Your July Horoscope 2023…

Read your forecast for the weeks ahead!

It’s Cancer Season!

The Sun is lighting up the Zodiac Sign of motherly compassion, nurturing bonds and home territories.

We can all put family first. Yet note too high tides of emotion!

Events In July…

  • July 4th – Independence Day, USA
  • July 22nd / 23rd – Leo Season begins
  • Venus Retrograde…

Here’s your July Monthly Horoscope by sign.

Be sure to read the forecast for both your Sun and Rising!


Your ruling planet Mars and relationship planet Venus are in Leo as we enter July.

Therefore, fun creative plans, parties, vacations, playful moments and children are a prominent theme.

However, on the 11th  Mars enters Virgo. You’ll likely find a more industrious work ethic takes hold.

Health, work and your wellbeing may be appealing. Get organised!

Cancer Season highlights your space, home or family life. Allow room to nest and recalibrate, particularly towards the 17th and the New Moon.

Your passionate, romantic nature, and a key relationship may be laced with complexity towards the end of the month.

As Venus appears retrograde, be prepared to show patience towards yourself and others, Aries.


Home and family could be of particular interest to you in July.

You’re encouraged back to base camp and your roots, as your ruling planet Venus tours the base of your chart for a long stint.

Find yourself devoted to your property, a parent, or ground yourself with notions of self-care, nourishment and nesting.

Maybe you’re considering household matters, or what it will take to have a baby under your roof.

It’s likely important that you’re personally involved in domestic situations that are now on your radar.

Sense what’s calling your attention that may be an ongoing challenge regarding family.

Balance how you’re connecting to others with care and compassion, while also working on your inner agenda.


Money, spending, financial transactions and the way you earn a living may be prominent entering July.

Look at what you can do in a practical sense, come to terms with what you have and the contribution you’re making.

Aside from important observations around your role and expenses, it’s a social month!

Meet friends and step outside to circulate, particularly from the 13th.

There’s activity on the home front and fun people close by.

The 20th and 27th reveal hot connections…


The month opens with a Full Moon illuminating your relationship sector.

Dig deep into all you’ve learnt about intimate unions, and the key people in your world.

Good friends and your broader network are important as you gain clarity. Note there’s the potential for more to be revealed around the 11th and 23rd.

Focus on you, the role you have within your community, and affirm what you can do in practical terms.

It’s likely you’ve been making progress, yet it’s wise to continue practising patience!


Lucky Jupiter wants you to lean into prominence, Leo.

Find yourself comfortable as an authority, leader, or well-positioned in your blossoming career.

Cancer Season adds another dimension. There may be sacrifices to make, or your attention may be devoted to confidential, secretive matters.

Despite attention on you in a public fashion, it may be necessary to renegotiate your self-image, and the way others see you.

It’s possible you’re embarking on a process of personal and physical transformation.

Be willing to challenge notions of how you present yourself.

Address how you show up and come off, both  outwardly and up close.

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Your place among friends, within a group, team or community calls as July begins.

Note opportunities to express wisdom you’ve gained, knowledge amassed, or a path you’ve walked that’s been significant!

Showcase your journey and amplify growth.

From the 13th you’ll begin to embrace a private process, potentially facing a secret or confidential matter that encourages you to transform behind the scenes.

It’s easier to focus on this metamorphosis from the 23rd, with greater clarity afforded to you on the 27th…


You may have to rely on other people, what they can do or what they might share with you, as you steer the ship forwards in June.

Take the helm, yet note, there’s an exciting social scene beckoning.

Friends will likely invite you to get involved, and be a part of goings-on.

Find a way to continue exploring private commitments, while also networking and developing relationships with those important figures in your circle.

Be present among teammates as a group issue gains prominence at months end.


Focus on communication, close ties, and paths of personal development, noticing the people who encourage you to grow or explore further afield, Scorpio.

As the month begins you could be keen to drive ahead your career or personal profile.

However, be aware that your public image, work and daily life requires patience.

You may be keen to overhaul your professional direction, goals or ambitions.

Take it step by step, letting go of definitive roads to success, instead allowing space to meander.


Financial security, your position, investments, commitments, your personal, private life and how you come together with trusted parties may be topical entering July.

A busy trajectory demands you delegate or step into daily duties with enthusiasm.

The 11th could shift you in the right direction!

Just be mindful long-distance connections, global dealings, and understanding where another person is coming from may require patience, with projects among friends due to take time.

Fuel your passions with warm tones…


Intimate relationships and what you share (financially or energetically, your space or secrets) is foremost entering July.

You may be prompted to team up with – or acknowledge – key individuals you trust and feel you can count on.

Sense where you might rely on a collaborator, as your passions, personal happiness, creative projects or children are a matter of importance.

Be prepared to wait.

A charged issue or what you’re counting on may take time to be secured.

Find patience around a pact, contract or commitment…


Your health, work and wellbeing is worth contemplating in July.

You’re particularly well-placed to reflect on uplifting household environments, how you get enough sleep or find yourself rested and maintaining your equilibrium.

Expect heated relationship dynamics throughout the month.

However, you may find you’re only prepared to give key people the full-on attention they deserve from the 23rd.

Be prepared to learn more about the interests you have in common and have fun exploring and elevating communication skills.

Say yes to date night and sizzling romantic encounters.


It’s a great time to focus on enjoying life, your kids and closest friends, Pisces.

As July begins, community and fun moments inviting you to prioritise your own needs.

Notice revelations around a group, team or industry, while devoting attention to what satisfies and pleases you most.

Appreciate momentum around work, health and wellness, your job and ability to delegate or serve.

However, note complications may arise later in the month following through with routine jobs or agendas.

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