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Travel Inspiration: Cancer Cities And Countries…

Decisions, Decisions – Let The Stars Be Your Guide On Vacation!

Which cities and countries are ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer?

San Francisco, California – Cancer Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, Neptune Rising in Virgo…


Number one on the travel inspiration list for Cancer is the USA because it’s a Cancer country born on July 4th!

In the 1800s, an evangelist known as Johnny Appleseed encouraged Americans to plant more apple trees, and some of those apples found their way into pie.

During World War II, people started saying:

“As American as mom and apple pie.”

The simple dessert had become a national tradition, and a symbol of American pride.

In America, we can sense the motherliness and nurture offered, with this nation of food-lovers…

Hong Kong!

In Hong Kong, round bamboo baskets of delicious dim sum are a treat.

Resembling the Moon (not to mention the Moon Cakes that are gifted at Mid-Autumn Festival), these pockets of tastiness are commonly enjoyed.

My favourite place is Dim Sum Square in Sheung Wan!



With independence from Yugoslavia at ‘shortly after 6.00 pm.’, on 25 June 1991, in the capital, Zagreb, Croatia has the Sun and Mercury in Cancer.


Algeria gained independence on Tuesday, July 3rd 1962, at 10.07 am – a New Moon in Cancer!


Vietnam has a natal chart of Sunday, September 2, 1945, 11.57 pm, and the Moon, North Node and Saturn all in Cancer.

San Francisco…

The city of San Francisco, California, Thursday, June 27, 1776, 11.00 am has the Sun, Mercury and an exalted Jupiter in Cancer!

Virgo Rising, all signs point to Cancer.

More Travel Inspiration For Cancer To Consider…

  • Turkey, Paraguay, the Bahamas Bahrain Belize, Burundi, Cape Verde, Columbia, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Kiribati Laos, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi Mozambique, Rwanda, Slovenia Solomon Islands, Somalia, and South Korea.
  • Cities: Manila (Philippines), Turin (Italy), Sydney (Australia), Manchester, Stockholm, Tokyo, Venice, York, Amsterdam, and Milan…
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