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Christmas Horoscope! A Forecast For December 25th, 2021…

Discover what the holidays have in store with the Christmas Horoscope, with your starring role on this important day of fun and festivity!

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Good Tidings of great joy?

Messenger Mercury is trekking through Capricorn, with the Sun and pleasure planet Venus, now caught up Pluto’s snare…

Our desires may be insatiable, we may feel entangled in a power dynamic, tender or utterly seduced by present goings-on.

There’s no shying away from the hot topics that have been looming large: Politics, Pandemic and Pressing Issues!!

  • Moon in Virgo Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
  • Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 12.13 am EST Christmas Eve
  • Venus Retrograde conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn 6.38 am EST Christmas Day.

Note too lingering tension, with Saturn square Uranus giving a poignant reminder of this year’s struggles.

On the one hand we’re taking responsibility for human concerns, logical and even coolly detached, on the other change is coming…

Intensity smolders; Venus Retrograde meets Pluto yet again!


Venus is Retrograde in your tenth house, tight with Pluto – note how your reputation or image at large has been transformed (thanks to Pluto) and now what you really want. Give yourself time to re-evaluate your vocational life and outward aspirations.

It may be Christmas Day but you likely desire recognition for you long-term efforts, what you’ve achieved, accomplished over the long term…

You could also find collective interests are counter to money-making and what you’re driven to do that’s lucrative, practical or sensible…

Relationships… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your eleventh house, so community dealings and responsibilities are on your shoulders, as one of the wise, mature or reliable elders among friends (doing things properly).

Reflect on a sense of teamwork that’s been important to you this year: cultivating a sense of fellowship, camaraderie or simply showing awareness of the group, what’s going on in the world or your social scene.

Balance peer-to-peer relations, your circle and human concerns, upholding your part among your people yet note too new and progressive ways to handle money, earnings and your role…

Personal Growth… Your title, standing, professional life, brand or vocational direction may now seem like an intense issue, thanks to the combination of Venus (Retrograde) with-Pluto; RE-EVAULATE how you want to appear, the status you have, visibility and your ambitions.

Taking control over your sense of notoriety, and how you’re seen by others is likely a compelling matter to engage with. Note goal reached – and where the goal posts need to change!!!

With the Moon in Virgo you can feel at ease tending to your health, work and wellbeing – show you’re on point on Christmas Day and don’t have to neglect your duties or sense of efficiency…


Your ruler Venus is Retrograde in your ninth house, tight with Pluto – note how you’re deep diving into your beliefs, moral frameworks, business plans or denomination, even an educational course taken (or underway).

It may be Christmas Day but you likely desire something meaningful, with a heady reminder of a quest, venture or considerable feat undertaken! Look how far your outlook on the world has come, cultural, religious or global issues you’re facing, and review the wisdom amassed over time – does it still stand true and steadfast or can you tweak what you think you know?

You could also find your title or career path is counter to how you want to be present – remember it’s the holidays – cool off from the work emails!!

Relationships… With the Moon in Virgo you could be feeling romantic, amorous, or in the mood to have fun – be playful and put pleasure on your agenda, doing things differently or taking time out to question the people around you.

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus entwined with Pluto, it’s a good moment to lend your gaze to teachers or authorities from further afield, building with those that encourage you to broaden your outlook and educate yourself with a visionary outlook. And yet it’s not easy with your guide retrograde, expect there to be a process underway that forced you to dig deep into experiences.

Personal Growth… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your tenth house, so visibility around your public image, the responsibility taken in your outer life and reputation may be firmly on your shoulders.

Reflect on how you’ve stepped up in the last year, building toward your own success via professional advancement (climbing toward your aspirations) or even being seen on social media, getting married or gaining the status and title of mothers.

Yet note getting ahead, reaching toward your long-term goals and ambitions might need to be balanced with your own purpose or true persona – what you’re keen to embody and evoke solo.


