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Christmas Horoscope! A Forecast For December 25th, 2020…

Discover what the holidays have in store with the Christmas Horoscope, with your starring role on this important day of fun and festivity!

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Happy Holidays! Or will they be?

(Asteriod Eris and) Ardent Mars is square to Pluto in Capricorn, so that any grinding issues raised over the past six months may be well and truly on our radar… There’s spark, spontaneity and even controversy in conversation too!

  • Moon in Taurus (met Uranus 7.54 pm EST yesterday – Christmas Eve) 
  • Mercury in Capricorn sextile Uranus in Taurus (1.55 am EST)
  • Mars in Aries still square Pluto in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn harmonizes with Uranus in Taurus – and Moon moves through Taurus too for a total five planets in earth – making ties (travel, talking & tech) feel easy but also radically charged!

Disruption, change and progress in conversation come quickly.

We can think of ideas and notions, and connect to projects, plans and movements that are ahead of their time; digital advances can be embraced (particularly food, fashion, finances, farming, agriculture); old, traditional institutions (Capricorn) can use the holidays to update.

Time to adopt new way of doing things (sustainable materials, boys wearing makeup, meat free burgers!), maybe business embraces contactless payments: a new look for outdated systems is easily assimilated with a quick, practical change.

Venus is in Sagittarius and warrior like Mars moves through Aries, so there’s a double dose of fire in play, and as Saturn and Jupiter stand at the initial degree of Aquarius there’s significant emphasis in air, too!


With Mars in your sign you could be ready player one this holiday season, but mind that the red-hot driver is still square to Pluto, prominent in your house of visibility, success, advancement and vocational life. Rather than charge ahead with veracious energy, settle petal.

The Moon is in languid, stable Taurus – so indulge and enjoy the festivities!!!

Thankfully, there’s ease & harmony in conversation when you put on grown up attire, particularly around the practicalities of your accomplishments…

Mercury – in your house of career and professional appearances – makes harmonious ties to Uranus in your zone of material gains; talking about your long-term goals and your vision of success chimes well with your personal contribution, so that you’re looked upon with impressed glances for all you’ve achieved!

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

You could be in the mood to go your own way, Aries, with warrior-like Mars in your sign blazing his trail helping you assert yourself and feel confident, perhaps even full of yourself. But dominating Pluto (and the Sun & Mercury) in your house of outwards success, notoriety, advancement & career could create power struggles, or present control issues…

Watch for self-will in overdrive!!

Venus in Sagittarius may encourage a gregarious tone to friendships and love, the pursuit of adventure, fun and games… Spread your wings but consider your reputation or long-standing goals, too. Balance being fully autonomous, liberated and free while respecting traditional frameworks…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

“Put your money where your mouth is!”

2020 has perhaps delivered a ‘lucky streak’ in business, for your climb to the top! It’s been a year that’s seen expansive Jupiter soar through your accomplished tenth house earning you a title or seeing a stellar reputation cemented.

With ties between communicator Mercury in Capricorn and progressive maverick Uranus today, you could be thinking and considering next moves on a path an ambitious direction that’s lucrative or confidence inducing.

Your material, tangible rewards (and self-sufficiency) are sparkling and alight with potential on this inspiring day of thought…. Plan for success!


The Moon moves through your own sign today, Taurus, while, the Sun and Mercury are alight in Capricorn and your house of global ventures, personal development, truth seeking, education, and beliefs.

Set your sights on a quest, journey, or specialist knowledge you’ve cultivated, and allow the conversation to find itself in the realms of your own experience. Talking over what inspires you, what’s left to learn, and what you’ve traversed or ground covered thus far is positive terrain…

Easy ties to Uranus in your sign could give you a restless quality, as you affirm your personal part in a broader project or endeavors – note you might be abuzz with bright ideas and genius suggestions now…

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

You could be rounding off a process behind the scenes in your private life, Toro, with Mars in your gestational twelfth house of closure, surrender, prep & gestation. Meanwhile your ruling planet Venus is also in a fire sign, so that astrology’s lovers are well placed to allow for shifts in the emotional realms…

With the Moon in your sign you could be feeling sensitive, keen to meet your needs, present with those around you, particularly with communicator Mercury in an engaging, thought provoking sector of the skies…

Find the balance between enthusiastic blue sky thinking, lofty, philosophical conversation that shows you’re progressive, and sitting this round out…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

There are ties between the transactional communicator and go-between Mercury, and rebel disruptor Uranus in your sign, which has the potential to tap into subjects, people, places and things that are able to help you broaden your horizons, and go the distance, Taurus.

