Your August Horoscope 2023…

See what's written in the stars for August, with a forecast for the weeks ahead!

Events In August…

  • August 1st – Lammas Celebrations!
  • August 21 – Virgo Season begins
  • August 28th – Summer Bank Holiday, UK.


A Full Moon in cool, friendly Aquarius peaks on the 1st in your zone of communal causes, group work and team spirit. Touch on social developments but expect the rest of the month to see you and your talents front and centre. Leo Season wants you to shine!

With Mars in Virgo, work, health and wellbeing are a strong suit of yours in August, with lots of activity spurring on day-to-day efforts.

Yet it’s love, your passions and romance that’s most compelling. Venus Retrograde in Leo (and the North Node in your sign) wants you to figure out your own happiness and put yourself first.

Focus on number one for the win…


Home life, family, your property or where you’re from may be a hot topic this month, with the Sun and Venus touring your zone of household matters and roots. You may be navigating self-care, a way to nurture, refuel and set down permanently in situ, or maybe finding a way to tend to the people in your environment.

Welcome solitude and space away to recalibrate, taking as much time as you need to unpack what’s coming up. The north node is now in Aries and your twelfth house of retreat.

Patience is one of your many virtues, so go slow! Step onto steady ground…


Community connections, close ties and friends in your circle stand out this month, with potential complications around plans with those around you, or in a group.

Note emphasis on an important message, project and your social circle, as you gain traction with peers. Your immediate surroundings are key, and you could be thinking a lot about your environment, home life and family.

Find space to move ahead with intentions you have that bring you a sense of place and rootedness, or that connect you to parents…


Your financial position and the role you uphold is now in the spotlight, with emphasis on how you appear in the public eye, your goals, reputation and external image, or persona.

Commitments and sacred agreements are important entering the month, with a Full Moon in your house of bonds. Do take space to acknowledge relationships that have an intimate quality.

However, the stars now encourage you to cultivate independence, looking to your own capabilities first and foremost. Explore self-reliance, and expect a busy social life to continue engaging you! Make your way among friends with gusto…


The time around our birthday always nudges us centre stage and into the spotlight, however this year you may be readjusting and reviewing who you are at your core thanks to Venus Retrograde in your sign.

If you’re conflicted about your identity and how you relate to the world around you do generously pause. Reflect on what you’re looking to accomplish, what you’re keen to do and work backwards!

Take decisions slowly, really giving maximum attention to the part you play. Remember, it’s your time to shine!


Your private life, trust issues and personal passions may be cranked up a notch, with Leo Season teamed with a Venus Retrograde cycle emphasizing all that you can’t control.

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You may be undergoing a process of radical acceptance, financially or at work, and in your beliefs, principles and outlook on life.

Find ways to step back, escape and take the pressure off.

You’re likely fully conscious and aware of what’s required of you, particuarly in relation to others, so take action but be extra patient, Virgo…


Frustrations may arise this month, as your ruling planet and guiding star Venus is journeying deep into social and relationship issues. You may find you’re fully engrossed in life among your peers, with one person prominent.

Note you’re clued-in to the way forward around the middle of the month, yet be as patient as possible throughout August.

It will take time to understand your place among friends. Time off with a reliable partner is wise, or escaping your usual workload in favour of something different…


The stars encourage you to show off your ambitious side, so step into prominence or even fame!

Yet note you may be undergoing a shift in your career direction or aspirations, adjusting your goals or exploring where you’re headed. Think about your social network and connect to the team you’re on, as well as striving to paint yourself as one to watch publicly.

Find you’re able to work to your own schedule or agenda, while also serving a greater purpose. Speak to altruism and talk to friends about what’s going on…


A focus on travel, publishing, higher education, a quest or journey, and dealings with foreigners, teachers, guides or broadcasting your own wisdom could be challenging this month, as you’re forced to reconcile what you know, and take a leap of faith.

Find patience, and anticipate a slow burn on projects or long-distance developments.

You could sense you’re visible, that your career or what you’re known for outwardly is driving you, with a particular charge around your talents, creativity or children. Continue on your chosen path, burning bright…


Focus on the position you’re in entering the month, however, rather than being overly caught up in your own finances and what you have to give, the stars lead you to examine the resources or what you stand to gain in collaboration with others.

It might not be easy, showing loyalty, defining where to make a promise or trust.

A commitment could force you to face your own vulnerabilities, as you rely on what others have to offer. Lean into optimism, faith and open-mindedness, Capricorn…


Relationships are all important this month, with a potential sense of urgency in expressing what you expect from a partner, be it financially in a commitment to one another, or personally, being on a similar page with an outlook that’s harmonious.

Be prepared to show patience as you discover more about your other half, making more effort to engage and understand where your perspectives differ.

Talk through the details of your agreements, willing to open up and make changes where necessary. Flexibility is easier with attention to detail…


Exciting relationship dynamics may be on your map, with a partner or key people making themselves (and their opinions) known.

There may be more that’s asked of you now, with lots of attention on your financial position, your capacity to give or make a living. It’s wise to review best practice this month, to dig deep into processes, maintenance, your routine, what you do in your role, and how much you’re able to manage.

Find yourself revisiting ways to delegate but choose helpful assistance carefully.

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