Venus is Retrograde in your eighth house, tight with Pluto – note how what you borrow, loan or expect from others is under review, how you invest your time, energy, money and resources, or depend on people (a spouse, parent or elder, a boss or friend) and how this might change for the better…

It may be Christmas Day (a time of joy and revelry) but you likely desire a closer bond, and the sensation you can rely on others to pull through when you’re facing a testing time.

You could also find a process of education, expansion and experience is counter to a method used to rejuvenate or the need to awaken to tools that bring you peace – or closer to your dreams…

Relationships… Your personal commitments may seem tumultuous, with the desire to talk about what you’re keen to build, do or gain from a partnership.

Frustrations may arise if you sense you’re not getting what you want, and this may cause you or a partner to tighten your grip on what’s shared between you – space, children, money or a business.

Rather than getting het up over the holidays try to lean into logic and the sense that’s been prevailing through hard times. Things have likely turned out ‘OK’ despite adversity, and this is another chapter in the story… With the Moon in Virgo refuel on solid ground…

Personal Growth… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in ninth house, so a formal education or serious quest may have been formalized this year – remark and reflect at ways you’ve broadened your outlook, understanding and taken paths to wisdom seriously. Your beliefs may feel more considered, comprehensive, with greater clarity.

Yet, you could find projects, paths, projects or global plans are counter to a subtle, private trajectory; there may be ways you’re steadily escaping via the senses, indulging and behind the scenes at a slower, more sedentary pace.

Try to find the right blend of knowledge and friends who can bring you another perspective, and switching off into secretive affairs…


Venus is Retrograde in your seventh house, tight with Pluto – note how a relationship or negotiation process seems extra heightened and pertinent, give yourself (and others) a break with room to maneuver in one-to-ones.

The holidays are always emotional and sometimes hard (this year probably more than others); you likely desire a reliable partner or people around you that can be counted on, don’t be surprised if you find you’re questioning…

You could also sense responsibilities and long-term commitments are counter to the friendly community around you, peers or your network of changemakers!

Relationships… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your eighth house is encouraging you to pledge yourself or lean on others, coming together to unify, merge or bond. Reflect on ways you’ve developed trust, showing up in collaborations or agreements this year, willing to cultivate support when life is taxing.

Yet know formal private alliances must make sense in proximity to a buzzing social scene or circle of friends – your community endeavors or human interests may be considerable. You may be mingling or exposed to radical types, totally unfazed and unshockable but a firm alliance might not ‘get’ it.

Intensity is roused in one-on-one meetings, so that what you desire from others and where you feel controlled or dominated by another’s presence is potentially an issue… Navigate others using the tools in your back pocket…

Personal Growth… With the Moon in Virgo you can enjoy being in touch with those around you in your environment, with great focus on key people and the complex dynamic between you and others. Express yourself and be easy, comfortable and at one with kindred spirits and the rapport among you.

Lending, borrowing, collaborating and showing you’re to be trusted may be a slow process, one that doesn’t chime with your peers. Show your vulnerable side to someone special while covering exciting ground among the masses.


Venus is Retrograde in your systematic sixth house, tight with Pluto – note how your everyday practice, body rituals or the spirit of productivity has been transformed (thanks to Pluto) and now what you really want to do – how do you want to live? Perhaps sickness or a health kick has changed your body, and you’re now being invited to get to grips with your ideal…

It may be Christmas Day but you likely desire a healthy approach to your own upkeep and maintenance, bolstering all you’ve organized over the long term…

You could also find relationships with key individuals are counter to how you wish to be seen, either in a professional sense, or your reputation and the image portrayed (on social media or vocational achievements).

Relationships… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your seventh house, so it may be clear to see where you’ve made steady progress this year in your relationships and one-to-ones – reflect on the key people who have helped you grow and learn, cultivating a sense of balance, developing important unions. Go arm in arm with one person in particular or several figures.

