The Top Cancer Fashion Designers…

Elie Saab, Vera Wang, Oscar De La Renta and Armani to name a few!

Discover my favourite Cancer fashion designers here…

There’s a gentle refinement to those fashionistas born under this water sign.

Cancer Fashion Designers – Specialty: Weddings & White!

The  signature colour for Cancer is their lucky colour white, the classic shade used by Armani.

As a feminine water sign, Cancerian people are especially sensitive to the emotional needs of people.

Their focus is often on domestic and family issues. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Cancer is a sign synonymous with beautiful bridal dresses, which are often facilitated with the presence of a mother or bosom buddies present. Who better to smooth over familial settings than a sympathetic crab?

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Venus sits close, with harmony from Mars and Saturn too!

The wedding gown is traditionally ivory or white, too!

Elizabeth Emanuel is best known for her work creating Princess Diana’s iconic look on her big day. Vera Wang, Elie Saab, Alice Temperley and Oscar De La Renta too are big names in the world of wedding dresses.

Giorgio Armani Astrology!

Of all the Cancer fashion designers it’s Giorgio Armani who stands out.

Born on 11th July 1934 – and a New Moon – the iconic Italian boasts an impressive stellium in this water sign. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are assembled in the twelfth house of this ‘intensely private man’. In 2001, Armani was acclaimed as the most successful designer of Italian origin! According to family, he spends much of his time on his 200 ft yacht and loves sailing.

Top Cancer Fashion Designers

☆ Vera Wang 27th June 1949 ☆ Elie Saab 4th July 1964 ☆ Paul Smith 5th July 1946 ☆ Elizabeth Emanuel 5th July 1953 ☆ Nicholas Matthew Kirkwood 10 July 1980 ☆ Lazaro Hernandez 1978 ☆ Giorgio Armani 11th July 1934 ☆ Oscar de la Renta 22nd July 1932 ☆ Alice Temperley 22nd July 1975 ☆

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