In Pisces…

Fishy Folk Take Note! Neptune appears Retrograde from the June 22nd to November 28th in 2019

Fishy Folk Take Note! Neptune appears Retrograde from the June 22nd to November 28th in 2019 – find out the astrological implications, here…


Are you swimming comfortably? Neptune Retro – A time to tread water…


This is definitely one for the Pisces Rising among us, plus those with Neptune highlighted strongly in the chart and those born under this zodiac sign of the Fish in general.

Before we get too excited, take note that Neptune appears Retro nearly half the time.

Yes, 40% of the year Neptune appears Retrograde.

Neptune appearing retrograde heightens our collective sensitivity and receptivity but things could still be mighty confusing.

Perhaps we can see and sense more, with heightened intuition and a different, more insightful perspective – yet our vision could still be blurry as we wrestle with the truth – true reality.

Neptune retrograde can internalize your fears and anxieties by stripping away the illusions, dreams and false realities that have clouded your vision. The destruction of your fantasy world will reveal those harsh realities you sought to avoid at some stage in the past. Maybe you have been kidding yourself about true love, your financial situation or your career prospects.

Delusion Possible!

From the 22nd June to the 18th November 2019, Neptune will be retrograde, with the worst implications being unrealistic, idealistic and self-deluding tendencies.

Don’t be one of those!

Be more grounded and realistic; regain a sense of realism rather than disappointment (as oppose to loss and longing).

Figure out what’s real and what’s fantasy – see your horoscope below to understand what areas this might play out in for you.

Avoid! Avoid!

Super Sensitive? Avoid the following:

  • Drugs (including strong medicine),
  • Chemicals,
  • Stimulants,
  • Addictive personalities,
  • Psychic attractions,
  • Overwhelming people and places that drain your energy…

Read more about Neptune in Astrology, here.

Neptune Retrograde Horoscopes: Advice For Your Sign

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With Neptune in your subconscious and private area there could be some psychic stirrings.

You’re tuning into your intuition on a deep level, which might not vibe with other truth-seeking pursuits.

On the one hand you know, on the other you’re still seeking.

How you connect with others is presently highlighted, meanwhile you’re getting serious about your philosophies, beliefs and practices, which just might not sit quite right with your inner dream-world.

You’re truly at peace with the oneness yet you’ve got a lot more exploration to do, worlds to visit and places to conquer.

Strike your structured balance with regular prayer and wanderlust, talking with friends (especially the girls), and zoning out into meditation.

Create space for all three and  the gym and you’re really winning.


You personal journey of transform comes into clear view over the weekend; acknowledge what you’ve learned through your adventures – but don’t be a know it all, Taurus! You’re in a great cycle to develop skills and connect the dots, however there’s a difference between amassing the facts and your broader goals of authentic knowledge…

Expressing your need for security could pay off towards the weekend, so get in touch with your emotional response towards money and your busy schedule – you can negotiate positive outcomes for yourself now.

It’s time to look at your circle and group – rather than loosing yourself on a booze cruise you might be getting a reality check around the true dynamic.

Is there a power struggle afoot?

Work and finances are currently highlighted, so you’re juggling different areas which are a pretty intense combo.

Strike your structured balance with defined boundaries around spending and how much influence others hold over you.

It’s great to be swimming with your shoal of fishes but you also need to feel appreciated, and perhaps draw a line when the party starts to run up a huge bar tab.


Neptune could be drawing a watery veil around your career and reputation, forcing you to tread water out at sea.

If you feel out of your depth in your professional domain it could be time duck the ocean waves and take stock.

Look for the reality at work and in the structures of your partnerships.

This is your time to take one-to-ones even more seriously and create solid boundaries for yourself, and they must be hardy if they’re to weather Neptune’s mighty and consuming powers.

The spotlight is on you this Gemini season; you’re a powerhouse at work thanks to Mars checking over matters with his prowess.

Strike your structured balance by saying no to people and using your intuition for career matters, looking realistically at opportunities.


Crab people can consider the possibilities of the spiritual realms, their journey and learnings – realistically.

Beliefs must be practical and structured and manageable in everyday living.

It’s all very well wanting to float on forever but how does this lifestyle fit with an occupation, a day job?

Is the spiritual realm where you want to be, day to day?

Maybe, yes!