Honor awareness of those on the horizon and all you’ve been through, yet note too new and progressive ways to make it in your field, career or outer world, claiming a title, accolade or even a moment of fame…

Personal Growth… Your habits, chores, employment or the relationship you have with your manager or “subservient helpers” (your employee or hairdresser, PA or gym buddy) may now seem intense, thanks to the combination of Venus (Retrograde) with-Pluto.

Your ‘best process’ and purpose may be undergoing a questioning process – take a long, hard look at the way you do things, and know there’s always room to improve. Tend to the details, without getting hung up on proving to yourself or others your way is ‘correct’.

With the Moon in Virgo you can feel at ease in your role, providing or rewarded, tending to your part with comfort and security. Show up with goods knowing you have something to offer, tangible or simply your presence.


Venus is Retrograde in your passionate, creative fifth house, tight with Pluto – note how your own interests dominate and consume you! There may be a person, hobby, plan or pursuit that’s making you smile but that’s also giving your heart strings a slightly uncomfortable pull..

This Christmas Day but you likely desire what you want and nothing less!!

You could also find work and health are counter to an alternative path or landscape you’re opening up to. Embracing a foreign perspective could interrupt logical, sensible order and your steady bid toward wellness…

Relationships… With the Moon in your own sign there may be reason to tend to your own needs first, and feed yourself before ladling out food to others! Or perhaps you’ll feel easy in the role of ‘mother hen’ and gather loved ones around.

As Venus comes across Pluto for a second glance, you might find you‘re deep diving into channels for personal gratification: your love life, sexuality and dating, fertility, baby-making and pregnancy, or perhaps there’s a potent desire towards your artistic talents, hobbies or a business side hustle.

Allow space for visionary ideas and breakthroughs in good company, with conversations that introduce wild and worldly concepts you’re keen on.

Just be mindful a regime or healthy living may weigh heavy – you’ve no doubt worked hard to cultivate a sense of efficiency, don’t forget!

Personal Growth… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your sixth house, implementing a sense of duty. Recall how you’ve toiled to manage and maintain, the way you’ve put organizational skills to good use, and tended to your job, health, wellbeing and all areas of life with steady consistency this year.

Your employment or day-to-day may have found its groove, with teammates or a manager to support you, an assistant, personal trainer, co-worker or even your pet to remind you of what’s essential as a constant.

Yet there’s potential to look beyond your norm, toward adventure, fun and a good time, so set aside mundane tasks for wanderlust.


Your ruler Venus is Retrograde in your fourth house, tight with Pluto – note how a deep dive into your family tree or your own domestic patterning has you captivated – see where your own approach to your homeland or household matters is muddied and in need of TLC or extra comfort!!

It’s Christmas Day, and you likely desire emotional resilience, with chains to the past (and parents) ready to be untethered, or some other control may be ready to be seized back. Re-evaluate your lineage and the history books, making space to appreciate where you’re from, too!

You could also find the formal approach or rules set up around your own happiness are counter to building something worthwhile with support of others, awakening to your own vulnerability, required to trust & work together.

Relationships… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your fifth house, so your fertility, love life and dating profile may have been formalized or taken seriously this year: meeting the one, having a baby, or becoming expert and proficient in the art of lovemaking…

Reflect on how you deal with your children, a creative venture (including a business plan), the way you have fun, how you protect your interests (+kids).

Balance passions yet note these are at odds with the sense of commitment that’s building, the way you’re pledging yourself, have agreed to co-parent, share the load or are beholden to certain people, parties or institutions…

Personal Growth… Your domestic life, household matters, family, parenting issues or your sense of security may now hold gravitas, your start in life, or a long-standing matter may be pertinent, with your ruling planet the star of the show today.

Venus meets domineering Pluto for a second time, perhaps you’ll double down your argument with a parent or feel trapped not able to visit home. Re-evaluate what you desire from the cast of caregivers or comforting people, places and things around you. With the Moon in Virgo you can take it easy, retreating from any drama to your own private sanctuary, hidden from view.


