Dior Maison Tarot and Puglia-Inspired Dinnerware

Dior Maison Tarot and Puglia-Inspired Dinnerware

Dior Maison presents a joyful collection informed by the Tarot and wildflowers, an ode to the luminous, rustic spirit of Puglia. 

Inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri’s 2021 Cruise  designs, this collection celebrates the cultural diversity of southern Italy. It is a tribute to a land close to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s heart, seeing the region as a summer landscape where nature’s splendour reigns supreme…

La Papesse, The High Priestess, The Moon

La Force, Strength, Leo in Astrology

La Roue De La Fortune, Wheel Of Fortune, Jupiter in Astrology

La Mort, Death, Scorpio in Astrology

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La Temperance, Temperance, Sagittarius in Astrology

L’Etoile, The Star, Aquarius in Astrology

La Lune, The Moon, Pisces in Astrology

Le Soleil, The Sun, Sun in Astrology

Le Monde, The World, Earth Element in Astrology

Photo Credits: Dior.com.

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