Balance your philosophies with structure in your day to day life and you’re winning.

You’re in a bit of an incubation period now before Cancer season starts.

Use the next couple of weeks to tune into your desires for living, as your lifestyle can work with the plans you imagine.


Sex, recreation, your creative juices and private matters are activated by Saturn and Neptune now.

Has your love life been a bit serious this year?

Perhaps your passions, hobbies and projects have been formulated into something more structured and realistic lately.

Neptune offers the chance to take off rose coloured spectacles to understand power dynamics that are in your surrounds.

Friends can be helpful now, and it’s your time to be about in a group – perhaps they’ll offer yet another perspective.

If someone has some mysterious hold over you it might be easier to see now.

If someone is particularly seductive with money they might expose themselves as such.

Strike your structured balance by organising date nights and looking honestly at the potential your little black book.

You’ll know if there’s someone worth calling for a hook-up…


The reality of your relationships can be tuned into now, and you’re offered a rare peek behind the mirror.

You could see you business or romantic partner with fresh eyes and might question the reality or fantasy of them and their ways – especially in your shared environment.

Structure is being created at home which might not bode well for your partnership, which prefers a free and fluid exchange.

Strike your structured balance by creating routine where you live and solid foundations, yet allow romance to flourish with your significant other.

You’re busy as the shining star at work now so why not have a special dinner with your colleagues and invite your loved one?


Attempts to stick to a routine might be easier during Neptune Retro for you, Libra.

Health and your work life could be kicked into touch with a more realistic perspective on offer.

Since last December you’ve introduced a more formal approach to your exchanges, subtly shifting the way you communicate and interact with neighbours and colleagues.

Perhaps you’re more boundaried with idle chit chat, and saying things without consideration.

Those around you might be a fantastic distraction but now is a good time to quit water-cooler gossip and head to the gym – or kitchen for a healthy snack.

Strike your structured balance by curbing any tendency to get off track in your routine – your thinking is key, as are lists and calendars, check lists and diaries.


Your favourite creative pursuit or love interest is worth a closer look now, you might be able to see things a little differently – especially when it comes to how your personal resources and energy are directed here.

It could be your children that demand money, or a lover that saps your time or resources.

This is a perfect couple of weeks to investigate your spending and look at the books.

Time to figure out your finances and see if you really can afford to sign up to that pottery course (a la Demi Moore!) or perhaps your hobby is worth investing in.

Strike your structured balance by reviewing money matters, your resources and talents, and realistically looking at your passion.


Your intuition around family matters could be spot on.

Perhaps it’s time for you to create personal boundaries and say no to committing your time and presence at home.

Strike your structured balance by looking at your domestic set-up and evaluating how much of your personal space will or won’t be sacrificed.

It’s a good time for your career during Gemini season.

Instability at home could feel like there’s a storm in the port, however you may have to learn to weather it – batten the hatches!


Neptune points to thinking and communicative faculties and your dream world.

You could be super perceptive now, spotting a liar a mile off.

However the desire to catch-a-tinker could be mellowed. Something behind the scenes is creating a desire to hold back – to live and let live.

You’re embarking on a wonderful adventure, and are presently in a larger transformative process.

Strike your structured balance by getting perspective on your thoughts and inner world. Use your intuitive thinking to move mountains as you will.

Relationships are currently on your agenda, perhaps a partner will help challenge your perspective on matters to give even more clarity to your journey.


You can see money from a different perspective now Aqua.

You’re also seeing your self-worth and your unique contribution to your circle of friends and the group at large.

You’ve made progress this past year paying people back – not only in terms of finances but in squaring up power dynamics.

It’s a key time to understand and fall in love with yourself a little, romance your qualities and see your talents from a totally different angle.

Strike your structured balance by organising the group and its parameters with your personal contribution in mind – you don’t have to give it all to be valued.


You have the opportunity to see yourself in a new light Pisces!

Home and family have been highlighted for you during Gemini season and relationships figure highly now too, so where does that leave you?

There’s now more structure in professional life, which is great, however you’ll want to manage that with delicate equilibrium!

Is it time to draw boundaries on the career front so work isn’t over emphasised? Or are you being given the chance to see your personal energy in a true light, how it’s best it’s directed in a professional sense that feels true to you?

Strike that structured balance with discipline at work and a realistic perspective on what you can give.

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