Your December Horoscope 2023…

Shine a light on this months astrology, with a look at the weeks ahead!

Your forecast for the month ahead, read your December Horoscope for inspiration!


Throughout the month there’s a strong emphasis on developing your awareness, gaining an outside perspective, Aries. The Sun and your ruler Mars tour your adventurous ninth house of growth, worldly connections, truth seeking and higher education. Look further afield for opportunities (and to the people) that await you, aim your arrows high…

Head to far flung places, with projects and plans that beckon, and ways to expand or grow.

By the end of the month you’ll be keen to make your mark in the world, affirming just how far you’ve come!


There’s a strong emphasis this month on trust, developing relationships, and taking your commitments further. Evaluate your obligations, where you might broach loyalty. Look to people, places and things worth your time, focus, money and effort.

A key collaborator could present a mutually beneficial arrangement. Be sure to lean into investments and collaboration!




Planets in Sagittarius signal your time to tend to your work, health or general wellbeing (or something specific, that sees you avoiding sickness). Set about the system upgrades, admin, chores, your role and regime with enthusiasm and focus! Look to maintain wellness, chores & activities busily setting to the tasks.

Routines, health and wellbeing are spotlighted in practical terms, making this a time to bring order and organization in everyday life, doing what you can…

Follow your regular schedule and practices, your role or day job.


December is your time to shine a light on your playful, creative side – on children, fun, dating, and conceptualization. Look into your heart with the spotlight landing on your capacity to express yourself through different mediums. Be inspired to have fun and say yes to artistic highs and joy!

This is your romantic house of love, dating, fertility, sex and personal gratification, so it’s an awesome time to focus on what brings you pleasure and happiness.

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Do something to make yourself laugh and get your heart rate up, indulging in entertainment or rigorous exercise ¬– getting together with a friend or sending funny memes!


It could seem like a time to settle or hone in on family, your space, body, surroundings and self-care, Virgo.

December invites you to look toward home life, nesting and your foundations, as the roots and base of your horoscope is spotlighted. Connect to parenting, the past, all that’s hidden from view within your four walls.

Focus on your property or start in life.


With the Sun in Sagittarius it’s your time to appreciate kindred spirits, those around you in your local environment. Focus on news sources and neighbors–how you’re able to navigate, communicate and make your way. Look to maintain warm ties, hangout with folk in your area!


Planets in Sagittarius signal your time to tend to your earnings, building, developing and lending focus to what’s in hand. Acknowledge your money-making potential. Look to financial affairs and where you might improve your spending or role. There may be attention on your bank balance, material trappings, spending and the matter of your own resources, capabilities and practical plans.


Happy Birthday Sagittarius! It’s your time to focus on number one. Celebrate your own interests and agenda, your body and your look, your presence, persona and priorities as you see fit ¬– be generous with a window that makes it all about you!


Slow down and surrender, rejuvenate, rest, restore yourself inwardly, Capricorn. This month sees you dreaming and escaping, with the Sun transiting your reclusive twelfth house of sleepy transitions and hibernation. Get out of the way and disappear to tend to your interests that are behind closed doors! Step back, and focus more on your inner world, retreating to deal with all that’s out of your hands…


Mingle and engage with peers and friends in your team or network. Focus on your social surroundings, delighting in uplifting company, around industry allies or those in your sector or crew. Look to the greater good among colleagues, be aware of your interactions with society at large. Friends in your circle and group activities may be most important now.


Tend to long-term goals and your ambitions, spotlighting how you wish to be seen, praised, recognized or acknowledged in your personal or professional life: publicly. Look to your own strategy for success, think about your own advancement, your vocational life and aspirations. Sagittarius Season spotlights outward notoriety, and your worldly image, so that you may be focused on your path to progress, succeeding or being noticed in the world at large, thinking and figuring out best steps to gain a sense of validation as you strive to climb the ladder of your choice.

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