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Top 5 Things To Do During Aries Season!

My choices and favourite activities during the Sun's tour of Aries...

There’s a reason for each and every season, but what to during the ram’s reign? Discover my Top 5 Things To Do During Aries Season, with cosmic inspiration!

General events every Aries Season include:

What to do during this month, when the Sun moves through Aries…

1. Light It Up!

The first sign of the Zodiac, fire sign Aries is the initiating spark that begins afresh.

Emboldened, intrepid, and a true trailblazer, she is a pyromaniac at heart and must be careful with fire, matches and candles. Yet lighting a match or witnessing a flame in all its glory holds a certain magic for those born under this astrological sign. Remember – Safety First!

The element fire belongs to Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and is all about faith, belief in the possibilities, and the passion in our human nature.

2. Break The Rules (Within Reason)…

Though I’m not suggesting you go over the speed limit – no siree – Aries does like to go fast

3. Initiate – Make The First Move!

Aries dives head first into things – so be fearless, bold and brave during Aries Season – make the first move!

Me First…

If you aren’t one to ask someone you fancy out on a date, now is the time to shake off the shackles of shyness, and dare a little more

Sassy and strong, Aries is not one to balk!

4. Reclaim Your Innocence…

The Zodiac’s childlike sign of innocent wonder, Aries is often blessed with a fresh faced innocence (even a naivety).

Sweet Lamb…

Easter is a wonderful way to reconnect with childhood and your inner babe.

Typically occurring in early Aries Season (though it can also take place at the very beginning of Taurus’ reign), Easter’s timed to be the Sunday following the last full moon before the spring equinox.

A celebration of resurrection, rebirth, and freedom, it’s a fitting day of fun for Aries season.

5. Wear Red!

Made You Look!

The color for Aries, a bold poppy or tomato is the hot hue for this month, symbolizing Aries’ qualities of individuality, identity, new beginnings, and leadership.

What are your choice activities for Aries Season? Let me know on social channels! Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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