Fashion Astrology – The Vogue Horoscope Sweatshirt Is Here!

The first VOGUE Horoscope edition was created in collaboration with Tony Stella. The front features the embroidered name of the zodiac sign, on the back is a matching illustration and the VOGUE logo.



The Aries is distinguished above all by a spontaneous and freedom-loving nature. The ram is always ready for a new challenge and approaches things with an optimistic attitude.


Taureans make very pleasant companions. The bull conveys calm and serenity, and stands for loyalty and reliability.



Geminis possess charm, and are welcome at any party. They have a unique charisma. A person born under the sign of the twins is very active and full of energy and therefore often successful both professionally and privately.



Cancers are known for their warm-heartedness, helpfulness, and ambition. They are very emotional people who always care about their environment.


Leos are generally positive people. They approach their goals with a healthy optimism and believe everything will turn out for the best. Lions are known for their willpower, energy, and protective instinct.


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Virgo is characterized by analytical, sober thinking, and intellectual character. Professionally as well as privately, they are demanding and dedicated. They are pleasant and reliable companions.


Libras have a pronounced need for harmony. They love beautiful things and enjoy life to the fullest.



A Scorpio is a born fighter, determined to achieve the goals they set for themselves. They are acute observers, and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of people at first sight.



Sagittarians are born optimists. They want to be free and independent. Their qualities include ambition, cheerfulness, and curiosity.



Typical characteristics of the Capricorn are to be true to themselves and their loved ones. They are doers and at one with nature.


Aquarians are independent, freedom-loving, optimistic, and future-oriented. Ambition and sociability are also among their strengths.



Pisces are characterized by their strong gut feelings. They strive for deep friendships and the realization of their idealistic dreams.

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