Capricorn Season encourages you to focus on travel, truth seeking, worldly and legal endeavors – your moral stance or alternative perspective that require knowledge, experience, education or ‘another outlook’…

Thanks to planets moving through this sector in 2020 you have likely engaged with a generous helping of faith, new interests, publishing, spreading your wisdom or engaging with specialist subjects. Today, elevate them at the table, talking and discussing how far you’ve wandered from your starting point… Stumble on adventures, wanderlust, and your dreams!


Easy ties between Mercury and Uranus in your secretive twelfth house of private processing offers the potential for tectonic shifts behind the scenes –you might be able to comprehend, think about, consider and discuss hardships endured this year – in or out of partnership. Sacrifices made or bridges built.

Sun & Mercury in Capricorn – and your committed eighth house – could now emphasize collaborators that are willing to go the distance, or circumstances that lend focus towards deepening trust – following through with a legacy, bond, or mutual gains in mind.

You may find there are surprising emotional breakthroughs – acknowledge support systems that have endured this year, circumstances, relationships and structures that have held strong…

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Your private life is activated during Capricorn Season, Gemini, as the Sun tours your intimate, erotic eighth house of bonds, investments & unification, an area that’s dominated 2020, with issues such as marriage or commitment to others, showing up and following through, and awareness of your mortality, and, what you can accomplish solo – and where a plus one is preferable.

Today in particular there’s a need to submit and yield to a process that’s pertinent, as thoughtful Mercury harmonizes with Uranus the awakener, now accompanied by the Moon in your cathartic twelfth house of rest and retreat.

That’s not to say that you won’t be your engaging self though, Twin!

With Venus in your house of partners (and Mars in your social eleventh house) you’ll likely be arm in arm with a friend, lover, or enjoying the company of a fun mate – and friendship circles could be dynamically charged!

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

The Moon moves through Taurus, and your low-key, restful house of retirement, escapism, and the elusive psychic realms. You may need to chill out, rest or go rogue – you may find you’re unable to play by the rules and need to act out or turn in to get some space and switch off…

Your ruling planet Mercury makes ties to Uranus in this unconscious zone of closure, so that something might be on your mind – either a matter you can’t quite put a finger on that’s bugging you, or that you’re compelled to discuss and think about. A restless mood is in the stars…

Focus on being vulnerable with others, trust or show up and show loyalty – or anticipate that others will be there for you, come what may.


Your ruling celestial guide, the Moon moves through Taurus, lending you the potential to be at ease among your friends, allies, community members or a circle of peers – you could feel encouraged to be a part of a social scene or movement that inspires as the holiday cheer is in session!

Ties between communicator Mercury in your relationship house boosts one-to-ones, and having had a significant 2020 for this subject matter (developing boundaries with a partner, taking unions or solo encounters seriously), you may now feel expert at handling people in any kind of setting.

Notice what comes up in conversation, and be open to radical folk, places and interests – you might come across a new and exciting pocket of people or a social cause that lets you fit in nicely (including online)! It’s also a great day to be CHARITABLE and go and help out in your community…

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Capricorn Season allows you to focus on others, now Crab, with the light of the brightest star (Sun) in your house of partners, & personal relations.

Now, with communicator Mercury also in this sector of engagement you could be ready to listen – and hear – what others have to say.

As there are easy ties and harmony between Uranus and the transactional messenger, news could come from out of the blue – or what you need to listen carefully to may be delivered via friends, peers or community members…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

With the Moon in Taurus and your house of collective concerns, humanitarian hopes and dreams, social engagement and crowd endeavors could be what you’re drawn towards today, so that you might want to celebrate the holiday with friends!

The Sun and Mercury alight in Capricorn and your house of partnerships making easy ties to Uranus in Taurus, so you can agree on where to go.

However bossy Mars is square to Pluto (in Capricorn &) this may be one thorn in your side that draws attention.

The fire signs are activated, with Venus in Sagittarius and your house of health and work, and Mars prominently placed in the most visible, notorious house of your horoscope.

Get along with the gang, and let any battles blow over – particularly those that have an overtone of a power struggle. Your growth lies in your capacity to be a part of the crowd, not dominated by strong characters (but not fighting them either).


Moon moves through the prominent, visible house of your horoscope, while, the Sun is shining in Capricorn, accompanied by Mercury (and powerhouse Pluto); the messenger planet aligns with change maker Uranus, also in Taurus… This earthy signature in the stars suggests potential for connection to (or acknowledgement of) a shake-up to your reputation or image – from CEO to mother, from girl to woman, from materialist to eco warrior, from Queen to retired monarch, from meat eater to plant based…!

