Your Cosmic Guide To Astrology And The Chakras…


Astrology enthusiasts – or anyone who wants to be well informed, say to choose jewellery or stones, it’s an excellent idea to familiarise yourself with the seven chakras. In this article I’ll detail the astrological planets and zodiac signs that correspond the the chakras.

N.B. This article works with the western tradition – the western strand of astrology.

The seven chakras originated in ancient yogic traditions, and the word ‘chakra’ is Sanskrit for ‘spinning wheel’. You can imagine the chakras as energy centres in your body, located as per the diagrams (above and below). They also correspond to colours, and the energy frequencies described below.

When chakras are aligned and in perfect flow we operate in harmony with the universal energy, which makes life so much easier! Our health is in good order, and we have a nicely humming equilibrium of spirit, body, mind and soul.

The Chakras – What Do They Mean?

Couting down from 7 to 1, the root chakra…


Sahasrara, Crown Chakra – Transcendence (Your Telephone Line To God a.k.a the Universe)

This chakra is a beautiful violet colour, and is concerned with spiritual awakening, attaining enlightenment and connecting to the universal consciousness. Because it is outside of ourselves and immaterial, it’s not associated with a planet or zodiac signs. It is located above our heads, where someone patting your head would land their palm.


Ajna, Third Eye Chakra – Sun & Moon – Ego Consciousness

Leo & Cancer

The third eye helps us really see – not only visions and hallucinations in meditation but through the wisdom, knowledge and understanding gained through true awareness. There’s an intuitive knowing to this chakra, like when something is second nature to us – we really truly know. Imagine learning to ride a bike, it becomes automatic and we genuinely know how to push the pedals. Or, imagine that a baby were crying, we would know it needed attention.

This chakra is a rich blue, and is located between our eyebrows. This is the fun chakra to work with in meditation, because we can see pretty imagery and get lost in cool, cosmic visions. However the real trick during meditation is to not focus too much on the visuals and to let them pass – acknowledge and move on.


Vishuddha, Throat Chakra – Mercury – Expression And Communication

Gemini & Virgo

This is about what we express, our ability to speak up and communicate our thoughts and ideas. This is my favourite chakra to work on personally, as I’ve had many issues with my throat chakra over the years, and it’s the one I’m most sensitive about. If you have throat chakra issues it might feel like a terrible sensation of burning or swelling when you get upset. The colour of this chakra is a lighter shade of blue.

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Anahata, Heart Chakra – Venus – Love And Affection

Taurus & Libra

This is the chakra that resonates with what you’re attracted to, what or who you love, the love you send out into the world. It’s a defenceless, open, loving energy of true compassion.

A vibrant green, you can easily remember this color, as the Venusian ruled zodiac sign Taurus is associated with beautiful emerald green. The location of this chakra is where your chest swells with love and affection.


Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra – Mars – Energy Drives

Aries & Scorpio

This is the shining jewel of the chakras, which brings out the self-assuanrace of the sacral chakra (below) and projects it with the driving energy of Mars. A bright yellow, this is an affirming sensation, which enters in the tummy, and you can imagine this chakra as a spinning wheel in highly activated mode when you’re about to take action on something, activating your Mars drive to ‘do’, to act, to take action.


Svadhishthana, Sacral Chakra – Jupiter – Self Assurance

Sagittarius & Pisces

The establishing energy of Jupiter can be recognised in the energy of Svadhishthana, the chakra around our lower abdomen. A deep orange, this is about self-assurance, being self-established once the roots and foundations are in place (Saturn). This chakra is connected to the confidence and liberation to reproduce, too, so it’s connected to sexual urges and sexual self assurance.


Muladhara, Root Chakra – Saturn – Base, Security, Roots

Capricorn & Aquarius

Located around the perineum, this is the chakra that denotes Saturnian qualities – stability, security, control and base. This is about rootedness or groundedness. The colour of this chakra is red.

Remember that the perineum is the asshole, the uptight area of our body. If you’re walking around in fear, uptight, it’s highly intertwined with this root chakra and there are ways to relieve the sensation – yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Do not live in fear or continue to be up-tight Stargazer!!! Please!

Awareness of astrology and the chakras helps build our understanding of their meaning and purpose. We can create extraordinary shifts, and true revolutions in our spiritual – and physical – journey. Yoga practice enhances and opens up the chakras, allowing us to work through emotional and mental blocks on a physical level, while meditation can effectively transform us, bringing about positive change through breath, focus and inner work.

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