Aries Babes – Most Attention Seeking?!

Discover the style of the Zodiac's baby girl...

Aries holds her head high – say Yes to all eyes on you… You’re a babe and leader of your wolf-pack!

Who can you hear squawking behind the scenes before you set eyes on them?

Who produces the biggest diva demands in town?

Attention-seeker alert – it’s Aries!

Although to be honest, (and Aries loves honesty) this bunch probably doen’t mind being known as the diva of the zodiac – they wear their honours with pride.

Yes, they’re loud and proud! Perhaps it’s why these Aries singers shine so much brighter than the rest!

Aries Divas…


Mariah (She’s On Fire) Carey, Fergie, Celine Dion, Diva Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga And Joss Stone…

Before you ask, “What about Madonna and Whitney?!”

Fellow Fire sign Leo. Plus Whitney Houston has the moon in Aries

“What about Britney, Christina, Niki Minaj and Miley??!!”

Again Fire sign Sagittarius… These performers all burn extra bright… It’s because of their Fiery, confident nature!

Sun in Aries stars Ruby Wax, Anna Dello Russo and Vivienne Westwood aren’t exactly the shy, retiring types either…


Anna: Aries Attention Seeker – “Who Me??”

What Does An Aries Attention Seeker Wear?

You only have to look at the incredible ensembles worn by Gaga for a clue but, if you don’t want to go too crazy, neon or fluorescent colours work well, and Aries loves (and looks great in) tight, tight clothes!

Severe points in stilettos shoes or sharp angles to tailored clothes gets the seal of approval, and although this lot aren’t necessarily out to shock, it goes without saying that their clothes choices should definitely turn heads…

Hats are an Aries fashion statement too – make ’em oversized ladies!


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Hats Off To Gaga, Aries Kristen Stewart Goes Tight And Pops Neon Color On Attention Grabbing Shoes, Victoria Beckham’s Signature – Sharp Tailoring And Killah Stilettos, And Finally Sarah Jessica Parker Wows In Fluorescent Lime – And Soaks Up The LimeLight! Go Aries!

My Style Advice For Aries?

Embrace your inner diva!


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