Embrace the change that’s in the air, willing to talk over the details today, as master Mercury makes his way through your organized house of management, health, vocational efforts and wellbeing.

But note that enthusiasm and an adventurous streak doesn’t sit well with these practical discussions – Mars moves through your ninth house of philosophy and unfamiliar terrain square to Pluto, which could throw a spanner in the works!

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Affable, likeable, love planet Venus is now transiting a fellow fire sign, emphasizing your passions, affections and personal gratification, Leo! The people, places and things you find fun or adorable are likely yours to engage and play with – from hobbies, games, interests and your kids, to a romantic match and your love life that’s now wildly glowing!

Ardent Mars in your house of projects, ventures, and heady risk taking also inspires you to move in the direction of your dreams, but controlling Pluto slams on the breaks. Just because your heart is full and hotly charged, doesn’t mean you’ve to avoid the details and daily duties… Balance fun and protocol.

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

Capricorn Season is your time to spotlight the way you keep running like a well-oiled machine, Leo, as your celestial guide, the Sun moves through your organized, busy house of health, work, wellbeing and ritual.

Today, Mercury – also in this sector – makes friendly ties to Uranus in Taurus and the highest house of your horoscope, which could lead to thoughts, considerations, or realizations about the direction you’re headed…

What are the small practices already employed that help you appear at your best, Lion? What have you experienced in 2020 that’s taught you how to live well, body, mind, spirit and environment? Identify marvelous methods for ensuring you’re equipped to follow through with goals and ambitions!


Your ruling planet Mercury is activated in fellow earth sign Capricorn and your fifth house of fertility, conception and creativity… As the Sun tours this sign it’s a month to engage with the people, places and things you adore or interests that make your heart face faster – in a good way! Focus on fun, entertainment, love and engage in opportunities for creative expression!

Meanwhile the Moon moves through Taurus today, and your house of higher education and thought, of philosophy, publishing, and visionary ventures – travel, truth-seeking, and conquering unfamiliar terrain…

Maverick Uranus in this sector now experiences harmony from the messenger and go-between Mercury, so that you might think about your ability to put heart into something wonderful, remarkable, or game changing…

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Sun and Mercury make their way through the most amorous, sexy, heart centered house of your horoscope, allowing you to elevate personal pleasure and gratification – following what’s fun and feels good!

You may have worked hard at refining and brushing up on your ability to express yourself in creative, artistic ways, and connect to a lover or mate with a more considered sexual connection, too. You may have taken fertility and children more seriously in 2020, or had a formal approach to dating!

Now, you can begin to really lean into the benefits of your labor and be inspired to broaden your outlook and viewfinder! Someone totally different and foreign might now come on your radar to awaken you to the possibilities…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

Easy ties between Mercury & Uranus create flow and heightened imagination around the possibilities of your personal expansion, Virgo. For example, putting a creative venture online, learning more about a beloved hobby, faith, or passion, or playing a well tuned instrument for a global audience!

However, ardent Mars now moves through an intense house of your horoscope, with a drive to cement ties and cultivate a strong sense of loyalty, and this could make the enjoyable side of life feel a little more urgent and compelling, motivating you to commit – and demanding others do the same.

Try not to push too hard or start a fire. While it’s natural to want to secure yourself you must navigate unification with tact.


The Moon moves through Taurus, putting you in the mood to bond, merge, unify and go the distance.

Easy ties between busy Mercury and Uranus (also in the Bull’s sign) and your house of private investments and mutual gains lends great potential to talk over serious considerations – for example your joint finances, shared space, co-parenting, or commitments; to discuss and chat about the practical ties you have, and obligations to others – particularly when tied to family, home life, lineage & ancestry…

2020 may have been a big year for your sense of security, your homeland, sense of place – where you’re from and how you feel nourished, nurtured and safe, and general house hold matters. Now, you can talk about these subjects with ease to those you’re entangled with…

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Your ruler Venus now tours Sagittarius and your third house of local ties, so that you might want to spend good times with a sister, neighbor, or coworker, or those closest to you, relishing the sensation of being in touch with those similar to you and your outlook on life. Or, you might want to call and be in touch on this day of festivity – facetiming and reaching out to those in your surroundings and local environment.

Those near and dear might be fuel for fun and even romance!

Mars in your house of partners only serves to add fuel to the fire, stirring up heady intrigue, but be mindful that the red hot planet squares Pluto in Capricorn, so that family life and your ideal domestic setting may be wildly interrupted by your plus one…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

Capricorn Season is your month to consider your family line with the Sun’s bright rays on the hidden house of home life and inner emotional fortitude.

