Buck Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Capricorn Horoscope…

By Far The Most Important Full Moon Of The Year!

  • Element: Earth,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Saturn in Aquarius (with a trine from Venus in Gemini).

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Thursday July 14th 2.37 am
  • London / G.M.T – Wednesday July 13th 7.37 pm
  • New York / E.D.T – Wednesday July 13th 2.37 pm.

Your Full Moon In Capricorn Horoscope…


Moon moves through  your ambitious house of vocation, visibility & outer image, illuminating a position you uphold in the public eye.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate successes over the long-term – professional or some other notoriety & authority – with a need to follow the call toward your trade, proficiencies, vocational life & employment.

Affirm your status, or standing, reminded of how far you’ve come, advancing, and accomplishing a profile you’ve worked hard towards over the long-term, with a name, reputation or a thriving career for yourself.

Relationships… Cancer Season is your month for home life to feature – familiarity, nurture and care.

Sun & Mercury now appear in this sensitive water sign, and your sector of nourishment and shelter, ancestry, lineage & the roots of your chart, drawing you toward those under your care & routes to practice self-care.

Bring focus toward your base and standing, the place and people that bring a sense of security. Find your centre and those that are a port in a storm.

With Mercury tied to Uranus in your second house, you may be thinking of ways you can talk to family, or broach domestic life with something to give!

Growth Opportunity… Your aspirations, status, public image and ‘successes’ can dominate, today.

You might feel known for what it is you’ve worked for over the long term, yet you might take an understated stance. With Neptune in Pisces an intuitive source may be flowing within you, so your authority, visibility and sense of prestige relates to mysticism, the arts or a spiritual practice.

Find balance between your ambitious streak (& the revelations of the Full Moon), and the foundations you started off from.

As Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, your human relations matter too – the way you get on with those in immediate surroundings, and step up in your community, taking responsibility.


Moon moves through your visionary house of education, knowledge-seeking, travel and worldly ventures, emphasising the pursuit of wisdom, finding beliefs that resonate, a moral compass and your truth.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate a journey of expansion and growth, or personal development.

Look at ways you’ve gone the distance, learning and opening up to different perspectives, or Faith – another point of view! Perhaps you’ve pursed higher education or broadened your outlook through a foreign culture or the quest for knowledge outside your usual environment.

Maybe you’ve published a paper, set up abroad, or transformed your religion or gone hard into a specialist subject! What’s being shown to you today?

Relationships… Cancer Season is your month for connection, curiosity, close ties and communication, a time to converse with kindred spirits! Sun and Mercury now appear in this thoughtful realm of siblings, neighbours, and local environments, so be sure to connect and consider brothers, sisters, school friends, co-workers and those who surround you. With Mercury tied to Uranus in your sign, friendly chatter may be steered toward you and your new, radical approach in life!

Pay attention to simple, basic facts, gossip, information and those that are familiar, perfunctory interactions but also note the Full Moon sets your sights further, on foreign connections, even a mentor, teacher or legal feat that opens your eyes to another perspective…

Growth Opportunity… As your planetary guide Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, be sure to make note of money matters – your income, earnings or position that have value, or your own values and a worthwhile (profitable endeavour.

Delight in rewards that come thanks to the responsibility you’ve taken at large. You may have been grinding away at your public image, career or in your public life, working tirelessly to uphold a position of authority, leadership and expertise, and today could see yourself rewarded…

As the Full Moon peaks in your sector of higher thought, be sure to illuminate some way you’ve gone further than you thought was possible!


Moon moves through your intimate house of consolidation, commitment, trust and vulnerability, the zone that sees you come together to share because “two heads are better than one!” Two paycheques, too…

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate partnership, carrying the load with another, your union sustained and strong.

Perhaps you’ve teamed up (profiting together or maximising your assets and gains) or must rely on another, aware of your weaknesses, vulnerabilities (including financial) and mortality.

Maybe you’re ready to acknowledge how you’ve faced your fears opening up to others, counting on them to play a part in your success

Relationships… Private affairs, joint interests and intimate relationships dominate (thanks to the Full Moon).

Be reminded how far you’ve come in the investment of your time, energy, money or resources over the long-term, how you’ve established a sense of control or understanding of power dynamics, part of a collaborative effort with another.

As Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, be sure to hone in on your special qualities (and how you appeal or attract others), having gained great wisdom, on a path to knowledge, education, taking your personal growth and path in the world seriously (with greater cultural or political awareness, and an ability to get a fresh, alternative perspective – perhaps having travelled far and wide!)

Growth Opportunity… Cancer Season is your month for material assets and your job to bear prominence, to go after what you deserve!

With the Sun and your ruler Mercury in your second house, lend attention to spending, savings, your salary, and how you contribute to the stream of life or make a living.