Venus is Retrograde in your third house, tight with Pluto – note how close kin, sibling ties and your local area have somewhat of a hold on you. There may be a communication issue that compels you to relate or connect, or maybe you’d rather control who can reach out on this day for family…

It’s Christmas Day and you likely desire people in your environment, yet you may have to tolerate certain people who dominate your inner circle… Or, there may be a friendship you’re eager to mend

You could also find you’re keen to gain solid footing but certain individuals make it hard to firmly follow through in the way you see fit.

Relationships… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your fourth house of family: parents, parenting issues, security and home foundations. Reflect on progress made in the realms of stability, security, and your inner world or private life.

The hidden realms of nesting, nurture and domestic life are tasking you with the feat of rooting yourself or putting pillars in place for the household you crave (including rules made as parents).

Just be aware a partner or someone you encounter may add contention, with dynamics between yourself and others adding tension! Close friends, immediate ties in your environment, or a sibling rivalry may feel intense!

Personal Growth… Stable emotions and a bid to formally address where you’re from (and all that encompasses) could be topical, with Saturn slowly trekking through the lowest sector of your horoscope, urging you to settle in your surroundings or pursue what’s familiar and secure.

But domestic priorities don’t necessarily create harmony, nor does Venus Retrograde, touching bruising Pluto – friendly conversations may be laced with something underlying that’s far more deeply meaningful, even toxic or seductive. With the Moon in Virgo you can feel at ease among your social scene, so allow a friendly setting or peers to fill in the gaps when chatter becomes a little too close for comfort…


Venus is Retrograde in your second house, tight with Pluto – note how money issues have a hold on you, how personal gains and the way you make a living or handle money is topical. Own up to your capabilities and value – stand in your power, while maintaining a sense of humility, open to change. Don’t let anyone dish out coal to you in your stocking!!!

It may be Christmas Day but you likely desire appreciation or recognition in your role… Your material world may be prominent–making a living, surviving, showing you’re self-sufficient, profiting or partaking in fiscal affairs…

You could also find communicating or relating to your environment is counter to the healthy, consistent changes you’re keen on following through with!

Relationships… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your third house of sibling ties and close connections, so your inner circle of friends and allies may be a theme, as well as your skills and aptitude – and rapport – among kindred spirits.

Reflect on ways you’ve cultivated a voice or formalized your mindset and opinions, thanks to progress made talking with those around you.

Work, health, wellness or your ritual practices may be the thing that now shakes up (and interrupts) your ability to make your way in your space…

Note the day-to-day regimes or habits (and new employment admin or schedules, or eating patterns) that

Personal Growth… Your finances may now seem like an intense issue, thanks to the combination of Venus (Retrograde) with-Pluto; RE-EVAULATE how you want to do, and your current resources, wealth and worth.

With the Moon in Virgo you can feel at ease tending to your reputation, seen and on display, or able to show up and do your bit this Christmas Day – even feeling ambitious in reaching toward your aspirations. Trust your open-mindedness when it comes to a better way of doing things ¬– even if you’re on some level doubting your assets there’s much now to boast about.

Grapple with the part you play and keep a hand on resources & rewards…


Venus is Retrograde in your first house, tight with Pluto – note how your look, your physical presence or purpose is highly influential and dominant, how you’re empowered and have permission to stand in your sovereignty.

It may be Christmas Day but you likely desire the spotlight; take control of your appearance and note how you’ve transformed, changed and shifting your priorities.

You could also find your role, or the handling of money is counter to creativity and good times! Joy and matters of the heart matter most – kids & playfulness!

Relationships… With Uranus shaking up ways you love, live and laugh (and generally enjoy yourself) your personal interests could seem captivating and distracting.

There’s potential for unusual or erratic excitement, as you’re awakened to your sexuality, a new field of dating or entertainment, even a different type of suitor or approach to your lover.