This is something you’ve no doubt been taking seriously: land, heritage, traditions and the past, stability and comfort, with the inclination to ground yourself and those under your care with realism.

Now, with thoughtful Mercury making easy ties to Uranus, usher in brainwaves and bright notions that allow you to trust or approach issues of loyalty with fresh insight – open to new ways of sharing the load with a partner or outside investor!! What do you stand to gain that can improve life in your household, or your approach to emotions, parenting & the past?


It’s a day for communication, ideas, brainstorming & understanding, Scorpio, as the sensitive, fluctuating Moon moves through your opposite sign (Taurus), and clever Mercury (in your house of contact, neighbors, news & navigation) makes easy ties to Uranus, also in this house of one-to-ones and partnering…

Engage with those in your environment, reach out to local connections and make your way! Notice the reception you get, anticipate inspiring encounters with folk that are different, unconventional or go against the grain.

Hear what sounds like a good idea, open to ground breaking notions that are progressive even if they’re uncomfortable and shake up old ways of thinking.

Don’t be so busy or occupied with health and helping out that you miss what’s being said by those in your inner circle – keep your ear to the ground!

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Uranus now appears in your house of one-to-ones and ‘others’, and with easy ties to Mercury conversation could be seamless, with effervescent vibrations & buzzing energy around those you engage with.

Your zone of contact, communication, language, writing and mobilization is in the spotlight during Capricorn Season so realize your capacity to talk over important issues with those before you. One person in particular has the potential to inspire your thoughts, or introduce themselves as a maverick mover and shaker in your usual environment making waves – and creating electricity! Speak up and make the connection!

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

It may be a holiday but you’re likely not stepping too far from a sense of work and duty or your energized regime, with Mars in your zone of health, wellbeing and daily life spurring on your efforts and lifestyle choices.

But the red-hot planet comes to blows with Pluto in your house of speech, sibling, and local connections, so that your driven, direct qualities may not sit well with social engagement – close knit community and best friends.

Don’t be surprised if criticism comes your way (or power struggles are sparked), and consider that those that are complaining simply want you to be part of the conversation…


The Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn and your house of wealth, material possessions, and belongings, making it an ideal time to focus on what you can do, build, develop and draw attention to the ways you sustain yourself.

You’ve likely worked hard to accomplish so much this year in the tangible realms, today you can reflect and talk about this feat, knowing the hardship of a financial hurdle is largely behind you…

Easy ties between thoughtful, clever Mercury and Uranus in your house of health and wellbeing could awaken you to new ways of operating that are ground breaking game changers, particularly for your rituals and sense of efficiency! Be open to suggestions from those around you, particularly when it comes to better lifestyle choices…

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Venus – amorous, flirty and fun loving – moves through your sign so that you could be feeling attractive and even a little insatiable!

Love is no doubt on your radar with Mars in your fun fifth house and the goddess of love beating fast – note the desire to steer attention your way and the drive towards personal gratification, pleasure and hot and heady fun!

And yet with the sensitive Moon in practical Taurus and your sixth house of ritual, routine, health, purification and employment, you might feel inclined & in the mood to prove yourself helpful… See how stability meets your needs!

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

Magnetic, powerful Pluto is established in ambitious Capricorn, and in 2020 has been accompanied by slow moving Saturn and expansive growth planet Jupiter, all three having considerable effect on your role, input, and financial standing.

The trio in your house of personal resources and wealth may have forced you to dig deep where possessions were concerned and in your approach to your personal value, your contribution, and your practical stride.

Now, as Mars is square to Pluto you may be feeling spontaneous and keen to have fun. But, romantic, heady notions don’t necessarily sit well with work and your money or pay packet, which is perhaps protected under lock & key…


It’s Capricorn Season – your time to shine! A time to embody your presence, persona and successes, Mountain Goat, and all that matters to you…

The thoughtful connector, articulate messenger Mercury moves through your sign, too, and today makes easy ties to wild card Uranus in your playful, fun, fifth house of amorous conception, love, the arts, children & creative plans.

Satiate your artistic side and have a party!!! The Moon too moves through indulgent, fertile Taurus and this zone of feasting and entertainment, joyful expression & pleasure seeking. Draw attention to people, places & things you adore and have a good time!

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

It’s a refreshing day for love, and matters of the heart Capricorn, so stay open to uplifting, surprising, even slightly erratic notions and affections that come to you from out of leftfield.

Mercury is tied to disruptive maverick Uranus – surprising and unusual – now in your fertile house of love, sexuality, lusty pursuits & pleasure seeking.

