Constellation Cleaning: The Best Cleaning Task For Each Zodiac Sign

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From dusting to mopping, there are so many weekly cleaning tasks, it can often feel overwhelming.

But why not look to the stars for motivation on where to start and the cleaning task best suited to you?

An indecisive Gemini might enjoy cleaning glass surfaces, while the sensible and practical Taurus is best suited to cleaning the cleaning equipment!

Award-winning British design company Joseph Joseph spoke with Astrologer Emily Thornton of Solar Sister Tarot, to create a handy guide on the perfect cleaning and star sign pairing…

Aries – Laundry

As a fire sign, Aries have a lot of energy and can initiate new projects but this can also work to their detriment as they may jump to a new task without having properly finished the last. This can leave them feeling frustrated and may even put them off cleaning altogether so it’s best to break tasks down into smaller, more manageable projects.

Aries are most likely to enjoy doing the laundry as there are many steps between emptying the dirty clothes basket to putting the clean clothes back into the wardrobe. They can break the chore down into small tasks, undertaken throughout the day, and still have the satisfaction of a clean home come nightfall.

Taurus – Cleaning cleaning equipment

Taurus’ are very grounded, practical and sensible which makes sense, being one of the three earth signs but they do have a tendency to be on the lazy side. They know the value of keeping a clean home and will schedule their weekly clean. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury and sensuality meaning they don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning even though they are very good at it.

Cleaning their cleaning equipment is a task they enjoy the most because it means they can take things at a slower pace and properly get the job done. Nothing is more satisfying for this star sign than a deep thorough clean and where better to start than with cleaning the cleaning equipment?

Gemini – Cleaning glass surfaces

With twin personalities, Gemini’s can never make up their mind and are easily distracted. But when it comes to cleaning, they’re generally quite good at keeping on top of chores, seeing it as quality ‘me’ time.

They are the ultimate communicators and generally prefer cleaning in short shape bursts so cleaning mirrors is their perfect go-to. If there’s no one
around to gossip with, they can chat to themselves in the mirror meaning they will have an easier time seeing the task through.

Cancer – Changing bed sheets

Being a water sign, Cancers are hypersensitive but also very homely. They’re very good at cleaning but not so great at clearing, meaning the benchtop may look spotless but open a kitchen drawer and it will be overflowing with utensils. Therefore, cleaning can become overwhelming and an emotional trap if they’re not mentally prepared to let go.

As they’re very house-proud and treat their home as an escape from the outside world, this Zodiac sign most enjoys changing the bedsheets. Because what better feeling is there than jumping into bed with some fresh sheets? Plus, you very rarely have to throw away a pair of old bedsheets – a long cycle wash with some good detergent and fabric softener will have them coming up like new every time.

Leo – Washing the dishes

A Leo generally prefers delegating cleaning tasks while they undertake more exciting activities. That said, they do clean but generally only when it’s really needed. Their pride won’t let them live in filth, even if that means paying for a cleaner to come and do the dirty work for them.

As they are fiercely proud and confident, and at times a little theatrical, cleaning the dishes is their natural-born cleaning task. Not only does having the dishes done give you the illusion of a clean house but Leo’s can also undertake the chore while listening to their favourite playlist to make it all the more exciting.

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Virgo – Mopping the floors

Virgo is an earth sign historically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. Virgos are frequently natural, kind and sympathetic meaning they’re always thinking about the consequences of their actions and are more likely to opt for natural cleaning ingredients to protect the environment.

Simple, straightforward and no-nonsense, Virgo’s favourite chore is mopping the floors because there simply isn’t anything more grounding. They do have a lot of mental energy and at times can be perfectionists so getting into every little nook and cranny to clean can have a calming effect on their mood.

Libra – Delegating tasks

Libra is an air sign represented by scales making them obsessed with harmony and symmetry but this doesn’t necessarily translate when it comes to cleaning. They are a Cardinal sign meaning they are the ‘ideas’ people of the Zodiac but also never want to be the bad person so they take this role with an air of caution. A Virgo might try to take over as they’re perfectionists but stick with a Libra for a more peaceful time. They will keep everyone happy by congratulating them on what a great job they’ve done.

Libra’s are, however, very intelligent and don’t really believe in following social conventions so they’d most enjoy organising the cleaning with a team and delegating tasks. This will help put them at ease as they can see the mess and clutter disappear, helping restore the space to its original harmony.

Scorpio – Organising

There are very few people who can compete with Scorpios when it comes to keeping your house in order. They’re very deep and thoughtful and this is reflected in their day-to-day tasks. This star sign thrives off responsibility and being in control, making them very practical and efficient when it comes to cleaning.

Organising comes naturally because they can get lost in creating something beautiful. As they are most comfortable working alone and in private, organising is perfect as it’s a quiet and concentrated task. They are great at organising anything arty from books, to record collections and photographs – they would relish in the deep meaningfulness of it all.

Sagittarius – Gardening

For Sagittarius’, cleaning isn’t a top priority because there are so many other exciting things going on in the world, who has the time for it? That said, Sagittarius’ aren’t necessarily slobs but they won’t do the cleaning until they’ve run out of clean clothes or dishes.

Gardening is most likely to be the chore they enjoy the most because it can be done outside in the fresh air. They seek wanderlust and would enjoy being able to gaze up at the blue skies and feel the sun kiss their skin.

Capricorn – Sweeping

The most responsible, hardworking, and disciplined among your stellar brethren, Capricorn’s are likely to be a great and organised cleaner. You know what it takes to have a clean house and are willing to put in the time and effort to get your space looking spick and spam. However, they can be quite competitive and will often seek out praise.

With high energy, drive and motivation this star sign is most likely to enjoy sweeping the floors. Well, maybe not the actual task but they’ll love the feeling of reward after every last inch of flooring has been swept.

Aquarius – Dusting

Aquarius is the last air sign of the Zodiac moulded by fierce independence and a grounding attitude. They have their own way of doing things and clean up nicely on their own schedule. But their humanitarian side also means they’re very compassionate so they don’t mind helping others clean or getting down into the nitty-gritty of their own space.

Dusting, therefore, is the perfect chore for this star sign as they can take it at their own pace and use a technique best suited for them – whether that be using a microfibre cloth or feather duster, the options are endless. Plus, it’s not a task everyone enjoys so they’re happy to offer up your services and reap praise in return.

Pisces – Cleaning the bath

Being the last constellation of the Zodiac, Pisces are very wise having learned all the lessons from the other star signs. They’re the most intuitive, sensitive and empathetic sign of the entire Zodiac. Although they’re whimsical and dreamy that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll neglect real-world cleaning. In fact, their bubbly energy means they’re willing to throw themselves into any task with enthusiasm and optimism.

Pisces preferred chore is cleaning the bath because they generally like to spend a lot of time in the water. Bath bombs and other materials can be hard to remove so they’ll feel properly rewarded once it’s scrubbed clean and they can relax in a bubble bath after a long day of cleaning.

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