Figure out what’s in stock, what’s been amassed or accomplished in regards your wage, and think ahead to what you’d like to possess that would add comfort in your surroundings.

With Mercury tied to Uranus in your twelfth house, there may be something to lay claim to (or buy) that fosters your own personal healing journey, and an exploration that’s private, behind the scenes.

Allow your material world to reflect changes you’re making within, training or prepping and awakening in your own time – on your own terms…


Moon moves through your house of partnering, lending great focus towards those you encounter, one-on-one.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate how far you’ve come within a relationship, spotlighting success in tandem with another.

This theme of ‘others’ isn’t limited to a spouse, marital or business partner, it could refer to individuals at work, a friend (or frenemy), a family member too – even a coach or therapist…

Be reminded of power dynamics, and powerlessness dealing with key figures (even opponents or bullies).

Relationships… The Full Moon in your relationship zone underscores intimate rapport, negotiating, and the gravitas of relationships.

Honour your ability to team up with someone special and thrive in collaborations.

Although a partner may dominate, you can also take up space, Cancer, focusing on you and your part.

With Mercury in sync with Uranus in your eleventh house, you may be coming up with bright ideas, takeaways and information for your community, friends or allies in the world!

Raise your voice so your audience can hear it!

Growth Opportunity… Cancer Season is your month to shine, centre of attention, holding court with your house of self, persona, character, and autonomy brightly lit.

Yet the Full Moon adds balance, pointing to where you’ve developed your part in collaborations, standing your ground, or showing up as a valuable part of a duo.

Saturn is the ruler of this Full Moon, now in your eighth house of serious, formal commitments, financial obligations and ties, and now Venus finds harmony with this planet of rules, discipline, boundaries, limits and respect.

Note where you’ve a tendency or the desire and inclination to stand back, and witness what’s going on, or escape into fantasy, your dreams & spiritual self.

You may have worked hard to establish a sense of unity with others, and can now appreciate the unique tools you have access to, in your private life…


Moon moves through your routine house of wellbeing, healthy living, maintenance, and lifestyle practices.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate the work you do day-to-day ¬– from a system or admin in your job, hitting a fitness goal or wellness feat, even maintaining a little task or upkeep.

Look at the ways you consistently run like clockwork, having doggedly followed habits and a schedule that works for you. Be satisfied in the knowledge you’re helpful, useful, dutiful and in service.

Relationships… Cancer Season is your month to rest, retire into quiet solitude, and address secrets – healing the self (and even others in your orbit).

Bring focus toward selfless dreams – with the Sun and Mercury in your twelfth house, you may be letting go of control in relationships, maintaining peace in order to help others, remembering there’s only so much you can do!

As Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, human relations matter too – the way you get on with community members or deal with your audience online, respecting people one-on-one, or having boundaries around key figures you encounter…

Growth Opportunity… The Full Moon can remind you how far you’ve come in your position, eliminating toxic ties, accomplishing the employment choice that feels right for you, the level of productivity, the professional environment, the fitness regime, eating plan or clarity around your lifestyle choices.

You may be feeling transformed, productive, and efficient, having established an authentic level of wellbeing, or the constitution you’ve wished for over the long-term (or, the acceptance of your health, body, capabilities and maintenance needed to feel at your best).

With Neptune in the intimate realms of your horoscope, private facets of yourself may be shared, shared emotions or shared resources…

Trust others can and will show up for you, and consider rest, and emotional semblance is also vital.


Moon moves through your lusty house of passion – the amorous house of conception, creativity, dating, romance & fun!

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate what you love; indulge yourself and your personal interests, following the call towards things that excite you, the people, places, & things you adore, with an open, pure heart and those that make you smile…

Note how far you’ve come, expressing your talents, sexuality, following through on a plan that’s yours alone…

Relationships… Cancer Season is your month for community and friendship, and as you ruler Mercury appears in this sensitive water sign, your network of friendly allies and acquaintances are likely in the spotlight (with you mingling, connecting, talking to peers and being a fellow among the masses)!

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Yet the Full Moon shines in your sector of personal passions, love, romance, sex, dating and children, so note where your heart guides you, today, with greater awareness around the things that make you happy, or perhaps even drawing boundaries with a lover, or overcoming an obsession.

Neptune in the relational realms (and your house of partners) could see intimate unions conducted one-on-one a welcome remedy when your own interests compete with the interests of the broader group!