Bring about fresh thinking, inspired by those that are different from your usual type. Could you fall in love with the underdog? Is the person that’s winning your heart an oddball? Or are you starting to do a 180 in your affections? Swipe right on that app or find fun online with this influence in your sex sector! Perhaps you’re happily single and considering technology to help kick start baby making or orgasms… Be inspired by what’s possible…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

Though the day is exciting, with creative spark and radical opportunities for fun that appear to be on offer for you personally, you might also want to check yourself a little, as there’s a chance you’re tied up and tangled in elusive, confusing affairs…

Venus – planet of money, matchmaking, and meeting our desires – now shimmy’s through your twelfth house of secrets and underhand maneuvers, while Mars is driving ahead in your emotional fourth house.

Though today is full of potential, you might also find you’ve a frustrating sticking point in the sensitive realms of family, household matters, or life under your roof. Don’t be too reactive on this festive day… You could be involved in the cross hairs and will want to minimize any catastrophes or fallouts!


The Sun lights up your solitary twelfth house of closure, prep, gestation and pregnancy, so that anticipation and escapism is high. You might be focused on work behind the scenes, grappling with all that’s passed in 2020 and what’s shifted around and beneath you.

Meanwhile the Moon moves through Taurus, and your domesticated, hidden fourth house of land, lineage and emotional life; it’s a day to gain steady footing and to talk about what you might need at home.

Communicator Mercury – also in Capricorn – encourages you to discuss breaking new ground underfoot or the ushering in of change. You may be intuitive around matters at home, from picking up on a good time to move or relocate, to knowing what family need or what to eat, keeping the home fires burning. Slip into self-care mode for you and those that count, yielding to a moment of calm respite – a lull.

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Despite heavy emotional lifting you can have fun with friends today, Aquarius.

Venus now moves through Sagittarius – and your social eleventh house – steering you towards friends and group engagements. Notice a desire to come together with your crew, & mingle, concerned with collective pleasures.

Meanwhile Mars appears in your zone of local engagement, so you could be keen to make ties with close, tight knit kin – brothers, sisters, and you inner circle of trust, local contacts. Just note that with Pluto in the shadowy hidden realms creating a square in today’s skies, you might not get the resounding, warm connection you seek…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

Capricorn Season is a month to rejuvenate and go inwards, Aquarius, your personal hibernation month as the Sun tours your escapist twelfth house and presents all kinds of elusive, confusing matters to deal with & heal from.

From tending to a sick relative or partners’ priorities, to overcoming your own unconscious addictions or tendencies – surrendering, waving goodbye to the past–including relationships that no longer serve you…

Thoughtful Mercury now accompanies the Sun in Capricorn and makes harmonious ties to Uranus in your zone of hidden emotional matter, the fourth house of family life, parenting, place and home.

Issues that pertain to security, how you settle and find yourself grounded in situ are full of potential now, awakening or shaking up old issues for examination – tune into your imagination and intuition to tap into what will help you feel you’re right within your four walls…


The Moon appears in your house of news, neighbors and navigation today, Pisces, bringing you together with close peers, best friends and siblings to break bread, and chew the cud! If you’re not spending the holidays with sisters, brothers or close kin, do pick up the phone on this special day!

Communicator Mercury makes ties to innovative Uranus so that it’s a potentially easy time to make the connection. Not only can you contact those immediate, local ties, consider too the alliances you have in broader social settings – strike up conversations in your network of peers! Talk it over and expect some surprising engagement – including online!

Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

Allow the spotlight to land on friends and your connection to others, Pisces!

The Sun is alight in Capricorn and your community zone, accompanied by swift navigator Mercury, who now makes ties to electric progressive, planet Uranus. The way you say what you have to say – and speak up – could be well received by your crew!

Push the envelope forwards, breaking new ground with what you’re willing to broach in conversation, and notice the platforms and communication skills you’re tapped into. You may have a unique tone or sense of expression that really makes sense to ‘your people’, so make a strong, radical announcement that brings you together… Think teamwork and hopes for humanity, too…

Contemplate your path to Personal Growth…

Venus in Sagittarius tours your prominent house of outward appearances, so you could be focused on making a good impression in the world at large, getting ahead fuelled by praise, advancing with success and accomplishments.

You may desire a resounding reputation, a professional post or title that’s seen, or you maybe stoking your career ambitions, to arrive on top! Heady Mars appears in your zone of personal gain, elevating this theme of rewards, with a focus or drive towards tangible proof of your efforts.

However, this might not go down well with friends, reflected by the Mars Pluto square in today’s skies…

Despite an established circle, network, peer group or alliances, your heady approach to money (or making a living) could rub some people the wrong way. Be mindful taking overt action around your role, accumulation or possessive streak in front of your community – or even showing off what you have online…

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