Focus on what feels good, while also being open to change. With Venus arm-in-arm with Pluto looking deep within yourself may be arresting, a potent experience that forces you to look at the reality of who you are! What you want at a very profound level is pertinent and worth the time… Think about it independently.

Personal Growth… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your second house, with progress likely made around your value, worth and wealth, managing your income, savings & what you have, thanks to this steady hand in your zone of finances.

Trust steps taken to secure yourself and your material life, to sustain yourself or invest. Yet note tangible earnings or immaterial purchases are counter to your capacity to enjoy life’s simple pleasures – passions, sex, sports, fun and fertile stirrings aren’t something that can be acted upon while occupied with what you do and ways you make a living.

Balance building your value, rewards and compensation but break off to pursue, games, merriment, self-expression, playful affections – and JOY.


Venus is Retrograde in your private twelfth house, tight with Pluto – note how mysterious situations that have eluded you beg your attention once again; gaze gently into your blind spot, unafraid to see what resides there.

It may be Christmas Day but you likely desire space and closure, with so much going on at a subtle level – even you might be oblivious, lest for a waiting game you’re playing that’s impossible to ignore!

You could also find the formal approach you’re personally taking and your solo plans are counter to a process offline, underway in your blind spot!

Relationships… You might now be faced with the inner workings and mechanics of you Aquarius, with the alluring mix of Venus and Pluto in your sector of sleep, dreams, surrender and selflessness – the healing zone of catharsis and limbo.

Give in to what’s now pulling you under, knowing these liminal spaces and well-worn groves in the shadows. With the Moon in Virgo you can rely on others and lean on those to guide you when you falter – certain folk may be useful to you, as excitement in your space bolsters the process behind closed doors. You’ve come so far, this is just another chapter in your story – see it through to the end!!

Personal Growth… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your first house, so your own maturity and wisdom is something to behold. The past year has been one for the books – review how you’ve dealt with hard knocks, taken risks and followed your own unique path, learning, growing, pursuing your own agenda, setting up an outline or framework for enduring, long-term success with firm plans grounded in realism…

Others likely look at you with awe now, yet balance what you’re taking seriously, your own responsibilities and note these are at odds with domestic changes, shakeups at home or a switch up to your space and even something different in the way you feed or nurture yourself…

Your independence may be resolute and non-negotiable but household issues may pepper your day!


Venus is Retrograde in your eleventh house, tight with Pluto – note how the people in the world around you, your fellows, those in your clan or society have transformed (your part and the people you find yourself among). You may have a changed outlook on friends and your people, on a social platform or the way you address the masses, which is still undergoing fine tuning.

It may be Christmas Day but you likely desire a rich interaction within the social life you’ve built – your industry or network of peers.

You could also find ways you recharge, approach your dreams and retreat with time out is counter to the likely and exciting connection you crave.

Relationships… With the Moon in Virgo – and your house of partners – there may be ease relating to one person this Christmas Eve, yet Venus in the arms of Pluto suggests your social life may be intensified – a drama in your circle of friends or society may overwhelm, seduce, or captivate your attention.

Allow community settings to garner your attention without getting dragged under by the issues of the moment – note neighbors who are easy to relate to, your language skills and ways you’ve shaken-up the way you label, talk or address those around you, with awareness of current trends and the future!

Personal Growth… Stern taskmaster Saturn is established in your twelfth house, giving you reason to pause this year – review how you’ve dealt with isolation or a situation that’s set you at a distance. You may have taken time and space to tend to (mental health) issues or matters that set you apart from others (including tending to a partner’s needs).

You may have been preparing or isolating, gestating or felt siloed off (quarantined or in a holding pen or waiting room). Charity, sacrifice and escapism may have been a theme, spirituality, surrender, and surreptitious dealings…

And yet certain key connections have likely awakened you to radical thoughts and topics of conversation that leave you feeling fully charged. Balance serious closure and distance and the voice and part among friends you have – the message that’s unique and surprises!!

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