Growth Opportunity… As Venus is tied to Saturn, appreciate opportunities to come off well publicly, having bought discipline to your everyday routine, the regime you’ve dedicated yourself to that works for you! Improve your relationships with higher ups, or brush up your image in the public eye, having implemented positive lifestyle choices for you, in your day-to-day life…

There’s a balance to be found between what makes you tick (personal gratification), and the greater good – your creativity, business or side hustle, talents, love life or dating story, even getting pregnant, but also your circle of friends, your peers and supportive allies – what you can contribute to the masses from your heart…


Moon moves through your hidden house of emotional stability, foundations, household matters, property and inner terrain.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate home life or your bricks and mortar, your roots, and traditions upheld for your ideal family setting. Note a foothold you’ve worked towards over the long term!

Acknowledge the feat of grounding yourself and establishing a way to settle, refuel and parent (this might look like a refurbished kitchen, boundaries and respect for your household structure, a deeper relationship with your own parents or family members, and safety in your domain or body).

Relationships… Today is about acknowledging security and stability underfoot

Be reminded how far you’ve come among family, with parenting issues or home and domestic environments coming full circle at this time. You may have developed the ability to nurture, parent, fuss and feed, with a deep and resolute awareness of needs, surroundings, and your emotional nature.

As your ruling planet Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, pay attention to projects, plans and people who have a visionary, philosophical or international edge to them – or look to your own interest in global issues, education, or learning about culture, religion, or any route to growth.

Your happiness could be directly linked to your openness to broader horizons.

Growth Opportunity… Cancer Season is your month to shine in public spaces – professionally or personally, it’s time for you to show others what you’ve accomplished or aspire to – and be praised!

Although nesting & nurture dominates, you can also spotlight your profile on a more visible platform, seeking accolades, a leadership role – even if that’s being ‘seen’ as a matriarch or mother.

You could be keen for others to see you in your vocation, talking so you attain validation at large, seeking appreciation. Forging ahead, centre stage.


Moon moves through your house of communication skills and intellect, the zone of language, thought, local contacts and connection, lending emphasis to those you encounter in your immediate environment.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate a strong inner circle, or your relationship to siblings – engage in friendly chatter, catch up on the news, gossip, or pick up the phone to connect with your closest ties.

Acknowledge your mindset, those you inform, those that think like you!

Relationships… Be reminded how far you’ve come, establishing boundaries among your inner circle of friends, locally, in conversation, developing your voice, standing your ground – saying “no”, or cultivating language or motor proficiencies.

Perhaps you’re accomplished something ‘in writing’, having worked on your own aptitude and navigation, or maybe you partake in a chat, local issue or discussion now that proves to you a skillset that’s empowered.

Notice the gravitas of your articulation skills, honour your ability to speak to those in your environment maintaining composure. Acknowledge the feat of expressing yourself with clout… As Venus is tied to Saturn, trust issues that build on home life, your family setting or roots can be pertinent – delight in the ways you can rely on others, how they show up with something to give!

Growth Opportunity… Cancer Season is your month to go further, mentally, literally, through education, travel or through encountering culturally exciting people and with Neptune corroborating in the romantic realms of creativity, conceptualization and personal pleasure, you can likely enjoy travelling, learning, and developing further…

Recognize opportunities to broadcast, teach, or engage with a different perspective – channels that put you in touch with people outside what’s familiar, and philosophies or moral trajectories that present a visionary lens. Have faith in your beliefs and principles – what you think or know to be true.

With Mercury in sync with Uranus in your seventh house, allow a partner to share the wisdom you seek! \


Moon moves through your resourceful house of gains – the house that sees you develop self-assurance for what you can do, be, contribute, and build in a material sense – the zone of sustenance and assets.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate and embrace the tangible side of life, your role, rewards and accomplishments, the position that brings you a salary or self-worth, enjoying your purpose & practicality, confident of what you have in hand.

Relationships… Cancer Season is your month for intimate relationships and commitment to take the spotlight – you may be touching on your obligations, “what’s ours” and “what you can do for me” with the Sun & Mercury now in this sensitive water sign, and your sector of bonds, investments, promises and binding ties.

Relish the chance to pledge and devote yourself – and what you have – to others, coming together to consolidate, promise or pledge yourself and what you have to pool as a joint interest, or what you might share, trusting.

With Mercury tied to Uranus in your sixth house, you may be thinking of ways you can talk to another person or party with a changed outlook on health, wellness, work or day-to-day regime (& how you approach routines).

Growth Opportunity… Your position, finances, input and contribution can dominate, today.

Be reminded how far you’ve come accomplishing the earnings, savings, or role you’ve worked hard towards over the long-term, establishing a handle on building and developing self-worth or personal value – or literal wealth!

Strike a balance–aware of your own earnings or capabilities, but also the security & ease you have thanks to others being present and of comfort to you…

With Neptune in Pisces, and the quiet realms of home, restful inaction, your nest, feelings, foundations and family life can offer a sanctuary.

As Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, human relations matter too – the way you get on with a partner, expressing yourself in a way that’s responsible, mature and rational or reasonable.


Moon moves through your first house of persona, identity, physical presence and personal projects, touching on (and potentially illuminating or revealing) a side of you!

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate YOU, illuminating your ‘self’ – nourishing and refuelling, stepping into full form, enjoying attention, turning heads and expressing how you feel…

Take up space and tend to your appearance or solo plans!

Relationships… Cancer Season is your month for partnering – or general awareness of others, and with the Sun and Mercury in your sector of personal relations, you could be eager to listen to another person’s point of view, ready and willing to team up and hear them out. You likely have the skills, aptitude, and qualities to navigate local encounters thanks to Neptune, with words that come intuitively.

Note key people encountered, individuals on your horizon, and as the chatty communicator Mercury is tied to Uranus in your fifth house, think of ways you can engage others with what you love, ways you love, and a unique or unorthodox approach to love and happiness!

Friends (or a love interest) could end up talking to your kids, or about your sexuality, fertility journey, or about dating, entertainment, vacations & fun!

Growth Opportunity… With the sensitive Moon in your sign it’s likely tempting to nourish yourself – note this can be accomplished through feeding your mind, soul and spirit (or expensive skincare!) Be reminded how far you’ve come, establishing your identity, presence and even your physical form, stoic, empowered and strong.

There may be heightened awareness around you, your presence, or influence, and the obstacles you’ve had to overcome (through diet, fitness, operations, recovery, injury, a personality makeover), endurance you’ve shown. As your planetary guide Saturn is the ruler of this Lunation, be sure to hone in on your earnings, personal gains and profits ¬– money made solo, that’s all because of you! Enjoy the regime or routine that’s working out beautifully…


Moon moves through your secluded house of gestation, prep, recovery, respite and escapism – the quiet observation room that demands patience, and for you to surrender with acceptance.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate major shifts, a mysterious healing process, or an accomplishment that’s private.

Perhaps you’ve been working on your spiritual life, relying on intuition, being helpful to those that appear to be in a weaker, more vulnerable position.

Affirm the tools you have to let go, endure solitude or isolation, acknowledging a lack of control you have over life, the universe & everything…

Relationships… Stormy emotions may dominate the day, with the Full Moon in your closure zone.

What is coming full circle that’s good to release & let go of, Aquarius?

With the Sun and Mercury in your house of service, subordinates, employment and systems, think about helping hands: supporters and those that work for you, assistants, and those you work for, and with: managers, or those that have some say over working practices, everyday contacts.

Find the balance, trusting what you need is evolving and developing behind the scenes organically, with people around to help you stay on top of it all…

Growth Opportunity… Cancer Season is your month for routine issues, health and wellbeing to take the spotlight, a time to step into busy, proactive service.

Yet with today’s Full Moon in your twelfth house you may be processing self-sabotaging ways, hurts and unconscious behaviours – a healing journey or your inner world.

As Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, your creativity, passions, hobbies, and fun projects that you’re personally involved in (including your kids or love life) may matter too!

Try to enjoy what you’ve established, and find the balance between your dreams, offline, unknowable feats of courage, with your schedule, consistent health practices, your job, position & habits that keep you running at your best!


Moon moves through your house of friendship, supportive allies, social life and community, lending great emphasis to your peers or network – including those online.

With the Full Moon you could be in the mood to celebrate your group, be on a preferred platform (social media) aware of trends and followers, or engaging in teamwork, allied on the causes you care about.

Be reminded of interests of a sociable nature, ways you’ve navigated powerful influencers or your being part of something bigger than just you…

Relationships… It’s Cancer Season, so focus on fun! Summer loving, children, play, and romance have their place now, be creative and passionate (procreate, mate and date!)

Allow enjoyable indulgences and pleasures to take the spotlight.

With Mercury also in Cancer in sync with Uranus in your third house, you may be thinking with an inspired touch, coming up with theatrical, buoyant fun ways to connect to those in your local environment (siblings, close kin, neighbours, co-workers or those from your surroundings), put heart into your happiness!

Just be aware of the balance at Full Moon between solo pleasures, (what I love and enjoy) versus what we’re all working for.

Growth Opportunity… Be reminded how far you’ve come, developing (social) influence, and part within the collective, how teamwork and your tribe has become key, how you’ve developed a circle (avoiding the ‘trolls’).

Notice the gravitas of supportive peers, associates and acquaintances, the hopes and dreams you share & are working towards.

Honour your ability to be a part of a company or organization, contributing something meaningful.

There may be something revealed or worth acknowledging today, in the interest of your community…

As Venus is tied to Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, look to people at home, or a family dwelling, the past or your roots for greater meaning, and sense how taking pleasure in your property or domain helps you move past a hurt.

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