The Best (And Most Beautiful) Astrological Planner – Magic Of I.

With 2020 Drawing Near Order Your Diary Now!

The Magic Of I well and truly has my heart.

This absolutely stunning diary, planner, almanac, and astrological guide is faultless – I wish I’d created such a thing of beauty, it really is how I’d design such a tool for divine living if I could!

Stuffed full of data (but not overwhelmingly so), there’s plenty of room to write New Moon and Full Moon observations, to manifest, acknowledge and release.

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If you’re anything like me, there is no time more tempting to get stuck into this kind of activity than the end of the year, and, as we’ve the end of a decade quickly approaching, you’re going to want to snap one up!

View the 2020 collection, here.

Absolute fave is the chic white and gold, stunningly illustrated diary, but also fabulous for journaling, this coral rose notebook. LOVE.

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